Wakeup Call Message
May 26, 2006


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When we come to you in this manner we do so with the full authority of the yin and yang. We come to you with the recognition that there is only one and in that one there is the double gender expression that provides the totality of the expression. This is universal and in that it is the language of the spheres and the universal language that supercedes all others. This is the communication that takes precedence and prevails throughout the involvement of all life in this universe.


That is why I speak in this way. I am Baldor, and I surprise this one with my conversation for she I have been long in speaking as her. That is why we bring to you this message and this song of rejoicing, for to bring anything less is to bring a disfigurement to the idea of the whole, when in reality the whole is not represented with less than this.


I speak to you now in this manner in order to give you an example of what is to come. I speak to you thusly, for it is closer to the way in which you will be communicating as the time for the New Golden Age comes into being. With this ‘new’ way of communication you will find that there is no room for misunderstanding, for the language is shared and known by all forms of life.


This language that I convey to you now is known as the communicator and is expressed in the upper dimensions in frequency exchange. This is the method by which we communicate and the way in which you communicate with us when you visit us in your sleep and meditation times. You make many meanderings and sojourns through our vast storehouse of knowledge and as you do you deposit information there that you will reclaim when you live once again in those energies. This is what you will be able to do after ascension. You will be living and adding to the library of Porthologus and in that you will be adding to the information of the universal order and as well to the other universes as they converse with us.


Do you see a ship upon the horizon at this moment? Surely you do not if it is full daylight and you are in the western hemisphere. That does not mean it is not there. It is the same as anything else that you do not experience at this moment. It is all there, however your experience of it is limited in your 3D reality. When you attain the higher dimensions then you will be able to pick up where you left off, and then to experience all that has come since and all that anyone else has experienced, for you will be able to tune in to the entirety of the whole.


Allow me for a moment to explore an as yet unexplored region with you. This is the region of the heart, as it is referred to in the realms above the 5th dimension. The human, physical heart is the repository for all of the feelings that you are experiencing. It contains the myriad of feelings and emotions that are contained also in the emotional layer of the human aura. With this double helix paradigm of the human emotional body we have the yin and the yang. We have the completeness of the communication of that particular aspect of the human experience.


As this is tapped into it sends waves of vibratory communication to the whole. It continually expresses that which is experienced by the human who is transmitting that frequency. As this communication is transmitted and captured by an energy expression it gives meaning to the idea that is encapsulated within the language of the frequency. This is turn is communicated to the All That Is and bounces off the energy wave lengths that carry it back and forth in resonance with all who ‘hear’. This is the way that we are able to understand and communicate that understanding to you and to all who tune in at the same time. Actually that ‘time’ as we have told you is simultaneous and we have the ability to respond at any moment to any vibration message that is.


This is why we are able to be in all places at once, to feel the communications with all who have intent to communicate. We are able to communicate the same message to an unlimited number of receptors, or people who intend to ‘hear’ us. You will all be able to realize that capacity that you have as you draw closer to ascension, and indeed when you are there.


The language of the spheres is endless. It is a language that cannot end; it is a communication with the All. It is the way that the Creator, Source of all is able to be with all of you, to live the constancy of itself with you. The language of The Source is the life-giving energy that connects all. With this energy there is always, perpetually the potential for more, for less and for nothing as well as everything. The language of the humans is useless in that respect. For it has its limitations, simply in the conveyance of an idea. The use of any word in the human language is instantly a limit setter. You will be able to live this truth at the point in which you have seen and heard it, as surely as there is no limit to life.


I now suggest that you go out into your day and see how often you are able to sense what someone is feeling. I do not suggest that you intrude upon those feelings; I merely suggest that you be able to be one with that person and love them with your own language of universal love. It is a non-invasive energy that supports and enlightens one another. The freedom that can be derived from this is unlimited and can make a difference in the way you communicate with others.


We have come today to communicate with you in a way that assists you to see that they sky is the limit and the sky has no limit. So as far as the rest of the day is concerned, there is a vast untapped into storehouse of love and the expression of that love. Go out there and be that love that you tap into every moment, and remember that you are loved every moment.


Nancy: Baldor, I have one question. You communicate as if you are one of the ones who is out there and giving us the information that we don’t have access to now, while at the same time, you have said that you have integrated with me, as one of my aspects. Please explain this so that I may understand more clearly.


Baldor: My dear, I will say this; there is nothing in this existence that is outside of you. I am and always was and will be one with you, and all others. We are all there is and we are each other in the sense that we are all One. We individualize and in this our experience is unique to each individualization.


I have always been integrated with you. The difference is that your perception and acknowledgement of me was limited till you allowed my integration with your opening perception of me. It is as if you were the box and kept the lid on till that moment when you opened the lid and found me to be there. In that moment you conceived of me as being a part of you, fully integrated. Now you are in the process of dissolving the sides and bottom of that box. When that is complete, then you will have ascended and realized your fullness in the Light of The Creator.


Nancy: Thank you dear Baldor; I understand much more now. We are all self-contained. The only reason that we don’t realize that is because of our limited 3D perceptions. I realize that in a way I understood that, but hearing it again in this way has enabled me to grasp it in a fuller way. And that way is only partly conveyed with my words; the rest is understood in another way, within.


Thank you dear Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate