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There is coming a lot of trouble that will not bring about the desired results of those who create it. Those who control the works of the world and the financial institutions will fall hard and fast once the momentum is upon them and the flow goes over the rim.


There will come a time when it will seem as if the top has come off the champagne bottle and the funds are spilling out onto the ground. This will be the illusion that the illuminati will count on, and in so doing they will open up their doors and expose what has been hidden. They will feel that they have done their best to bring fear to the people. They also will think that their antics with the nuclear detonations, that will simultaneously be reported to have been activated, will bring the world to a standstill.


From that they feel they will be able to stop the momentum of what the cosmic family is doing and then they will not only have control of all of the financial business they will also feel they have disconnected us from our source of power on the other side. They feel they have been able to form a cocoon around the planet that will prevent interference from the GF, however that is not to be the case. It will come tumbling down around their heads and cause this supposed cocoon to come down around them and deliver them unto their own demise.


It will happen in this way. This cocoon they have been devising is made up of particles of anti-matter. What they see as happening when they achieve their own zero point, is that there will be a total and complete resistance of the light against the dark. They feel that rather than the magnetics being lower and the vibration being lighter, it will be the opposite. In their minds nothing that is light can penetrate the lower energies, or magnetic pull into itself. What they donít see is that as they develop more unto themselves, the light rises and flows forth, freed from their energies. That is the black hole they have created.


This that they perceive cannot happen, for what the actual truth is, is that the people who have been doing their homework and have been not only raising their vibration but assisting that of earth as well, have brought about a raising of the energies enough so that there can be no resistance, and that the field of magnetics and vibration anti-matter cannot stand against what is actually in place now with earth. Earth and her life have reached that zero point and are involved now with the antimatter energy. That means that the other world, that of the negative anti-matter not only cannot penetrate the light, or positive anti-matter, it cannot deliver itself to the positive and affect it at all.


This is one of the times in which there can be no mistake and there can be no overriding of one faction of earth life against another. There is no resistance with the positive anti-matter and so what is taking place with the negative anti-matter is that they are serving themselves a platter of dirty meat that looks to them like the best steaks in the universe. That is because they have created their own field of anti-matter in the negative, for that has been their choice.


Because of this they will have less and less effect on the positive a.m. (anti-matter), and that means that what they do in their self created world will not come about in the positive a.m. world. Realize that because of the choices that the ones who have not as yet seen the truth of what is taking place, they will be experiencing their own kind of hell, and in that hell they will see that the fence sitting does not agree with them, nor does it serve them. They will be accompanied by some of those who have chosen the positive a.m. and they will be given the opportunity to choose the light.


The difference will be that those who do assume the positive a.m. will instantly be in that energy, whereas those who are on the fence will be there in that middle ground and will experience what they expect to experience. Those who choose the negative will experience what they expect and create in that energy. Those who choose the positive a.m. will be in their heaven and will be able to recover their dreams and create their reality in a way that supports what they know to be true.


Yes, we have come to that stage of the game, my dear ones. We have arrived at the making of the choice that will create the world as you have chosen to create it. There is no turning back, for once you have found the positive energy, you will recognize it as your truth, and you will go forward from there. As for those who choose the negative a.m. they will be given the opportunity to choose again at any moment; it will be their own choice and not that of someone else who desires for them to join them in their world.


I hear your question, and I answer it thus: What this means to you who have found your choice to be complete is that your world will carry with it what you tune into. What you give energy to, is what you will experience. You are in a place right now where you can make your world every bit as wonderful, or every bit as challenging as you know you can. That is what is taking place here.


Going for the truth and working in a direction that feels powerful and right is what will bring to you that which makes your world one that you like and are grateful for. Being able to keep your center, and not buy into anything that does not support what you intend for your life is the platform from which to make your choices in life.


This is going to prove itself for you and as you step forward in the choices you make, realize that if you make a choice based in the energy of fear then you will reap that result that will be born in fear. So too for the opposite, so Iím sure you see the benefit of basing any action and decisions in the truth of what you know to be supportive for you in this energy of positive particles of light.


No matter what you do, if it is involving the ways of the world, the financial arena, the real estate field, the educational, any other aspects of society, base it all in the power of truth and know that you will reap that which you desire and intend. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the ride, and that is what you will experience all along the way.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate