Wakeup Call Message
May 19, 2006


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  Galactic Federation 


It is a beautiful day and all is well in the neighborhood. We are as always taking care to see that we continue to make our days as fine as possible. Why do we do that? It is to set an example for all of you so that you may know yourselves as the Gods that you are.


We are the Galactic Federation, and in as much as we have the ability to create our world as we intend, so too do you. You are able to create the measure of success that you desire. You are able to redress and see the future that is before your eyes, and learn from it in creating your present moment. How are you able to do that? By tuning in to your sublime potential and representing it in what you do today.


This is a continuance of what you have already seen. It is a rebounding set of events that you brought about for the furtherance of your culture on earth. With this rebounding effect you are able to see what your next move can be, and also to see what former moves brought about in your present and past worlds. From this you can see how to create in this moment and how to carry the resultant energy into the next.


When you create in love and in compassion, you do so with the authority that your inner guidance suggests. You do so with the supremacy over the darkness that is inherent with the fact that you are of God and that you step in the footprints that you have already set for yourself. As you place your feet in those timeworn imprints, you change their course as often as you change your mind.


As this counteracts that which brought you sorrow or pain in the past, you bring to your experience a joy to remember and to follow in energy transmission for the times to come. As you do so you follow the guidance from within that determines the outcome of the new joyful state of being that comes from the learning.


You can take a moment at anytime and observe yourself in motion. You can see what came from any given moment and how you can preserve the energy of joy and love, or how you can transmute the energy of undesired experience. This is how mountains are climbed and oceans are crossed with one easy motion. You have the power to do as God and you use it in every moment of your existence.


With the events of the present times, you have found yourselves to be in a position where you have had to use discretion in things you do, think, and say. You have had to see what is taking place and then to go on in the light, despite what is being portrayed in the media, not only the media of untruth, but also the media of the Internet.


With these reportings you have come to recognize the sure signs of impurity of thought and action. You have also come to recognize the signs of purity of heart and intent. With these observations you have found yourselves to be immersed in the reign of the final hours of the times of earth evolution. We say hours, for in the scope of time, there are but hours before the realization of the completion of the preparation for the New Golden Age. As we see this final playout we realize that in the eons of time there are but seconds before the next step is to be taken, and that our friends, translates into earth time as to be within this year.


We ask that you not be discouraged for there is a playout that must follow its course for the completion as is planned. We will say that we have had to adjust our plans as the situation has warranted. We are still within our framework of earth time in that we have seen the result of what is now taking place and what is about to take place in the coming weeks and months.


We suggest that you not be discouraged and impatient, for the way is precise and the steps are proven in the future time that we have seen. It is not so much the details as it is the energy in which these details are played out. There is a specific energy blueprint by which the events are molded. This has within its framework a certain resiliency that can withstand changes in detail. This allows for the conditions that the ones who reside in their self-imposed darkness can bring about. It all amounts to the same energetic imprint, and we are ready to accommodate their changes as they come about, and not have to go off track.


Because of this, our dear ones, we have a built in failsafe that cannot go awry. We have the ability to transform the energetic pattern that is trusted upon the blueprint and render it the same as was set into place. It is but a matter of semantics, for instance, the glass can be red, rather than white, and the time can be tomorrow instead of this hour, and we speak of earth time in example.


Take some time today to tune in and ask any of us what specifically you can do for the cause that is your passion. We will advise you as to what you can do, and we will then give you another piece of advice. We say right now that that piece of advice is to treat this all with an air of lightness, for that is where your power is. It is what many of you felt over the last evening, for we infused those of you who called for it with a flowing of love energy that came directly from Source. It came in answer to multitudes of prayer that in yearning energy gave surrender to the present situation on earth and accepted the infusion of light. You know who you are, for you felt that infusion and you are sharing that with those with whom you are close.


We extend an invitation to any of you right now who wish to partake of this infusion of intentional light to ask and we shall see to it that you receive. It is of the nature that you must ask for it and you must feel that longing for the connection with Source. Ask and ye shall receive. Ye are Gods and we love you all!


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate