Wakeup Call Message
May 2, 2006


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My dear ones listen up for a moment and see if what I am about to tell you rings true. And as you assimilate this into your knowing see how it feels and what comes from it in the way of inspiration. I Am Hatonn, and I tell you this:


Once upon a time there was a river, and that river flowed into the Nile River. With this flowing in came an amount of disease for the river was not of purity and light. Some said that the Nile was the only river in Egypt that had cleansing qualities. Some said that it did not and they found that they leaned toward blaming the Nile, not the other river for the disease that plagued the Nile once the other river flowed in.


What happened to cause the river to flow into the Nile was that two barges came simultaneously to the same apex of the rivers and each one had their own captain. These captains were mortal enemies for they had been competing for the same office in the Royal Navy for years. In this move they were vying for the position that would take one of them to another part of the continent of Africa, which was a highly valued area for river barging.


With this situation one of the captains decided that in order to rise above the other in the eyes and mind of their superiors he must breach the levy that separated the Nile from the other river. This he set out to do in a way that would make it appear as if the other captain was responsible. In this way he would be the chosen one to be promoted and serve the rest of his career in the more pristine land in the southern part of Africa.


This plan backfired, however, and in the process the barges collided and they began to sink. Their cargo was the refuse from the experiments that had taken place in their motherland with the dregs and remains from the mining that had been taking place. These dregs were thought to be the source of the disease that now plagued the Nile.


Help was sought from the populace and from the elders who were versed in these things. The tribal elders that lived deep in the forests were summoned, and they were asked to test the waters and to tell them what they could do to cleanse them and bring them back to the clarity that they once were.


As the elders summoned their Spirits they found that there was a great silence that greeted them, for they were to soon realize that the Spirits were purposely keeping their silence, and for good reason. The two captains had forfeited their rights to not only commandeer the barges, but to remain in the service to the royalty. They had given up their livelihood and their purpose in society. The Spirits were awaiting their retribution before giving the formula for cleaning up the river.


This took some time, and in the meantime the people who lived along the Nile suffered because they had always relied on those waters for bathing and sustenance. They had long taken advantage of the purity of the waters and they had not realized the treasure they had. In so doing they had added to the condition of the Nile as it was then.


This caused all concerned to look at the situation and ponder on what to do next. They felt that the Spirits had let them down, had deserted them, so they balked and they moped and considered themselves victims of not only the captains of the barges, but of the Spirits as well. They did not see that their neglect added to the condition of the Nile, and that they would be better served to change their ways and to show the Nile the respect that it was due.


One day an elder came back from the deep forest, and he lay down by the flowing waters of the Nile. He didnít smell the acrid odors from the waters; he didnít notice the green/brown tint of the waste that permeated the former clarity of the Nile. He lay there and peered into what he remembered the waters to have been and he saw the purity with which it flowed through the countryside when he was a young child. He remembered how he loved that river. He remembered the times when he and members of his tribe came to these shores and did ceremony for the great river that was a mighty presence and a source of life sustaining energy for the villagers.


As he lay there deep in meditation and thankfulness he kept his eyes closed and his heart light. He told the waters that he was in love with them and that he was ever so grateful for their life-giving richness. He lay there all night and all the next day. The villagers came and gathered around him and yet they did not speak nor did they not touch him. Instead they watched as his eyes flickered from time to time and his lips silently moved in prayer.


Soon they too sat down and laid out full length on the banks of the river. They were mesmerized by the elderís presence, and they began to join in his silent meditation. They wept with the knowledge of what they had done to add to the condition of the river. They lay in their tears and they offered themselves to the Spirits to cleanse the river and to forever see that their lives are changed to that of gratitude and reverence for the life giving richness of the waters of the Nile. They were humbled beyond reproach and they knew that they had erred. Now they were giving of their lives to restore the river to its grandness. They vowed to see to it that for the rest of their lives the Nile waters would be nourished, revered and rejuvenated.


This was a measure that was taken in ancient Egypt, my dear ones. This was at the time of the Annunaki workers toiling in the gold mines in Africa. This shows you how swiftly one can disease mother earth and then how swiftly and with right thinking one can restore the purity that once was. This is what you all can do, my dear ones to restore the waters and the air, the soils and the forests. You can see your part in allowing this to happen, and then you can humbly and with reverence restore all to purity.


Realize that in this message there is no blame, there is no retribution asked for, there is only a return to responsibility for the earth that you have lived on for eons. This is home and as surely as you recognize your place here, the restoration can be accomplished with the assistance of the Spirits. All you need do is see your part in it and realize that in some way you are a part of the rivers of life and they are as much a part of you as you are of them. What you do for yourself, you do for the rivers of life. What the rivers of life do for themselves they do for you. See the Oneness here and act accordingly. Lie on the banks of life and utter forth your gratitude and reverence for all of life on planet earth and feel the Spirit within joined with you in the restoration of this beloved planet. 


It is a far, far more beautiful thing you do for this planet to stand up and take note of what your part is in this whole scheme of things. Go forth and exercise your powers of restoration and be forever gifted with your love and joy in the power you have for maintaining the purity of Home and the creation of perfection.


Know that as surely as you are of the light, the other forces that have contributed, even created in most cases, the condition of the earth and her societal measures are of the darkness for they have forgotten so much of what it can be to live in love and enjoy the riches that come inherently from the light. You in your remembrance of the power of your light can bring back the beauty of this planet, and in so doing you can add to the richness of the everlasting glory of Godís creations.


The light always rises over the darkness. There cannot be an overriding by the darkness for it is a part of the light that is filled with heaviness, and that too can be restored to light and love. It takes one particle of light to illuminate one room. You can do that, and you can be the light that surrounds all of the darkness and renders it light.


Ye are Gods, and ye see the light shine from every corner of the globe, and it is Golden.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate