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The Collective


N: Many people are trying to keep an air of lightness, but right now they feel very heavy, or should I say very sad. Why is this and what can they do to change it?


Collective: They are undergoing a change inside and as that takes place they may feel very alone and yet crowded. This is a time for you all when the changes may not feel as if they are your choice, but realize that it is the new you that is making the changes, and soon you will feel that new you is very natural and pleasant indeed.


N: When you say the ‘new you’, what do you mean; is it someone who is going to be different, or who will want different things in their life?


Collective: We are saying that by the time you all feel this new you, it will be as if you have known yourselves for a long time. In fact that is what the truth is; you are coming back to this new you. You are re-discovering the real you and allowing the freedom of expression that will send you into a new way of life that will feel so right and be so easy to manifest. You will find that life will be fun and cheerful, and all that you desire will fall into place, almost before you are aware that you want it.


N: That sounds wonderful. The times some people are having with many others who aren’t in the same space makes it hard to be with them lately, probably because of the difference in energies. What can they do to alleviate that?


Collective: They can do what you are doing right now. This is a way for you all to unload your discomfort and walk into the ease of being that you desire. As you express what you are feeling you put it in a perspective that shows you something and releases it at the same time. We are here to serve in this transition time with you, and all you need do is call upon us in any way that you feel to, as you are now.


N: That is good; it helps. Okay, here is the question that comes up next. What can you tell me about what is taking place in our country today; what is going on with Obama? I thought that he is operating from a higher place; I still feel that. Can you affirm that?


Collective: We tell you today that all that is taking place is what has been in place to happen for millennium. It‘s all right on schedule. As the time rolls down to the changing of the guard, so to speak, the players are in their places and are speaking the words that they wrote into the script all those times ago. Sure the words may carry a new meaning and may be full of something that brings a new manifestation to suit the energies of the day, but the original plan is in place and the original players are playing their part.


When Obama carries out his term he will be seen as the one who rode through this term with the allowance of several pieces of the puzzle that he was opposed to in the first place. This is part of his original plan and his interpretation of the way to approach the issues of the day. He sees on a soul level that if he were to stand in his higher integrity and demand that most of what has been taking place be changed immediately that he would be shot down, and that immediately would create a devastating hole in the working of the government. He is coming from the place of inner resolution, and is playing the piper who leads the followers to a place where they will have no recourse but to see themselves in the mirror that the ‘enemy’ provides for them.


They will not like what they see for much of what they see will have been compromised in a way that they didn’t realize would come about. They will be faced with a decision to make about their lives, and as they come to square one they will have to look within and come to terms with what they see. Then and only then will they be able to hear what their soul and spirit is relaying to them, has been all along. For the ego will have been so turned inside out that they will have to put it aside for lack of anything making sense that the ego sends their way. That is when all of the cards will fall, and a new deck will be handed them. They will then be given the chance to see the truth for what it is, and to realize that the deck of cards that they hold is of their own making, and therefore of their own interpretation. This is what is meant by the coming together of the pieces of the puzzle, and the final piece will be obvious. As it is put into place all will shine forth in completion ready for the next puzzle to be opened and created in its own image.


N: Are you saying that all must fall apart before the people will see how they have been giving away their power?


Collective: We are saying that as the energies of the day are played out, there is a revolution taking place that has the momentum to come to pass with the final look at what the actions, or non-actions are creating in the lives of the people. When they see the truth laid out before them of what their non-action has created, then they will finally see what their choices have wrought and will see that they have to develop another whole set of choices, based on other perspectives than the ones they have been filtering through before.


N: Are you saying that the world has to completely fall apart before they can see what they’ve done? Wouldn’t that mean that we have not been successful beyond what we allowed on Maldek?


Collective: We are saying that the degree in which the people are able to see what they have been allowing to take place is now based upon the level of vibration that is beyond what it was on Maldek when it fell. Yes, on Maldek they had already fallen from where they were because of the degree of fear that they held onto.  Now they have surpassed that degree and are at a different place than when all was annihilated on Maldek. The people who are still asleep, or napping, are soon to awaken, and when that happens they will be open to what they have been preparing themselves for in their sleep time. Yes, they have been very active in the sleep time because on the level to which they have ascended all time is shrinking into itself and this lends itself to total knowledge of themselves and their abilities in every moment they are awake as well. Though consciously they may not realize that they are awake, on a level that is instantly accessible in their wakefulness, they are able to access and live their truth as it applies to what they are living and what their intent is in the moment.


N: Does this mean that on a level that they aren’t recognizing they could in the next moment know it consciously, where before now they could only know it in their sleep time?


Collective: Yes, that is what we are saying. Now it is on their sleeve, so to speak, and as they come into a circumstance where the knowledge is applicable, they will automatically live that knowledge and it will satisfy the energies of that circumstance in a way that will be most beneficial to them at the time. This means that as they choose on a soul level, they will be able to access that knowledge and put it to work in their lives. This is how they are consciously putting into play their inner knowledge and wisdom in the moment. Then depending on their soul choice, they will recognize and retain that wisdom information and be able to consciously utilize it as well as speak of it at any time.


N: Does this mean that now there is no chance for annihilation of the planet, as happened on Maldek?


Collective: Yes, we are saying that the factor of self-destruction has been over-ridden and the path now is for the continuance to ascension. This is because of the other factor of the Draconian influence. This has been changed and the degree of influence has been eliminated. Whereas before, the Draconian influence came from off planet as well as on planet, it now is in the hands of a few on planet, and that degree is indeed negligible, as to be non-existent. As the existence of that energy is merely operating in memory, so too is the memory of the people. Once that memory is overridden by the knowledge of the truth of what is now in affect, then there will be nothing that will hold the people in the idea of incapacitation.


N: So that means that we have already overridden any chance that we will be annihilated. Then what does that mean as far as how long it will take for people to wake up?


Collective: That is to be determined by the people, and by the choices they make. They are being offered all kinds of opportunities to recognize their abilities to bring this all to a close and to open the door to freedom. With the energies that are being recognized within each and every one of all who live on the planet, and we include all of life of any kind, there will be a coming round to the truth of what is taking place and what new choices can be made. People are now opening up to the very messages that their DNA holds and what their Spirit is telling them constantly.


N: Are you referring now to the Mushaba Force?


Collective: Yes, and to the Christed energies and all of the other energies that carry the voice of truth to various parts of the anatomy and beingness. All of the energies work in harmony to speak to the life-beings of their choices and their abilities of manifestation. There is no judgment in these energies, there is no right or wrong. They are the total voice of The Source speaking through each and every form of life in existence, and being heard by all simultaneously.


N: Thank you so much for this. I have one more question, and I’m sure it is on the lips of so many in this country. It is about the swine flu and the inoculation program that is up for a vote. What can you tell us about that?


Collective: This is another of what we spoke earlier. It is another opportunity for the people to rise up and say, “No more, we have had enough.” When something hits home and health, when children are involved, there is something that takes place on a soul level that speaks to the DNA and interprets the truth of what comes from the Spirit, the inner voice that can be heard, or silenced with excuses and platitudes. We encourage all of you to listen to what your heart is saying and to allow your inner being to stand up and be noticed.


You don’t have to give your power away to the fear based information that is being presented. You have the ability to stand forth and express your knowledge of what it means to be free. We see within each and every one of you that voice of power and that ability to creatively exercise your ability to live in freedom and empowerment. Go now and be the ones you have waited for. Wait no more; be the leaders that you look to, for the leadership comes from within.


Thank you my dear Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate