Wakeup Call Message
May 10, 2006


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Hi Everyone,


We are going on the road again tomorrow, and will be gone for at last a week. In that time there will probably not be a Wake up Call, although I will leave the possibility open.


Have a great week, and know that we hold you all in our hearts in love.




Wake up Call: Messengers of Abundance May 10, 06


We come to you today with a wish for your happiness. We come with a promise that what you wish for is already yours. We are here to assure you that what you intend for your lives is a refection of that which you already own. Now we tell you that in order to experience it in your lives, you have but to draw it in with the same frequency in which it awaits your pleasure.


We are the Messengers of Abundance, and as we fill your orders we do so with a kiss of light and a flourish of good will for we make no judgment, nor do we think otherwise than you of the benefit of that which you choose. We do fill your request and we see that your part from that point is in the discretion you use in consideration of that which you have ordered.


Never in the history of mankind has there been so much manifestation of the thoughts that are projected into the stream of consciousness. Never before has there been a rewarding of the intentions that bespeak the idea of what the desires are. As we fill the orders we see the truth of the request and we await the time when you either bring it into manifestation, or decide that this is not what you desire after all and change the order.


Give your selves some time today to look at that which you ask for. Assess whether or not it is truly going to benefit you, or if it indeed is going to enrich your lives. Sometimes it is not fully known as to the effect something will have on one’s life until it is actually part of the physical experience. This is when your soul has called it in for the benefit of your growth, even though it may not seem that way to you at the time.


Take for instance a situation where something comes into your life in the form of a trial for you to endure. Perhaps it is through an accident of fate, and it delivers you a blow to your ego, or to your life in some way. This could very well be an answer to a request made on a soul level and will give you the elevation of understanding that your soul has seen to be appropriate.


This is where discernment and forgiveness of what is, in the form of acceptance, comes in. This is where you can give yourself a break and take what has been given with the love and acceptance of a lesson well learned. Then you reward yourself with joyfulness and gratitude for a job well done, and go about your day with a new vigor.


We like to see when you learn something new, for it means that you are responding to your inner voice and to the energies of change that are abounding right now. It means that you are that much closer to the real understanding of who you are and of what you are a bright shining part. The All That Is, is the birthplace from which you all sprang and when you revisit that place in your dreamtime and meditations, you renew that connection and rejuvenate your ability to know yourself as you really are. You are able more and more to recognize and distinguish the real from the illusion. You are also able to manifest in the real, and see the illusion merely as the receptacle in which you experience that which you manifest.


We take our leave and we fill more orders, for the catalog is open and never ending. There is an open page that never gets to be the last one, for as one page is turned another is created, and so it is on into infinity. Welcome to the real world. May you never stray away from it and may you always find that which you intend and order, for it is filled the moment of the birth of your idea. Happy shopping and grand experiences are yours, just for the asking.


Thank you dear Messengers of Abundance,

Love, Nancy Tate