Wakeup Call Message
May 5, 2006


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  I Am 


I Am the all and the everything. I Am the Light and the dark for I Am without nothing, and all that is expressed is in Me. Take me to your sleep at night and find your home with Me. Take Me to your waking hours and know my name and face in everything and everyone you meet. See my countenance in all that walks the earth and stands as sentinels to my love. I bring you the best and the worst, and I Am the all that is.


When you delivered yourselves unto the earth, you did so with a plan that would take you through eons of time. You would make your existence speak of what you did not then know, but would now represent. When you did this you promised yourselves that at this time and space you would find your way back to Me and our family of existence.


Now is the time, for you are expunging and up-heaving the contents of your memories upon the winds and waters of time. Make this the only place and you see what it takes to spread your wings unto Me. Make this all places and you speak for me in your expressions. Take the ultimate in appearances and call it Me and you see yourselves in Me. Take nothing from this experience and you return as a seed to my bosom.


On the other hand, when you leave this land of forgotten dreams and live them, you speak for the realm of the impossible and render it so. You speed up the revelation of the masses and render them whole in purpose. You speak of the dangers of trial and error, and then you live them, for they are part of the destiny in which you flounder.


Never more will you take the road that leads nowhere, for as you recall yourselves and Me, you fly forward in a motion that defies all destiny and creates anew that which you thought was once impossible. This you do with my blessing and with my co-operation, for you see that you are Me.


Now is the time to take into consideration all that you have expressed and see it in a new light. When you call unto Me and cry out your names I listen and I see that you are coming into the light of truth. You garner your life to a promise of recollection and you take no leave of that which is before you. In this you see the truth of what takes place on your planet today, and you look beyond the illusion and see the place in which you express to be Holy and purposeful in a way that is to be seen and lived in the coming times of your world.


Know that I Am always with you, and even as your world seems to open up and swallow you, there is restitution that relieves you of the burdens of the playout of the illusion. There is no better way to express the days and weeks to come, than to know Me and to trust in that knowing. Know that as you speak and act in the nuances of earth life you never are away from Me and my safety. You ride the wings of truth and you see the purple haze as it rings round all of you in protection and love.


It is a time for all of you to know that this illusion that befalls you is but a haze that begets the purple and the rings of gold that hold it all together. You are my children and you are my angels. As surely as the sun rises and sets on your world, so too does the light of forever hold you in its animation and renders you invincible.


Take ye now to the desserts of your day, and know that you walk with Me in all things in every moment, and you are Me as surely as you walk in the Light of the invincible. Go now and smile to the heavens for you smile at Me and at the blessedness of yourselves. Holy is thy word; and so it is.


Thank you dear Divine I Am,

Love, Nancy Tate