Wakeup Call Message
May 23, 2006


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While we are not secure in knowing what it is that each of you ask for in each moment, we do feel the vibration of that knowing that is within you and that translates itself to the highest form of your request. This is the manner in which we communicate with you, for to honor our translation of your earthly language would be to bring interference by the translation and to not honor the succinct energy of your request. I Am Hatonn, and I explain further.


This is the integral part of our communication with you, and though you are able to relay the intent of your language with one another, it looses in the translation with us. That is why we tune in to your energy field and we know sometimes even more clearly that which you intend for your lives. This is reflected in that which you find manifesting in your lives, for that is your true soul intent.


What we do know is that there is a complete and total communication between us your higher self. When a request is made from your conscious mind it is often a reflection of that which your higher soul knows is most appropriate for you. In this way there is no loss of degree of experience that will benefit you. How this translates to your conscious mind may not be as was intended, however it is what is giving you the most benefit at the time.


For instance, you may ask in your conscious mind for a million dollars, when what you receive is but a mere pittance. That is what comes as a result of your higher soul knowing that this would not be to your higher good and would not allow you to follow your contract and your higher intent for growth. With this manifestation can come an acceptance of what is, or a continued frustration of what has been in your conscious mind, and unfair circumstance for your life.


This is but one example of what we say. Another is to look at the political scene of your world and see the times of the warring and the unrest in all aspects of earth commerce, education, medicine, and all other parts of earth society. You would see it be according to the benefit of all on earth and in their best interests. We see that as well, however there is a different perspective we bring to the complete picture, and we can see that in most cases the idea of the people is to bring about the end of the cabal at this moment, or the next.


We understand that in doing so this would seem to bring about the end of the suffering and the pain and poverty that is rampant on your world. We can see beyond what your curtain covers up, and we ask that you bear with us in this for we see that there are certain steps that are taken on earth that change the way we are involved in this project and the way we must approach what takes place in our final plan of intervention.


Realize that with the options that are given us, we are doing what we can to bring about a peaceful end to this matter. We see that with the changes we must remain open and able to change course even in midstream of one of our actions. With this ability to see the results of actions taken and to see the long-term results of what takes place, we are able to make instant decisions about our activities with the cabal.


Yes, we are acting within and alongside many of the members of the cabal and in as such we are able to defuse many a situation that has been designed to destroy and bring about chaos that would reap galactic repercussions. We are able to stop certain measures that would have brought some segments of society to their knees and allowed the cabal to take yet another step upward on the ladder of their success.


This, my dear ones, has not been allowed to happen for some time. The cabal has been playing in a field that includes only themselves and those who choose that field for some time. They think that they are making headway, and yet they continue to play by their rules, and that takes them round and round in circles of their making.


You ask now, but what about all those who are being killed or taken prisoner. What about them, why are they continuing to be hurt and worse if the cabal is playing by itself? It is because those dear ones have chosen this in their life contracts. They have seen that in order to best serve humanity at this time, they will give up their lives, or their comfort and freedom. Be assured that when the time comes for their return to earth or freedom it will be when they will be greeted with much respect, love, jubilance and honor for the deed they have done in the name of the playout of the last cabal and the complete and total freedom of humanity.


We do not like to see the pain they may suffer, so we greet them at the moment before the pain and we release them into our embrace and their bliss is complete. They know only love in that moment and from that moment they are able to see what their beautiful earth sacrifice has brought for humanity and for them. They see the result of all of the workings of the light and they are blessed beyond earthly understanding.


We ask that you take this knowledge into your daily knowing and allow your soul to soar victorious in this understanding of what is and what shall come to pass. We see the glorious work that you are doing and we know that it springs forth from your deepest feeling of love and compassion. We also know that with this depth comes a greater understanding of how you are to be in your heart and in your mind. This in turn spurns you on to the work that you have chosen for this next phase of the coming of the New Golden Age.


We see you all preparing for the last step in the rising of the light of planet earth and we say to you, “Rest ye weary souls and hearts while ye may, for to come is the last push of the labor of new birth into the freedom from the clutches of the last cabal. It is a mighty thing that you do for your world and for your galaxy, and we honor each and every one of you. You are truly angels and warrior of the light, and you are positioned in the exact correct place for this last stand for freedom and peace on your land.”


Go in peace now and enjoy the leisure that is upon you, for it is swift and sure that the arrow of truth shall descend upon the darkness and the New Golden Age shall rise in love and peace forevermore in grandeur and joy.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate