Wakeup Call Message
May 18, 2006


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Today I sit upon a rock and ponder

The atrocities of life and then I wander

Into a store with lots of love around

And I see that the tears

That lay upon the ground around me

Are but tears of sorrow for the way it used to be.


Upon that realization I stretch and look about

I go into the recesses of the store and then I shout

For in the corner lying soft and sweet

Are millions of worms lying in a heap.


What wonder here do I set my eyes upon?

Do I sweep them under a rug, lest they be trod upon?

Or do I take them out for all to see

And wonder why they chose the likes of me

To show themselves at light of dawn

And play their games until they were all done?


Then they would leave and ne’re be seen

Where once they were thought to be unclean

Yet what trace do they stain upon the floor?

When once I leave and close the door?

Will I be changed forevermore?


Shall I forget them now, and nevermore

Be plagued with visions of heaps of worms

Upon the floor of twists and turns?

Or will I always carry forth

The message of their tale and worth?


For I now see life differently

From when I entered in, you see

I thought that life was chaotic

And full of strife, a heretic

But now I see it is all according to

The thoughts that spring forth anew.


For in this world there is no say

Upon the ground on which there lay

A fruitful cause that says look here

For I see in your face a lowly tear

That speaks of love, or is it fear

For here we are of pain or cheer?


It is your choice; I give you this

Do not think that there is no bliss

For when you see the love around

You know that God does abound

In the thoughts of man and beast.

So let’s choose love and have a feast


Of Light and mirth and joyful play.

So we may take this playful day

And run and jump until the sound

Of laughter comes from all around

And then we’ll know that we have come

To the end of this mournful song.


For we have found our heaven here

And we shall always persevere

With God and love and angels fair.

And we will play just anywhere

That life takes us in merriment

And see the fear is totally spent.


So love and laugh and never mind

The fear that tries to put us down

For we can rise above it all

And see the leaves of early fall

Besplendor lives, and promise full

The beauty of life to us we pull.


When love and joy and peace prevail

We’ll be around to tell the tale

Of how we saw a different scene

And took our leave to joy serene

And now I take myself to play

And wish you all a fine sweet day.


Thank you dear poetess Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate