Wakeup Call Message
May 30, 2006


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My dear ones, I come to you this day through this one for the first time. I Am Ela of Arcturus, and I am here to ask you all to lend me your ear. I ask that you tell me what it is that you desire for your lives, and then allow me to begin the process with your assistance and with the intervention of your higher self.


I have come to this one, for she and her partner, Bob, have called for me and have regained their ability to hear me and to work with me. We are going to find the way of the next steps of the journey to be swift and sure, and in this journey we will be bringing new adventure to the lives of many.


After the following pages of Nancy’s book are set in example for those of you have read the book, you will see the relevancy of these pages. There will be many people who will search for more information on the subject, for they will recognize the relevancy to their lives, of the energy that is being presented. We ask Nancy to include in this message the excerpt from her book that addresses what we are doing with all of you at this time.


There is only one point of this information that I will add, and that is that with the recognition of the part you all are playing you will reach a conclusion that is refined and is according to the journey you have chosen. This is the refinement that comes after a great deal of inner work and outer work with those who are part of your family of origin. This is what can set you free from the old habits of the lifetimes that you have experienced in this long journey through time.


Now I will ask Nancy to go to pages 18 through 21 and include them here. Then I will explain the relevancy of the content to what I am about to tell you.


From The Menorah:

"Okay Ralph, what did Manuel say? Do we have final confirmation on this? Is Tanner at the marina?" Sven kept his tone as accommodating as possible.

Ralph sighed, impatient. Why can't he wait for me to tell him? This was the biggest flaw in their relationship. For over ten years they've been working together in the employ of Manuel Garcia. There are some things you put up with when everything else flows like quicksilver.

"Tanner is there alright. Anymore than that we still don't know, except that he does have a woman living onboard with him. He may have told her about the Menorah, which could complicate things." Ralph clucked his tongue in disgust. "Most women shouldn't be told any more than is necessary; too easy for them to screw up things. They oughta leave the real thinking to us.”

Sven shook his head, chuckling at the familiar tirade of chauvinism. "What about Bocco; he's still our contact, right?"

"Yeh, he gets off work at four. They close the gate, so we've got to be there a little before. Ralph's hands tightened on the wheel. "Manuel is putting on the pressure. He wants Tanner."


Ellen sipped the steaming cup of chamomile tea, counting on its soothing properties. She selected a CD from her selection, then slipped into her gown, and pulled down the covers.

The morning light filtered through the branches of the juniper outside the window, creating an interesting lacy pattern on the sheets as she slid between them. Her tensions floated away with the lullaby of Rachmaninoff, and the warmth of the amber liquid as it melted through the chill within.

Thoughts of ghostly sails and threatening waters were gradually replaced with reminiscences of her life before she met Mike.

She'd arrived in the southwest in September from her home in Massachusetts. The winters in the snow and cold had become intolerable for her. She sought the warmth for her comfort, and a change of scene. Her life had become filled with a tedium that couldn't be relieved in the small town that had fostered it. Perhaps here she could find the wisdom to understand where her contentment lay.

Her late husband, Robert, had provided very well for her. She would have no financial worries for the rest of her life. When he died, she felt her world die with him. Gradually she returned to the everyday life that heals and nourishes. The intensity of her loneliness and sorrow had diminished, leaving a dull void that consistently threatened to overcome her. Finally, through the insistence of two of her dearest friends, she decided she had to do something drastic with her life, or she would be lost in the nothingness that crept relentlessly into her soul. When her dreams became filled with deserts and Rocky Mountain vistas, she exclaimed, "All right! I don't know why, but I'll go see your rugged peaks, and survey your endless reaches. Maybe somewhere in your deepest secrets I'll find my answers."


Driving into town, Ellen made a mental list of where she wanted to go before returning home for the evening, the post office, groceries, and the video store. I'll lose myself in someone else's story for a while. Oh, and don't forget the things at the boat.     

"Damm! Watch where you're going!" She barely missed plowing into the green Mercedes as it sped out of the motel parking lot. "Crazy driver," she muttered.  She got to the post office just in time. Gotta get these payments out; too many late penalties.     


After she'd awakened, she cleaned her small, adobe house. With every swipe of the polishing cloth, she took stock of her life since she first sprang from her car, rejoicing at the unexpected wonder of the lake that stretched for miles through the undulating desert terrain.

It's time I took some positive steps in creating a solid life for myself. Falling for the first man who comes along is not the way to go. Tomorrow she would take a trip to the city and stock up on enough art supplies for several months. It's been too many years since I stood in front of a blank canvas, paintbrush in hand. 

She turned into the marina, the last stop before returning home. She pushed the thought of the sail in the mists from her mind. I cannot deal with that now.  Hm-m, there's that Mercedes that pulled out in front of me. Wonder what it's doing here. She parked close to the bridge and grabbed the box she brought for her things. I don't see Mike's truck, but the spreader lights are on, she noted, seeing the bright lights at the top of the mast. He always turns them off if he's going to be gone long.     


Stepping into the cockpit, she heard a murmur of voices. Three startled faces turned as she climbed down into the cabin. Tony smiled broadly, introducing her to his old friends Sven and Ralph.     

She greeted them warmly, shaking their hands, then turned to Tony, "Where's Mike?"     

"He went for beer; should be back any minute." He sat beside her, his tone softened, "How are you doing; did you get some sleep?"     

"Oh yes, I'm fine. I came for my things." She smiled at Sven, "Have you just arrived in town?" She remembered the Mercedes. No point in saying anything.

They settled into conversation. Ralph sat quietly in the corner, keeping a wary eye on Sven.

These guys give me the creeps, Ellen thought. Sven seems pleasant enough, maybe too pleasant. His eyes are cold, black stones. And Ralph's eyes are never still, always darting from one thing to the other.

After about twenty minutes, Tony remarked grinning, "I guess Mike had to go to Mexico for the beer."

Ralph shot Sven an uneasy glance; the book of matches he'd been fidgeting with fell to the floor.                            

            What is it with these guys? They're supposed to be old friends, but so far there's only been small talk. And Ralph's fidgeting; I thought those matches were going to ignite in his hand! Maybe they're uncomfortable with me here. Impatient to get back home, she rose. "Look Tony, I'll get my things together. I need to go home."

She filled the box; she’d already gathered her stuff into a small pile near the door. "Tell Mike I'll see him later. She said good-by, and turned to leave.     

Tony took the box from her, and announced he'd be right back.      


At the car, she opened the trunk, and he set the box inside. "Are you sure you're okay? You were awful quiet back there."      

"I'm fine, really. I'm just anxious to get on with my life." To reassure him, she smiled, "I picked up a video, a wonderful looking frozen, veggie pizza, and a bottle of good, red wine. I'm looking forward to a great night!"      

"Are you sure you don't want to wait for Mike?" Tony asked.     

She chuckled sarcastically, "I'm absolutely sure of that!" Her days of waiting for him were over.     

He seemed satisfied that the incident of the morning was at least not uppermost in her mind, and stepped away. "See you later, then. Have fun."     

She took the back way home along the deserted stretch that led to a secluded cove where, on more than one occasion, she'd escaped for much needed solitude. The moon rising over the large butte that loomed over that section of the lake was always breathtaking. Tonight it would be half full. Interesting, she observed, no one ever says it's half empty.

H-m-m, there's a truck off the road; looks like it's in trouble. My God, it's Mike's! She frantically ran to the driver's side. He was slumped over the wheel. "Mike!" She struggled with the door, as he lifted his head, rubbing the bruise above his eye.

"Are you alright? Let me look at that."

He pushed her hand away, "It's okay. Hurts like hell, but it's not bleeding. "Where did you come from? He straightened, with sudden realization. "Never mind; I've got to get out of here."

"What do you mean; what's going on?" A knot tightened her stomach. "How long have you been here like this? They're still waiting at the boat." She'd noticed the flat tire, and the crumpled fender where he'd hit the boulder. "You're not going anywhere until you change that tire.

His sigh of desperation clutched at her heart, as his head dropped to the steering wheel. "Mike, you'd better tell me what's happened!" 

"I can't go back to the boat." He stared out at the sparkles on the lake for a few moments, then faced her, his eyes imploring, "I have to get away from here! There's no time to waste. I need your car!"  

"Are you crazy! Leave, for where? Why?" This was not funny.  

"Please!" In a controlled voice, he insisted, "Trust me. I'll call and explain later. Those men with Tony are not my friends, or his, I suspect."

"I can't just give you my car without an explanation. If you must use my car, I go with it! But not till you tell me why you are running." She hoped with a little time he would calm down and make sense.

"You can't go; it's too dangerous."

"You have two choices; waste more time arguing, or convince me this isn't crazy. Either way, you're not taking my car without me."

Mike grabbed his jacket, and eased out of the truck. "Okay, you win; there's no time to waste. We have to leave now." He slid behind the wheel of her car, "Come on, let's go."   

"Mike, I will not leave till you give me some explanation!"

"I promise I'll tell you as soon as we get going." He looked deep into her eyes. "I don't want you hurt. Believe me, this is the only way."

"Okay, slide over. With that bump on your head, I'd better drive. You just tell me where. We can leave from my place."



Okay, now you have the material and Nancy is confused. How can this possibly relate to anything I would tell you all? I say it is relevant because of the human side of it. There is much to be said for the journey that you have all entered into. There is a relevancy to the passage in these pages that explains what is taking place within the mind and heart of Ellen, and what is taking place in the mind and heart of so many on earth at this time.

It is not even a gender thing, but a human thing to make relevancy of one heartache, and one experience of mistrust, to another.


With the patterning that takes place in the lives of humans there is a place for the traditional involvement to become displaced and irrelevant to the present moment. As one sees the relevancy of their life take precedence and change the patterning, then there is a disruption in that pattern energy and the resultant repatterning can be reversed and taken into account for the deliberate misalignment of the energies that come into being. This can take one to the opposite end of the spectrum and reveal the shadow of the being in its entirety. With this revealing there can then be a healing of the original source energy and then the human can go on in a new energy that renews itself in the expression that is being experienced in the moment.


This is a consideration that you can take to heart and reveal the innermost secrets that can lead to the healing of your body and soul. You can find the relevancy of one time to another, and see what it will take to close the chapter on that energy and create anew.


That is what we do when you come aboard ship to be healed. We lead you through the process, and you do the healing through your revealing to yourself the origin of that patterning. When the process is complete, then you are able to return to earth not only healed, but also able to keep yourself from repeating the pattern ever again. You will be able to live the moment and realize the benefit of what that moment brings you. This is one of the abilities that you had that you will be returning to in full measure as your vibrations pick up and deliver the remembrance to you.


As you go through life, you will be able to enter into a moment of experience and relate it to another, then see that it does not relate in that it is all new. It is not as it was in that other moment, for it is in itself unique to the present moment. This will enable you to see the picture as it is in entirety and to move on without bringing the past with you.


In this way you will be able to live your life in purpose and in integrity creating your life in the perfection of your Divine intent. Give yourself the chance to see this life brand new and functioning in the perfection of your divinity. You are able to do that right now. And as you ask, in the event you do, to be taken onboard one of our ships for healing, you will be following your destiny and your present intent for soul work and earth purpose.


This will take place in your sleep or meditation time, and will seem as if no time passed at all, which will be the case in actuality, for here there is no time. You may feel some residual physical result of the cleansing. That will be of short duration, and you will feel instinctively that is what it is, though you may not remember making the request. Then you will feel the difference and your life will indeed change. This is what Nancy and Bob experienced this past weekend, and now they are ready for this next phase of their journey.


I take my leave, and I promise to be forever in your service, for to be in your service is to be in service to The All. There have been times when many of you have worked with me in various stages of this journey, and as you awaken, you will remember that part of the journey and you will remember Home. You are dear ones and we are standing in readiness to assist you to that journey’s end and the beginning of the new phase of living in the Light of The Christ.


Blessed Be.


Thank you dear Ela of the 7th dimension,

Love, Nancy Tate