Wakeup Call Message
September 27, 2006




  St. Germain  


There is a time in this life when one must go for the gusto. This is that time. When you feel that the world is closing in on you and you donít know which way to turn, then turn to the joy, for that is what will always provide the exit route from the fear that threatens to overtake you. I Am St. Germain, and I Am here to say that there is much to be joyful for in this world.


When you walk down the street and see the smiling faces that greet you, doesnít that make you forget the ones with a frown? Donít you give the ones with a frown a smile anyway, and feel that perhaps it makes a difference to them somehow? Believe me my dear ones, it does make a difference. We see the ones with a frown respond to your smile, and the softening of the expression and the lift in the step is testimony to that difference.


Often times there is a slack in the chin and a dearly aching heart that greets the passerby, for there is no joy in the heart due to the overload of fear in the choices that are being made in life. This is because of the irrationality of the sources of information that are being broadcast throughout the world. If one were to switch off the sets and put down the papers for a day and walk away from the blare of the television as they walk by a store display, or a public place that turns on the screen to the fearful world, there would be a much happier public going about their business and carrying on the feelings of the day.


When you see someone who is rushing by to catch a train, or to stop a taxi, take a moment and think of them with a feeling of joy. Allow that joy to permeate your every cell and radiate out to not only the person who inspired it, but to the entire world as well. There is great power in the intent of a compassionate, loving being. There is enough power generated in that one moment to power the whole city for the day. Did you know that you have that much power? There is as much power in one thought of love as there is in one dayís worth of fuel oil that is used to power one city block for the day.


How can you harness that power and allow it to work for humanity? That is what many have been asking, and they are coming up with the answers. They are realizing that to tap into the energy grid that is comprised of all there is, is to provide unlimited power for the world forever, and beyond. This is the potential of what is to be seen in the time to come. This is one of the promises that is being brought into existence now, and will come into the public knowing once the barriers to that knowing is removed. That too is being worked on, and when the time comes that the barriers are all a thing of the past, we will see many more smiling faces and lifted steps.


What you can do right now to help bring that about is to bring a joy to your life, and to broadcast it for all you encounter to see. This is one of the easiest things to do, and it has its benefits for you as well. When you smile, you cannot help but feel better, try it! Next time you feel a bit down, or out of sorts, simply smile. Note how you feel better; then smile again. Donít be surprised if after you do that a few times you find yourself finding the joy that lives within always ready to be accessed. Did you know that you always have that joy ready to come forth? That is your natural state of being. If you donít feel joyful it is because you have covered it up with something, and you can remove that cover and allow the joy to flow forth at any time you choose.


There was a time while I was incarnating on earth that I discovered that for the first time, in a deeper feeling than I had ever accessed before. As the revelation overcame me I felt as though I would float away into bliss. I felt the embrace of The Creator so profoundly that I was in that bliss for what turned out to be only one moment, yet seemed an eternity while I was there. It was as if time stood still and ceased to exist. That is because it had; there was no time where I was. I was in the heart of The Creator, and I returned to the present moment of earth a changed person.


This you will one day experience, in your own way, my dear ones. You will come to the realization, and in that moment there will be only you and The Creator. It will change your life, and you will know a part of you that has been awaiting the reunion. In the meantime, the journey to that moment is what makes it so profound; for without the journey there would be no realization of the inner you that, uncovered, shines forth in the completeness of The Creator. When you are ready for that moment, you will experience it; there will be no way that you cannot.


I see you all standing or sitting and doing that which makes your heart sing. I see you ready to take the journey to the center of your being. Your part in bringing this to your reality is through the choices you make. They are what makes your world the unique one that it is, perfect in the creation that you bring for your life. Know that you are powerful, and live your life in that perfection of that knowledge. You know how to do it; allow your inner resources to supply the inspiration, and live the moment as you see fit. That is the key for the success of your intent; it is your plan, and your gift to yourself.


My blessings to you; joy in the journey!


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate