Responses to Wake up Call; Nancy, January 22, 2013


I am receiving quite a few responses to the Wake up Call, and here are some of them to give you an overall view of where we are these days in our response to what is taking place in the world today.


Wasn't it Hatonn that said there would be someone standing next to the President with a very important message to give to the world?  Or something along that line.  Well, I awoke this morning saying to myself, "Yes, St. Germaine was present in the words that our wonderful President spoke during his inaugeration. He had been overshadowed by St. Germaine during the time he wrote the speech, and at least to me, it was plain as the nose on my face that President Obama and St. Germaine were talking to the crowd through a divine presence in the words.  Then I had a vision that a Divine Spark flew from our president into the midst of all who were there and to even those who watched on t.v. igniting the flame of freedom and fifth dimensional energies. 

My, but life is getting awfully interesting!



Nancy,  Well stated... a great ceremony and great day.

LOVE is coming on faster than anticipated!



That was a great article. Yes, disappointment. I have been very diligent in keeping myself in the KNOWING. Not hoping or praying for, but IN THE KNOWing that something great was going to happen. I know that there is a certain way that all of this is to transpire. I know how logical our Ascension process is becoming. We have to do it in a process in order for our bodies and minds and hearts to adjust to the changes.

I can feel them. I was bombarded with negativities. LIke Blossom mentioned in her last message; my ego was having a hayday complaining about "how can I possibly rise above all this negativity." But then I had my "ah hah" moment and it all sunk it. "Jennifer, if you want to change your reality, you need to change how you view the NOW." So now I love it all. All the crud I put up with is no longer crud. I am thankful for it because I know that once my vibration equalizes with the new energy, everything will shift. This is my new game. And now that the energies are higher and karma is gone, I KNOW changes will happen fast.

The thing that keeps coming to my mind is affirmation. We all, well us lightworkers anyway, know that the energy has changed on the planet and we are beginning to vibrate at higher speeds. We so look forward to the huge changes that are coming into our new reality. We want the fear to stop. But it hasn't yet. I do realize it takes time. But how better and faster it would occur if we were to get some sort of "Pat on the Back" for all the hard work we are doing as lightworkers. I know we are blessed because we are awake. But something like a message to the multitudes would be such a glorious burst of energy from all of us. Something to show or allow the sleepers to give them a little nudge. LIke Anne mentioned and this goes for my family, also. Their hearts are open, but they just won't step forward until they see or feels something tangable. For goodness sakes, we've been sucked into this fear programmed into us for eons. Most of us who have become lightworkers had to go through some tremenduos tragedies to wake up. I had to lose my 16 year old daughter and then all my money due to the greedy loans from the govt and the predatory lenders that came out of it. It's been devastating for me.

If everything is ready and the Galactics are just in a holding pattern, what would be so bad to have someone stand up and say anything to validate what us lightworkers are doing? It is frustrating hearing so many messages of "keep your eyes and ears open. Something great is about to happen." and it doesn't! Your message this morning was lovely. I really enjoyed it and honestly I am passed the disappointment. We all just want to get on with the process and help wake up those who are sitting on the fence and waiting for ships to uncloak or someone to stand up and shout "Hey, our present govt is done for and the new one is starting up." Anything!!! I am sure you understand what I am saying. Like just a piece of candy for a child that has done a good job. Or a treat for a dog who just did a trick. We are putting our EVERYTHING into raising the energies on this planet. Spreading the word of love and change. Can we or do we deserve a treat?

Thanks so much for all you do and the love you share. I enjoy your messages and I have my own 'ASCENSION" group of about 20 that I share everything with.

All my love,  Jennifer


After reading the wake up call, I realized that I hold another spin to add to your powerful message.

Obama did say words of wonderful acceptance that refers to acceptance of galactic beings.  He grounded it within 3-D by talking about and accepting women's rights and gay-lesbian's rights and their equality as human beings under the law.  For me, that's a very clear message of acceptance of galactic beings who are different than human beings.  My spin, of course, and your message underscored the needs to be and act with integrity invoking new spins on old paradigms.

From your Wake Up Call, "We sift through the old paradigms and come up with the newness of communication and interaction with all of mankind and all of life. We do this in a way that has no expectation and with the allowance of the newness to delight us and take us with it to a higher level.

I urge you to take a look at an old communication and interaction above with reference to woman's equality.  Many people say to sluff off the masculine words with more masculine justification and pronounce, "get over it."  Luckily, many people who write are changing to inclusive rather than exclusive ways of writing about human beings.  You write, we must be ever vigilant to the new way of writing and speaking words that foster and promote that equality, so I say, "...all of humankind and all of life."  Yes, I am delighted that you bring this issue of our female presence into new roles alongside the male presence.  This equality in word-speak is a first step, and I thank you greatly for this insight.



 I have been following your messages as well as Michael's for some time now.  It was mentioned that something  or someone would be televised at the inaugural event that would make us see a better future.  As usual, nothing out of the ordinary happened.  Why do we keep hearing promises and dates, and hope and all this other stuff when all we see is a world teetering on the edge of oblivion.  The dark ones are still in power, things are getting worse instead of better, and am I really supposed to believe Obama is as good as you say?  You do know who control Beyonce don't you?  You don't get that famous without selling your soul!  I mean really, enough is enough with these guys.  I am starting to think the whole ET agenda is actually a device of the dark ones.  Misleading us and getting us disappointed as usual.  That generates a good amount of negativity and these "beings" have to know that. 

If there are beings of light then the dark ones know how to handle them.  Remember October 14th 2008....haha.  Oh this is going to happen, that is going to happen, don't worry you will be prosperous and everything is great in love and light land.   OK....when!  Certainly isn't now, won't be for a long time the way things are going.  I look like a damn idiot when I say these things to people!  Name one thing that's been channeled from any of you guys that's come true? There are always supposed to be "events".  I'm sorry to say, I am getting off this love and light train because it's really losing all credibility.   They always say that the dark will not be able to create havoc and it won't be allowed to take shape.  26 Kids were shot, 3 more today in Texas, people are still starving, cold, hungry, etc.  There has been no real change.  Physical apparent change.  I can't keep reading this stuff.  It's detrimental to my mental stability.  I've literally lost it!

Part 2:

I'm sorry if I sound frustrated, but it's getting to the point where it is ridiculous now.  I have never seen a UFO, never channeled anyone, or have had any profound "religious" experiences.  Yet still I was drawn to this.  It's that old saying, fool me once..shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Not a one thing that these guys have told us has come true.  That's a zero percent batting average.  They can't expect us to just keep coming back for more.  It's not just you either.  I also have received messages from Mike as well as  Matthew's Messages. 

 A little bit about me.  I know I am empathic,  in fact, globally empathic!  I can sense everyone's frustration's and literally hear everyone saying "Enough is Enough now".  We are supposed to believe that everything is great and the bad guys have lost.  But honestly, where is the proof of that?  Plus these beings always speak in riddles and codes.  They can't say that they don't want to tell to much because the dark ones will catch on.  Seems like the dark ones always stop any progress anyway.  I just want to tell them to stop and be real.  Hit us with some real hard facts.  I literally can't listen to this stuff anymore.  Sorry for venting.



Hi Nancy and Tree of Light!

Re: "something special at the Inauguration" ... I felt there was no need to "apologize", yet thank you for acknowledging and speaking to those who may not have "heard" what was actually said "between the words" and felt doubts.

What I heard loudly and clearly was the end of the Benediction ... where she (Mrs. Evans) said something like, "In the name of Jesus, and all other Holy Ones ...").  This spoke to me of (finally) not being just "Christian" but inclusive of all beliefs ... all Holy Ones.

In fact if one listened with "new ears" the entire Inauguration brought in thoughts way beyond the limited thinking of so many ... seeds were planted ... like-minded hearts "heard" this and joined in celebration.  It was a great Inauguration!

Perhaps you already know this ... Isaac Tigrett, founder of Hard Rock Cafes, has been a long-time devotee (as have husband and I for over 32 years) of Sathya Sai Baba, Avatar of the Age.  SSB while still in human form taught the 5 basic human values of Peace, Truth, Right-action, Non-violence and Love, along with Unity and  Service to mankind to 100's of millions of us world-wide.

Isaac grew up with Al Gore so of course Al Gore knew of SSB, and of course so do the Clintons.  At a 2008 pre-election gathering a group of India Indians gave President-to-Be Barack Obama a photo of SSB and suggested he keep this with him.  I have a photo of the presentation ...

Plus there are Heads of State from around the world who know of SSB ... and men such as Mr. Tata, India's wealthiest.  All this can be verified.

That said, our greatest leaders are well aware of the Ones beyond our physical scope and their teachings, and are the instruments bringing forth the goodness, planting the seeds for all mankind ... including at the Inauguration.

Most sincerely thank you for all you do ...

In Divine Love,


Beautifully said and I am so grateful for your sharing of Hatonn and many other beloveds messages with us. May our heart be as One as we apply our magical creative powers from the One Love and Goodness, to effortlessly stroke our TrueLight forth and fill our blessed Earth's canvas that can awaken all souls to remembrance what is already here and accessible to embrace it all together now. Thank you dear Nancy.



It seems  like the .... bible every one can interpret it there own way...some times we have to stretch in order to get the meaning we want...

 It seems as though all the channeling done always say, stay positive, stay inthe Love light...dont go to the negative, we are watching you, its up to you... over and over...and over. when i read stuff and leave out all this stuff, theres not much to hear ? no? when zorra says they are disabling planes..we cant know that it is true, when they say all the arrests are being done ...but in secret, we cant know it is done, why cant we see something, why can t they give us a sign?????????? some thing we can see.

On the evening before your 5th deminsional experience, I too observed a sunset that was phenomenal, it seems that everything was brighter, lovelier, more sparkly and clear than i have ever seen,  that probably has been seen eons before in this same moment by someone else, ...referring to the circle of(eons) that come and go.



What a loving gift you are.. I was so glad to read what you put out..It touched my heart and helped me to understand what I am going through.,

As I listened to the speeches and poems and songs that were sung.. I heard the voice of the creator and my heart sang also.. I sometimes get this feeling in the pit of my belly.. Not knowing what it is.. But a feeling of something going to happen..And it does every time.. Your right it's all good.. Even when it dosn't feel right it all turns out great.. I have learned how to get over the fears of this life.. by thanking God the father for all the good things I have come through.. and thanking him for the love of the new man he has brought into my life.. He was a man of darkness and All I was to do was love him.. He is changing so much and coming through so much so fast.. When I realized that I was the light in his life and stopped talking so much and listening. I changed.

I love the way my father works.. he calls me every night to send me love, hugs and kisses and sweetdreams.. He has, is and will be a blessing in my life.. He now wants to go to 5 D.. with me.. That is a man who never beleaved in anything.. He is learning how to believe in himself and loving the God that he is.. Amazing how the angels and the spiritual world works.. I learn something new everyday..

I just wanted to share a love story with you and thank you for yours..I send love and blessing for above.



I truly appreciate that you followed-up on Hatonn's message. I'm well aware of what you could have gone through the past couple of days, and certainly I'm grateful that you went ahead to post Hatonn's message in the first place, despite how you felt about it.

I have no doubt that Disclosure will take place. I just hope that it happens really, really, really soon (yes, I WILL use that dreaded word) because some members of Humanity may not have gotten the memo that we've moved up in consciousness as a collective :)

Thank you and Blessings,