Wakeup Call Message
May 8, 2006


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  Galactic Federation 


We are going to spend some time this morning addressing an item of interest to all of you. We are the Galactic Federation, and we come with bells on and doors ringing. We come to invite you to a party, and that party will include all the members of the Congress of the USA and all of the original members of the Congress who stood in their tracks and uttered the words that interpreted to the words of freedom everywhere.


These words were the ones set down in the Constitution of the united States of America. They were the words that interpreted the heart and soul of a free being. They were the words that came together in a united effort and took precedence over any words that did not represent the freedom of mankind to choose for himself and for all who supported the stand of equality in a free society.


These words were not random shoutings of a group of people who sought to rule the community or the world. These words were a compilation of many words and many beings of light who were able to see what was represented in the hearts and souls of all mankind. They were the epitome of what is inherently the right of any free society and the people who live in and make up that society equally and without force.


Did you ever consider that your present society does not represent that which was proposed back in those days of illumination from an inner source? Why even the Native peoples of the land were honored in their wisdom, and the life in their society were represented as a peaceful means by which they could come together with people of different color and blend into a society that could live together in harmony. This has come to be a farce my dear ones, for you have seen what a few people have wrought to the societal ideals of that far time. You gave seen what has become of the ideals with which this country of the united States of America was founded.


Never before has there been a representation of the idea of freedom that came and went in such a strong manner. This world that you live in today represents an ideal that was founded on the idea of separatism, and it is coming to a close. Yes, with your action and your ideals coming to the surface from a long forgotten treaty with mankind, you are bringing to the surface what you once put aside in the interest of keeping the status quo.


This is one of the parts of this great plan that you all as lighted beings are here to do. You came here for the purpose of experimentation with the idea of separatism. You came here to see what would become of the actions and idea of being apart from the Creator and each other. You came knowing that the way could be wrought with peril and with strive. You came knowing that there could be times when there would be trials of mercy and times of pain. Still you came, for you had an idea. You came for you had a mission. This mission was one of great love of Home and Family and the Light that never ends. You trusted that light, for you knew it to be complete and inseparable from that inner part of you that was complete and in unity with the Creator.


Now you are at a crossroads, and you know which road to take. You see it as surely as we see you looking in the direction of the road to Home in the Light of the Creator. You know that there are a few more sideroads that you will take and in those sideroads you will bring so much more light to the reunion. This is what keeps you going on this path and what adds to the expression that come from the inner light that is contained within all of you.


We see you toiling and we see you relaxing. We see you in celebration and we see your dedication to the light of truth. We know that you laugh and we know that you cry. We know that you are led by your minds and by your hearts and we know that your souls also provide a roadmap by which you are guided to the way that is most advantageous to your growth. We see what to you may seem like the wrong road, and yet we see that it is exactly the right one, for there are no wrong roads. We see that you carry the load of the ages and that at times you hand it over to us to spell you from the burden.


We gladly accept that load, for in the accepting we give you a gift of freedom, freedom for a different perspective and a new way of seeing things. For that, we are at your service, and more than that we are here to lend a hand whenever it is appropriate and in the interest of your journey.


Take some time today to study your neighbor. Take some time to see that neighbor in a different light. See the inner knowing that shines forth and lights the way for that person, and know that he/she is exactly where is appropriate for the journey that person has chosen. And so are you, my dear one, so are you. You are all bright shining jewels.


And when you go out into the world you have created and sing your songs of praise and stir the hearts with your words of truth, remember that you came here to do this and to bring the knowledge of this kind of energy to all of existence. This is the sweetest gift you have ever given, and it is almost time for the celebration of the culmination of all of this. Come and celebrate with us when you have reached the New Jerusalem and you will see the wonder of all of you reflected in our eyes.


We love you all so much, and we salute you!


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate