Wakeup Call Message
September 11, 2006



  Hi Everyone,

We are in Michigan and will be here in Glen Arbor till the 20th. We are able to post to the site and the lists when we are in an area that enables us to access our Internet, or have access to a wireless cafe, which is what we are doing here. I will bring you a report on how our Family Gatherings are going when we get to Maine. We are having a wonderful time connecting with soul family.


Nancy and Bob

   St. Germain 


Till today there has been a multitude of soldiers who have been at the front of the throng of warring, and in their positions that have been generated from the war machine of power there has been a going along through the ideas of supremacy through war that is being looked at by those who are being able to step outside of the box and see what is actually taking place.


In these soldiers lives the light of truth, and as they go forward into the day they come to the conclusion that they are leading an insane life and are no longer willing to fight anotherísí battles. They will begin their return to themselves and in so doing will change the course of the present war and render it a different front altogether. I Am St. Germain, and in this report of what is taking place on earth and in the heavens, I bring to you the utmost love and respect, for you all are seeing on this day that things in this world have long been the representation of what and who you are not.


I take for instance the stand that you are making in the realization and coming forth of the truth of this day of anniversary. Five years ago there was a devastation so profound as to awaken many a stalwart person who had been solid in their belief of their government, and brought them to a place of searching, for they did not calmly stand by and accept that which was reported to be the cause of the disaster.


This is bringing an energy of truth to the front and rendering the other story to be of little or no merit. The truth can be revealed from this energy, and indeed it is being brought to the opening place and will be seen in your history to be the turning point for the freedom that all of humanity will be living in the time to come. All you need do is to wake up and see what is before your eyes and you too will be marching to a different chord in the song of life on planet earth.


The soldiers that I spoke of earlier will come home to their various places and in so doing will give their families and friends the first hand report of the truth of what they saw in the Middle East, indeed some are already doing that. As this momentum builds there will be a movement of peace that will overcome the movement of war that has been so prevalent on earth and reduce it to a mere whisper that will then be drowned out by the song of cheer and good will that will be on the tongues of so many. The majority will ease out the whisper and then all will be a glow with the love and light of humanity living their truth.


This is what all of you can aspire to. This is what is to take place on your world and in your homes. It is not to be an instant reformation, but a gradual loosening of the bonds of tyranny. To grab hold of those who are slow to the truth, there would be a resistance that would slow the process even more, and render the trip a tedious and destructive one. We do not intend for destruction to be the way anymore. You have shown us that you realize the way of change is through peace and allowing. The only way for the truth to come is to keep a lid on the times of chaos, and supply the truth through the avenues of love and peace.


This means that you the people are to carry the truth into your neighborhoods, your churches, your schools, your places of fun, your stores, every part of human society and existence. In this way you are living the Word of The Creator and changing the way that life on earth evolves and comes to the living of the promises that we make to each other and ourselves. We are one family, and in our lives we live the strength and the courage of what we stand for and how we bring back our power and our truth to the living of that truth.


Give me a chance to walk with you, and I will hold your hand as you weep away the sorrow that has swept the world in the wake of wars. Give me your hands as we rejoice together and welcome the new way of living in freedom and the free choice of building a world of love and peace, through self-empowerment. Walk with me as you wander the country visiting the people and sharing your truth. Rejoice with me as we, together with all of the family of Light, make the difference that will propel all of life on earth into a singular thread of humanity representing the coming of the New Golden Age in love and light.


I take a moment to share with you the truth about this day that will reign in history as the turning of the destiny of the great country in which the idea of self-empowerment through peace and sovereignty was born. Tell your neighbor that you walk with him/her in the truth and the courage of your convictions. Tell your children that the future world is to be a legacy of love for them, and that they will help to form it; therefore they will find the inspiration to make it the best they can for what they envision. This is a collective path that you all follow and together you will bring this great planet into the light. If the idea of creating this overnight seems much too overwhelming, that is because it is. Rest in your ideas and see that the path back to sovereignty is the journey of a lifetime and that as you live it, you create it. Ease yourself into the journey so that you know it fully as you will come to know yourself fully and in the totality that creates in an instant that part of the journey that appeases and satisfies the desire to live the life in light and love, to its fullest.


I stand here and observe the classes of life as they teach and enrich the people of earth. It is a joyous thing to see the colors of your fields change and brighten as a new idea springs forth and a lightening of the soul takes place. I see it all over the globe, and I Am enraptured by the sight. It is a beautiful thing to feel the love and to see the changes unfold and the auras of the people deepen and lighten in their glow. As this takes place I see battle take place all around, or I see the gentleness of the lamb coming into the presence of the lion. I see the everyday events produce the seemingly small miracle that changes oneís life forever. I see the temptations of the weak fall away and allow the strength to shine forth in a way that transforms and enriches forever the one who a moment ago was ready to leave this planet from the despair of being but a moment away from the place of enlightenment that showed them what the next moment could bring.


This is the age of enlightenment and the letting loose of old ideas. This is the time of long forgotten dreams being changed and molded in a new light and then lived in the fullest, for the ability to manifest is so prevalent that nothing can stop the forward movement into light but the mind of the purveyor itself. And that is but a temporary measure for the ensuring of the success of the pursuit of the dream in the proper energy and environment. It is the time for the masters that you all are to emerge and begin to live the dream in its present state, and allow the changes to fall upon new inspiration in the Light of the present moment.


I stand beside you all and I see the changes that are taking place. I rejoice and commend you all for the progress you are making. This is a far more light world that is here than was merely decades ago, and as I watch the streams of light decorate the landscape I thank the Creator for being in the heart and soul of all of you and giving all of you the strength to step forward in your light in purpose and in love. Take the ball and deliver it into the basket, for you have already won the game. The rest is all the celebration that comes with the knowledge that you have gained the supremacy that is shared by all mankind. Go forth and be counted, for you have surpassed the goalpost, and are on homeplate.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate