Wakeup Call Message
May 3, 2006


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My dear ones, this is the day of finalization of the plans for the cleaning up of the airwaves. This is the day that the plan goes into effect, and the ones who choose put forth their power to exercise the right to breath the breathe of purity and love forevermore.


This is really a very simple plan, and in this exercise one can institute a daily meandering through the auspices of the mind and heart and incorporate the soul voice in a way that is as breathing is. It is natural and forthright and requires no thought or attempt once it is found to be a natural way of being.


I reference yesterday’s message in which I told of the elder who came and lay by the river. He adored the river as he remembered it and he brought that love and adoration to every drop of water. This is what I ask of you. This is what you do with your love and your way of being with the particles of air.


In the morning as you begin your day, take a minute to gaze at the lovely sky and see the beauty and perfection of that sky. See that there is nothing amiss with what is there and know that the trails across the sky are perfect expressions of The Creator’s love. Know that the purity of The Source is represented in every wisp that trails across the deep blue expanse and feel the freshness of that expanse.


Take a moment throughout the day, and gaze at the sky with a joyful reverence for the gift of life that is open before you. Know that as the blueness of the sky deepens before your eyes, you are creating that perfection as surely as the host of angels is your family. Know that along with your gaze comes the triumph of All That Is in keeping the perfection of that blueness and that with every breath you are taking in the purity of The Creator.


Now for the grand ceremonies for this! I realize that you all respond so very well to ceremony. I know that it is inherent within you, for it is inherent with all of us, to give thanks and to love the power of that which is celebrated. So here is what I propose, and we of the Galactic Federation and of the angelic realms will join with you in the celebration.


I propose that you all join in unison on this coming weekend to set in place the combined unity of purpose to see the atmosphere of dear Mother Gaia in perfection. See the atmosphere as containing a failsafe shield of protection so that there can never be any disruption of the Now perfection of her atmosphere.


I suggest that on Sunday, May 7, 2006, at noon all people around the world, who choose to do so, send a song of love into the deep blue sky above and transpose rainbows of light all over the sky. See those rainbows in all kinds of patterns adorning the sky and sending forth the promise of perfection forevermore. See the unity with which this is accomplished and allow that unity to ring forth in tones of love unsurpassed.


I encourage each and every person, or every group of people to choose music that speaks to your soul and to play this music as you see these rainbows playing across the sky. Allow the music to stir your soul to song and allow the words to flow forth from your lips in grand celebration and homage to the Gods and goddesses of love and joy and perfection of being. Allow the collective consciousness of the group, or the individual soul, to bring to a close the celebration of this grand event, in the knowledge that this reverie will continue through the reverberation’s time and space and carry on the perfection that you have all set into place. Allow the perfection of inner timing to tell you when this has been accomplished.


I suggest that you all gather in unison at noon on that day, noon in every time zone, so that this will be as a wave of love and celebration that resounds around the globe, bringing beauty and song to every corner of this great planet earth. Gaia will resound and respond to this wave, and she will send forth her embrace of love and join you in her own splendor of expression. Further, all of the beings who reside within the substrata and the hollow earth will join you in this celebration, as will all of us who reside within the cosmos. Never before has there been a celebration such as this one, and you will see a grand opening come into being with this event.


There is great power within this energy. There is unity with all of life on planet earth and in the heavens. We will accomplish this by holding ALL on planet earth in this great loving energy, and as you offer this celebration to the heavens, it will be well to feel love for the ones who do not see the joy in this celebration, for they have strayed so far from their origins as to not see their way back at this time. Feel the love and the joy, and release them to their own journey.


We leave you to your day now, and we look forward to the celebration. Please send this message to everyone you feel lead to, and know that we will be with you one hundred percent on the day of celebration of the perfection of the skies surrounding Mother Gaia and all of her children of light and love. We’ll see you on the bridge, the Rainbow Bridge.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate