Wakeup Call Message
May 24, 2006


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My dear ones, I have a message for you today that speaks of the love that you have for one another. I Am Sananda, and in this message you may find a solace that can reach out and enclose those with whom you have had an incident, or a falling out. It can also heal the ones with whom you have been experiencing a withdrawal of affection, and serve to unite all in the Light of The Christ.


What you do with the energies of the Christ is simply to allow them in and to welcome them with open arms and an open heart. This is the inherent guidance that comes from knowing who you are and that your original spark is that of The Christ.


The Source of all there is, is the bearer of the truth in which you surrender your lives. With this surrender all that you intend for your lives is delivered to your doorstep. You are instantly granted all wishes and desires, for with this intent you are answering a call from within that recognizes your ability to instantly manifest that, which is your desire.


What you do with that knowledge is according to the level of your spiritual development. Oftí times you will see people bringing all degree of goods and services to themselves and playing the game in the directorís seat that they know they reign over. These ones are multiplying their resources in any way they find they can and then they search their minds for more evidence of their abilities.


Then there are those who find that no matter how hard they try, or how much they pray, they can never bring enough to their lives that will ease their burden and provide an abundant life for themselves. The difference is in the inner knowing and the outer expectation of these people. The difference is in the ability to see that they are able to provide their every need and then to go on and manifest in any way they desire.


Those who see this have been following a course through various lifetimes that serves the journey that they have deemed to be the appropriate path to follow. They have found that in the manifestation of all they reach out for, they are giving themselves the opportunity to know that though they have unlimited ability for limitlessness, they also know that they do not have to continually reassure themselves of that. This is often what is behind the outward appearance of an abundant life.


On the other hand those who never quite meet their desired proportions of abundance do so in the energy of non-belief in their ability to manifest. This can be coupled with feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem, as well as a disdain of the love of The Creator, Source of all. This usually reflects some experience in their lifetimes that has caused them to see God as lacking in love and support for them, therefore they reflect that idea in their lives and their ability to manifest that which is of God and therefore a part of their own lives.


Have you ever seen the look in ones eyes who has tried and tried for years to provide a decent, abundant life for themselves? Have you seen the light dim, and even at times go out and stay that way? This is what can happen when one judges their worth according to how much they can manifest, and how much they trust in Godís love for them. This reflects the love they feel for themselves and when they begin to build that love and feel the difference it makes in their lives, then you see the physical proof of that in the manifestation of what they bring into their lives.


It all begins with self-love, for self-love is but a manifestation of that which one feels for the inner spark they recognize as God, The Creator. When that is intact and flowing in never-ending expression, one brings a glow to life that brings abundance to them. This is key to being able to assist one to their own ability to recognize their Godliness. Approach them with the idea that you will convey to them that you see in them their Godliness and that the love that is pouring forth from their heart and soul begins with their own ability to love themselves in the way that they are loved by God. With your reflection of that love for them, they are given the opportunity to know that love and therefore know they are God.


We all see what you are experiencing on earth, and we see what is being pressed upon you in these last days of strife and disorder. We also see what is in front of you as a promise that you have set down for yourselves. We see that as the reflection of your ability to manifest the life that you know inherently is your birthright, and we see that you are acknowledging that birthright and have already set in place the manifestation of that bright and loving future. What is left now is for the physicalness of this life to catch up with your manifestation.


This is to come, my dear sweet ones. This is your abundance in potential for you straight from the coffers of your hearts and souls. This is the future that you have ordered up, and that is being prepared for your acceptance. Soon my dears, soon. And when it comes you will be ever so much released from the fear and darkness of the day, and as you see that in your mindís eye, you also know that you need not wait for the rapture and wonderful feeling of that freedom. You can bring that feeling into your hearts right now and know that by living that feeling in your hearts and in your everyday activities you bring it to you as surely as you have already created it in the depth of your light being.


Go now into your day and live that light that you have created. It is in storage for you and the storehouse has no door to keep it from you. Step into the storehouse and live what is there right now. An abundance of life and love keeps your present moment alive and vital and brings the laughter and love into everything that you do. Look forward angels and know that ye are God.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate