Wakeup Call Message
May 1, 2006


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With tremendous hope and activity of love I come to you with a message of truth and prosperity of spirit in this opportunity for enlightenment. Never before in the history of man has there been such a time as this. Never before in the age of duality has there been an example of how far man can stray from the Godhead. Never before in this world have so many done so few things to establish a life for themselves that offers opportunity to express who they are on a deep inner level.


I Am Sananda, and today I come with a message of courage and opportunity for all who are caught in the shortcomings of this duality phase of the life that supercedes all others. You are all in the throes of the darkest time of your existence on planet earth, or so it would seem on the surface. What this darkness really means is that the light is so strong right now that there is a moving forward, a regurgitating of the acid of the former lives of all on earth.


With this regurgitation comes the spoils of a series of lifetimes that represent the deepest of travails that can be expressed outside of the light. When the darkness comes in and expresses there is a multitude of reasons for the expressions of that darkness. One of those reasons is that the amnesia is so strong and complete that there is only one way in which life can be expressed. As we see this expression expel itself from the source of the darkness, we see the ultimate example of who they are not.


Only the darkness knows the purity of itself, the darkness and also the light. This is so because the light knows all, even that which is not the ultimate in light expression. As all of you see through the veil that has till now been opaque you see the source of the darkness begin to fade and give way to the light. This is because the darkness is remembering that it is the light, a minute particle of the light. This gives credence to the truth that all is light. There is nothing that is not light, or some degree of light.


Now we see that example play out in the ministrations that are taking place today. So many of you cry out with yet another example of what is taking place in the news, “When will it all end; how much more of this is it going to take before it comes to a stop?” We tell you that it won’t take much more, my dear ones. It will all cease when the last dregs of darkness are dissolved into the light.


That is what happens to the particles of light as they are interpreted by the darkness. They become infiltrated with the expression energy of the darkness, or the density, for that is what darkness is. It is the density that is brought about from the descent into density, or matter. This is when the particles of light are made heavier, and when they express in a way that slows them down. This makes them more easily seen by humans, for they are expressing in the third dimensionality.


Here is where the energies of the present times come in. The energies that represent, and indeed are the Christ Energies, the energies of the higher realms come in and transform the denser energies into light ones. In so doing they release the matter into the stratosphere, and this is what causes the events that are taking place today. As they are released they take expression in the memory that is contained within each particle. This memory expression is of the darkness, of the fear, and that is why you are seeing so much activity that causes you to wonder how much more of this can they do.


The more incredibly ridiculous and unbelievable the actions you see today, the closer we are to seeing the end to the duality. There will be a bit more as the weeks and months go by, and then you will see the ultimate explosion of the last remnants burst forth on the scene. Think of how the last regurgitation expels itself from your body as you give the last heave to rid yourself of the spoils of poison. This is what is taking place from within the expression of Gaia and all of humanity and life as a whole. These are the last dregs of the expression of duality, and with the last expulsion will come the bliss that follows a tirade of illness that has just left. You feel oh so much better, though tired and weak for a spell. You will find that moment of weakness in which you will rest in The Creator’s embrace, and then you will feel the vibrancy coming from The Source and you will rise up and begin your New Golden Age with a vim and vigor that will be unmatched in any expression you have thus far accomplished.


You will give motion to the dreams and promises you have made for a new life on planet earth. You will see the skies clear from their mistiness that has been set in place by the poisons of the latter years. You will see the waters of the earth clear up and give life to all that is on planet earth, and you will experience the richness and purity of the soils as you once more give life from the seeds of nourishment that are brought forth from their coffers of safety into the countryside once again.


You are very close to seeing the riches of love burst forth in expression and wipe clean the despair that has blistered the life on earth for these long times. All will be in merriment and joy, for there will be the release of the imprisonment that you have felt for so long. You will begin your journey of building the New Golden Age and creating a life of beauty and Divinity on planet earth. You and Gaia will walk hand in hand in your intent to bring a new way of being to this jewel of the universe. And as you rebuild the promise that has been seen and expressed in tales of old, you will surpass any of those tales and create in a whole new expression created in the knowledge of what came before and where not to go in this new expression of love and light.


I encourage you now to step forth in whatever means that you can to create a work of light in any direction that you are impassioned to. As you do this in peace and solidity you help to accomplish that which is to be in your new world. Walking in your passion and expressing in the promise that you give yourselves gives fire to the cleansing that is taking place even now. Do this in the power of your intent and see the changes come about.


This is your world and as you created it, so can you create anew, and keep the sincerity of light expressing in every nuance of the life that you live, as the world of duality falls down around you. From the seeds of intent for a lighter world you will see from the ashes of darkness new beams of light bursting forth in the expression of your dreams and you will know that as you create, so too does the Creator lend the energies that support and shine forth your ideas and promises for a bright new world.


Go now into your day and as you see and hear of the incredulous happenings know that it is the last dregs of the old, and celebrate its passing into a whole new day. It is Golden, and it represents the God in you.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate