The Seventh Ray Aquarian Age Cleansing & Healing Violet Flame





Message from Russ Michael about the Violet Flame Healing


Why "Violet Flame" is Needed to Cleanse & Heal All Earth!

The Violet Flame of the Violet Ray falls under the providence of Master St. Germain, who currently hold jurisdiction of the use of the Seventh Ray Aquarian Age Cleansing & Healing Violet Flame influence on planet Earth during this rapid, gloriously unfolding, sudden change of direction--for the better--"end times."

The power of the Violet Flame to cleanse and heal is immense!

In the classic, spiritual, tremendously enlightening "I am St. Germain Book Series" received telepathically by Godfre--in the 1930's to 1940's, which I have read and re-read often--the scribe Godfre tells of an incident that occurred in Arabia, I believe, while he Godfre stood and watched the fully humanly embodied Master St. Germain send a continuous flaming beam of Violet Ray flame into the body of a young girl with a body that that been crippled, twisted, and immobile from early childhood--due to dark illuminati black magic that had been directed at her--in retaliation to her parents refusal to cooperate with them.

Her body was weak and sickly, very similar to what we would call today a badly limbs of a greatly twisted, sadly deformed M.S. patient....

Godfre watched in amazement--during the 10 minute period--as St. Germain focused a continual stream of Violet Flame into and around her Being. Her body slowly began to untwist, to the limbs, legs, arms, and fingers of the hands became straight and burst with vitality, healthy and aliveness again...The girl now an older teenager stood on her feet with great elation and tearful joy, expressing her heart-felt love and gratitude to an also radiant, smiling Master St. Germain for giving her 'life' back to her again....

In a parallel sense, you could consider that Humanity on Earth--controlled by the illuminati--has crippled and immobilized our dear Mother Earth and that same hideous and horrendous way, due to the centuries upon centuries of black magic used to pollute, poison and cripple all life forms on Earth....

12-12-12 IMAGE Event...starting Dec. 12, 2010...ending 12 days later, on Christmas Eve, 2010

"When two or more gather together to do good, the power is more than double, triple, etc. the numbers of the "collective" involved in any GOODLY INTENT, thus Godly Intent, to bring forth any kind of 'white magic' cleansing and healing work, directed at cleansing and healing long suffering, unconditionally loving and nurturing Mother Earth, or Humanity upon, above and within her planetary Being.


1) All you need is your INTENT, look at and memorize as best you can, exactly what the Violet Flame looks like, posted on our 100-Groups Home Website page at:

2) Connect mentally, emotionally and at heart and soul levels with the entire worldwide COLLECTIVE...that you know are likewise connecting in the same way with a powerful COLLECTIVE way to cleanse and heal all of Mother Earth and all life forms upon, above and within HER, including Humanity via the Violet Ray YOU and the COLLECTIVE are now all beaming on, in, through all Kingdoms of Nature on our beautiful, beloved current "home planet."

2) For 12 minutes, more or less, mentally focus your heart, mind and soul as a cleansing, healing force, by beaming the cleansing, healing Violet Flame first, on, in, through your own self, from foot to head, then on, in, through, mentally--from foot to head--on your loved ones, family and friends, swiftly widening your "on, in, through" circle to include everyone in your community, state, country and all your first minute or two! Then, IMAGE the entire "ball" of Earth--as seen on TV--bathed, on, in, through with Violet Flame. HOLD on this a while, then on, in, through the Soil of Earth, the Water of Earth, the Air of Earth, the Fire of Earth, the Ether of Mother Earth, one by one, bathed in cleansing, healing Violet Flames....

3) FREEDOM of choice to one and all is vital, so choose any 12 minute period--or periods-you wish daily any day or night, from Dec. 12, 2010 to Dec. 24, 2010...and hopefully several times in this interim at 12:12 a.m. or 12:12 p.m. when it FLOWS for you, on any day or naight, as that will amplify the COLLECTIVE power during a "real time" timeline shared by a greater host of IMAGING particpants...

Isn't that easy enough? Please urge anyone and everyone who YOU think or feel would like to know and be an integral part of this magnificent, joyful, self-soul-fulfilling, cleansing and healing, IMAGING. and meditating LIGHT & LOVE 'work.'

Remember...the Violet Flame is posted at:

Bless us all. We are One.

I am, Russ Michael, One in Love with All That Is