Wakeup Call Message
May 17, 2006


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My dear ones, shall we take the time to see what our favorite pastimes are and then to see how often we partake of them? We are giving ourselves a break and we are going to benefit from it, for we are taking life much too seriously. We need to assess our lives and then to take a different course into the sun and the play of the day.


I am Avenda, and on this day I ask all of you to give yourselves one half hour, at least, every day to abandon your seriousness and to play as you did as a child. Do whatever comes to mind and do it with the abandon of youth. Donít worry about how you look or who is watching, for they may too get an idea from it and in the near future they may as well decide they need to play.


I understand that you may feel a bit self-conscious at first, and so go ahead and play in private. Go ahead and let yourself loose! Have a ball and forget that you are an adult for thirty minutes. See what you make of your seriousness then. Do you still feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, or are you able to shed some of that excess and smile as you go through your day?


I tell you this, Nancy has been giving this some thought, and in so doing, she has come to the conclusion that it is altogether too easy to fall into old patterns. She has decided to place a more active monitor on what she does and how she goes through her days. To live your life with more abandon is not the same as living your life without noting how you do it.


From time to time it is beneficial to tune in and to realize how many times you have frowned, or how many times you have thought of the tasks you must perform. And how about what shape the world is in these days? Are you taking it much too seriously and not realizing that your thoughts contribute to that condition?


I donít mean to suggest that you bring in the guilt, not by any means. Quite the contrary! I suggest that you see the power your thoughts have to create, and see that they reflect that which you would have in your life, a happy world, a peaceful co-existence, an end to wars, a new beginning to the peaceful planet that is in the heart and soul of all of humanity.


I know that you can do it. I know that we can bring down the darkness and lift up the light that permeates every cell of our bodies. We can live the life that we intend and we are doing it right now by playing and giving ourselves a break, and then going out into our world and making that difference, newly powered and inspired as to how we can do that.


We sit at this keyboard and we watch as the spell check corrects the spelling even before we ask it to. Magically the mis-hit keys correct themselves and they bring forth the perfection before our eyes. We can do that in our lives. We can know that the misspelled events of our lives can be corrected before our eyes with the knowledge that the spell-check is in place and automatic. We call on Spirit to make the corrections and to assist us with our lives because we know that it is We who sit at the keyboard and who make the moves in our lives, and as we go through our lives, the choices we make come directly from our connection to Spirit, and in that there can be no errors.


So go now and play. See the light shine forth and feel the innocence of the child as the play opens up new avenues of brightness. See the light that shows you the way, and know that as you walk with Spirit you too are God, all the time and in every way. Love this life and know that it is ours. Blessed be the children!


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate