September 17, 2007                





When one trips along in life and brings a degree of merriment, one is able to see the brighter part of every picture. One is able to bring into his life the distinct revelation that brings the darkness of the picture into the light and render it a blessing. This is what you have the ability to do in these times, and I see many of you addressing the events of the times and seeing how to make them work for you.


There is an example that is being played out in many lives right now. In the world of finance there is a decided elevation of mortgage foreclosures across the country. With these foreclosures comes the ability of the homeowners to search deep within and find some answer to release them of this challenge in their lives.


Rather than find themselves and their families out on the street, they are backing up and saying, “Wait!” I have done my homework and I have determined that you cannot take from me that which I have already paid for in multiples. The original agreement that I entered into with you has been null and void for many years, because of the fact that you have altered it, without notifying me and discussing the possibility of making that alteration.


Therefore, due to the standards by which we entered into this agreement you have irrevocably forfeited the agreement we had. I now own the biggest percentage of my home and I now submit that we continue in the interests of the original agreement, enter into a new agreement, or that you remove yourself and your interests from this and any other agreement. If you do not comply, I will take appropriate action.


This is but an example of what is taking place across the USA. Many people are taking back their rights and doing it in a way that utilizes the Constitution and other laws that originated with the birth of the nation, and the original intent for a peoples, born in freedom and lived in the honesty of representation.


We can return to this way of being and we can uphold and restore the freedoms and currents of the stream of the Republic. We can see to it that our rights as citizens are no longer abused and carried out to the trash every morning and night. We can see that we do our homework and stand up for what we know to be truth in our way of life. We can do it by re-reading our contracts and seeing that our rights are represented in a way that has been compromised and adulterated in the interest of those who would take our rights and trample on them.


We can do this peaceably and with the power of truth. There is no stronger instrument of power than to submit the truth, simply and clearly in an office, or if need be, in a court of law that represents the interests of both parties. When it comes right down to it, we are the ones who have given our freedom over if we do not stand up for what we know to be truth, and we don’t need a law degree to do it.


It is a simple matter of seeing what is before our eyes and reading into the simplicity of the words. Remove all the gibberish that is inserted in order to confuse and decorate what is truly being represented. Then march forward in that simplicity of truth and rise to the top of the matter remaining firm in what you know to be the deciding factor in this cause.


This is what is behind all of life, is it not? This is the premise by which we bring all of the issues to bear. One orange contained in a bag of apples does not make it an apple merely because it is surrounded by apples. So too does one measure of an agreement remain as it is truly represented, despite the other attitudes that are contained in the written words slipped into the contract in order to confuse the issue.


Do your homework. Separate the wheat from the chaff and see what any agreements you have entered into really say. You may be surprised as to what you have agreed to as compared to what others would have you believe you have entered into. Once you have done that, then you’ll know what the next appropriate step is.


Move forward in the truth of what you see to be your strength of the matter, and deter from what is presented not at all, as it is your trump card to the freedom for which you aspire in this physical world. You already have it in your soul; allow that truth of freedom to flow through into your world and ferret out the riff-raff that seeks to deflect from the truth that is represented by the laws of the land.


I present this to those of you who are teetering on the brink of wanting to stand up for what you know to be your truth, but aren’t sure how to go about it. Once you have begun your journey into the world of upturned clauses and inserted innuendo, you will see what is at the beginning of the contract and bears no resemblance or relativity to what is covering the simplicity of the original agreement.


There you will discover your trump card, and from there you can delve further into the strengths of your cause. The truth is that there is no complication that can stand against the simplicity of an agreement. Knowing that from the onset of your deliberation has the power to take you through the proceedings straight through to the justification that serves you your truth and brings you your measure of victory.


This is no small matter that is facing many of you in this country of America. With these words ZI have entered into an agreement with Nancy to present a degree of unity into the messages that she presents to the world. Though the subject matter is centered for the most part on the land she lives in, it also has relativity across the globe.


See the Light contained in this message and know that though it represents a part of the life that is prevalent in duality, it is also instrumental in the process of attaining your light bodies and bringing in the beginnings of the New golden Age.


How is that, you ask? It is because with the onset of the brandishment of the ruling thumb, many have lost their touch with the reality of the freedom they have been taught in school that they live in. Some are still operating in that premise, and have not seen that this is no longer the case as is represented in the physical world.


If you as a peoples are to continue in this world and assist to the elevation of this world into the Light of truth, then doesn’t it make sense that it begin now and here, in this very house, this very village, county, state, country? Where else can the world be righted and the society that represents it be lightened if not at home where the strength is, within the truth of the Spirit that renders all of life the same, equal unto itself, and born in the vision of the unity of all?


See that what you have created in your world is a representation of what you came here to do. See that the decisions that you have come to represent that which you designed, whether it be to bury yourself in a hamburger and fries, or a vegetarian meal, you have made a decision, and it is what serves you at this time. If your world and your choice of food turns around and is the opposite of what it was a year ago, or even a day, or minute ago, it is because it is part of your design.


So too are all of the material decisions in your life. They are designed to bring greater growth to your being, and in so doing you are most benefited by immersing yourself totally and completely with every moment, in the decision of the moment, in whatever action you choose.


And don’t forget to dance! Remember to sing, and play, and enjoy this life. It will make the journey oh so much better. Realize the strength of purpose that is built upon by a half hour, or an hour of moving your body in dance, running, in any exercise. It gets the juices flowing and the endorphins playing, adding to your ability to be the most you can be, in the truth of the Spirit that is ever at your beck and call. Indeed it is a constant.


There is no separation between you and Spirit. Remember that when you are out there in your physical world and you call upon the strength of reserve to get you through. It is there always; tune in and know it to be your win, win power. I see it in you, I honor who you are, and the journey you are on. Blessings come in all kinds of packages. Open them all and rejoice in the gifts they bring.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate