Wakeup Call Message
May 25, 2006


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My dear ones with this day we see an abundance of love flowing forth from the hearts of so many on earth. We see the promise of a bright new future wend its way though the lives of each and every one of you. This is a monumental occasion and with this time we are going to find the explosion of the shadows into the light and as a result there will be a change come upon humanity so profound as to make every living being sit up and take notice.


I Am Hatonn, once more, and as I sit in my seat aboard The Phoenix, I survey the surrounding atmosphere and I see the millions of starships of all sizes ready to heed the command of The Creator to descend to earth and fulfill the prophecy that foretells the coming of the Christ and the legions of angels among you.


This will be an event so huge that when it happens the seas will rise up to greet us, and the mountains will glisten with the tears of glory with the sight. There will be a chorus of birdsong and a fleet of earth ships that will herald our coming. As the sun rises over the rooftops and meadows of the world, we will depart our orbit and shine forth our coming to all who have eyes to see.


In the meantime, we await that day with the love and jubilation of having seen the sight already as we gaze into the future from which the Wingmakers have returned. Those venerable beings from another time have returned to supply the information and energy that will propel you all into the New Golden Age. There has been an action so monumental that we have seen the potential future of death and destruction wither away and disappear from existence. We watched as the actions of light that are taking place now on your world and in your reality superceded the old ideas of calamitous happenings that resulted in the annihilation of all life on earth, and indeed of the life of earth herself.


This is the most auspicious time for all of us, for with this realization of the sure outcome of what has taken place, we are preparing our ships with the necessary items to welcome you all to the beginning of the restoration of earth in the ways that you will find most appealing. We have already begun some of that restoration in ways that speak more of the energetic re-patterning of earth than in the actual physical ways that we all, with you, will accomplish.


As this repatterning takes place and sets in motion the rejuvenation of Mother Gaia’s body so too does it begin the rejuvenation of the soul of Gaia. This has been long in coming, and she has requested this for the sake of her earth family and for the New Golden Age of wonder and restoration at the hands and inner power of all of you. You will be working right alongside us to bring earth, your home, to the glory that is seen for her in the eyes and hearts of all of mankind.


You will also be meeting your ancestors from the planet Nibiru who came here to bring into existence all of humanity. They came with a mission, as did the souls of all of you. You all came to seed this planet and to work through the ideas that spring from the loss of memory of who you really are. Before you came to earth to begin this journey, you had already experienced far more than you can imagine at this time that can be experienced. From this point of reawakening you will remember all that you have done in all of existence, and you will see the relevancy of how it blends with what you have accomplished right here in this free will experience on earth.


We see this blending dear ones, however because we did not live it and do not have it in our soul matrix, we only experience through your revelations to us as you visit us on our ships. This has brought to us a great deal of information and understanding of what this has brought to your soul experience. We have developed the capacity to feel what you feel at most times, through your co-operation and assistance. With this agreement we are becoming sensitive to that which you are bringing to this experience.


This will be of great assistance in the coming times, for we are seeing the vast importance of being able to share in these feelings. It is like being able to implant feelings, except that there is no invasion, rather an agreement to share and blend what has been experienced. We find that there is such brevity that can be released and lightened through this method that we are overcome with joy with the magnitude of what we are learning with your assistance.


Did you ever think that you would be able to teach an old dog new tricks? Did you ever think that you would stand with us and offer us the scroll of graduation into the new school of life? That is what you are doing, as we do the same for you to assist you to the reawakening of that which you already know. As you reawaken, you carry that information into the energy of Now and then you see a deeper meaning to what you already know and that enriches the experience and renders it that much more fulfilling to you, and to us as we observe the opening of a greater understanding of all that has been accomplished.


We are at a whole new threshold, my dear ones, and with this opening of another door into another realm, we are dancing and singing our way through this process. We see what is taking place on earth and we see the light behind, in front of, and within everything that is taking place. We see what appears to be darkness, and upon looking inside we see the light that is missed by those who are so involved and immersed in the outer darkness that they do not see that inner light. Because the inner light is still there, we see that there is still hope for those who do not see to be able to open their eyes, even at the last moment, and awaken to the truth of who they are.


Even those who may be considered the darkest of the dark, still carry their salvation in the center of their being, for that is the God light that gives them life and gives them the potential for Grace. With this Grace, should they choose it, they will be able to live out the remainder of their existence in a field of energy that allows for the full return to the light. This will be their choice, for with the free will experience comes this eventual return and the Grace that enables the falling away of the darkness.


Realize at the same time, that all those who choose in this time to flow on with the light, you will be engaging only with those who have chosen that light. You will have found the release from this free will experience by seeing your inner light and flowing into it in your entirety. This means that as you go forward in the light you will have free access to the expression of that light, as was the case before and always was viable to you at any time throughout this free will experience.


We go now and return to our sojourn in the heavens and we shower upon you all our love and all our light. It is an unending supply and the more it is shared the more it is. Give us your tired and your hungry and we will make them strong. Give us your meek and wholesome and we will enable them to know their power. Give us your love and light and we will sing a song of rejoicing for all of time. We are your family and we stand with you into eternity.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate