Wakeup Call Message
May 4, 2006


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  All of Us 


As we go about the daily things that we love and that we openly support, we do so with a heart of gold and a swing to our step. We do so with a soul in release and in a blessing from the angels. As we do this deed of love and devotion to truth, we sing a song that rings forth to the heavens and echoes the tune of the Forever Light.


Can you whisper upon a child and not see the joy shine back into your eyes? Will you ever tire of the song of birds as you open your eyes in the morning light? When did you last shrink from the beauty of a rose? ďNever I say, never in my life!Ē This is the beauty and joy of life on planet earth, and we all carry that same expression in our hearts and souls, for we are All of You and we are sweet with wonder at the times that we peer into the mirror that shows us who we are and who we are not.


We are not here today to tell of what and who we are not, for that is not our reality. We are here to speak to you of who we are. We are the ones who came to this planet and gave of ourselves to the cause. We gave our lightness and we gave our knowing to a plan that would surely lead us astray from our every-moment reality. We came to create a world of have-nots and a world of be-nots. We sank into a cave of sleep from which we knew some day we would awaken.


Dear ones, here we are. Here we stand on the threshold of a whole new awakening. We are in the process of remembering where we came from in this universe and others. We will redress the circumstances by which we decided to come here and play this game. We will have full recognition of the times and places we once traveled, and we will find them again, and again, as often as we desire.


Another thing that we will do is to take our place with The Creator as we are welcomed back to that embrace. We will stand in readiness for the times of our lives and we will find the return ecstatic. As we float through the memories of times on earth and before, we will see the complete picture, and in that picture will be the ever-widening expanse of what is to be.


Have you ever thought of what is to be in your world and felt a familiarity with what comes to mind? That is because you are remembering that which you have already lived in another dimensionality of time. There is purpose in this, for it brings you to the purpose of this moment in time. Remembering what was and will be adds to the experience of the now and brings you to a grander feeling of what this moment represents.


Take the moment in which you all grew to adulthood. Did it seem like you would never get there and then the next moment you were there? It is the journey that takes so long, and then when you attain what you have been moving toward, it is as if no time has passed in the being there.


Here is what it shall be when you are there. You will remember the getting there, and when you have gotten it will be fleeting, for you will not know when you did, for it will already be past that time when you did!


Do you love it?! Isnít this fun, playing with time and words and concepts? Do this everyday and watch your world change. Watch time speed up, or slow down, according to the play you make. You can create your world in the way of your thoughts and words, you have done that forever. We have been right there doing it with you. We are you; remember?


Letís get on with this play and find the way to the celebration after the last curtain call. Weíll drink to the cast and weíll drink to the audience. We are both; remember? Arenít we having fun? Arenít we creating our life in a way that soars and spins and brings great laughter? We need this release; we have begged for it, and now we are living it. We are taking our place in line with the other revelers and we are joining in the dance.


Now, do you feel sufficiently light and joyful to go out into your day and to thumb your nose at all dark faces and spaces? Do we know that anything that isnít light is not of our world? Do we feel loving and compassionate to lift up those dark places and faces with our play accomplished in love and in the innocence of our childish whims?


Never mind the dour faces that stare back; love them and know that they forget who they are. But we donít; we remember that they are us and we love them. Then see how their faces change, they light up, and all because we see them as ourselves, and that is truth.


Go now into the day and play with every moment and every whim that comes your way. We are you and we are swinging on a rainbow. Come and join us, and you will experience a joy that youíve long forgotten. When you do you will carry that joy into the next moments and into forever and ever my loves.


Thank you dear All of Us,

Love, Nancy Tate