Wakeup Call Message
September 15, 2006




Hi Everyone,


We are having a wonderful time visiting with Family and enjoying the marvels of this great land of ours. As we explore more of this country and meet the people who live here, we experience reunions that go directly to the heart and soul of why we are doing this.


We began our gatherings with Deborah in Broomfield and experienced a cozy, intimate gathering with those who came. It was an evening and the next morning of love and reunion with the first of the dear soul family members, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, thank you Deborah for giving us a wonderful beginning of our journey.


We then went on for another cherished reunion to Iowa City and stayed the night with a dear friend from Bisbee who had moved to her new home close to her grandchildren there in Iowa. This wasnít a scheduled gathering stop, but one that was clearly ordained by Spirit, for it was as if only a day had passed since we waved goodbye to Ava two years ago as she pulled away from AZ, headed east.


As we neared Joliet we talked with Janet and discovered that her part of this trip was to be the wayshower for some people who may have been searching for some other answer, though maybe didnít know it on a conscious level. When some are ready to go on to find a deeper truth they may at first be a little slow to allow themselves the journey, and someone is there to give them the first gentle touch of Spirit that can bring about the first step into a realm that beckons. We felt this was Janetís gift in this journey of gatherings, and we thank her deeply for her part in it, and wish her blessings and love.


We then went on to Glen Arbor, MI to rediscover another brother and sister of light, who in turn have introduced us to many more. John and Cherie invited us to be their guests for the ten days we are here; we have found a resonance with them and this area that feels like home. The gathering that we will be doing tomorrow night at their bookstore, Evolve Books and Gifts, will cover matters of the Constitution and other things that NESARA covers, and will explore the world of UFOís. Additionally I will cover the subject of anti-matter, as is covered in my book, The Menorah, and will do a channeling.


Our next stop is to be in Rockford, MI on Thursday, where I will be available for readings during the day, with the gathering in the evening at Lindaís home. Following that we will be a part of the Wellness Festival in Swanton, OH on the weekend of Sept 22-23. There will be many other wonderful speakers and presenters at this event; it promises to be a glorious time for all.


On the following Monday or Tuesday we will then head for Maine, taking the northerly route through upper state NY, VT, and NH into Oquossoc and Rangeley ME, then on into Stratton, my home town. Our close to two weeks there will be exciting and wonderful, for we will be exploring more of the Maine I love in the peak of the fall foliage season, and seeing friends and family before we head out on the return part of the trip and the first stop in Boston on Oct 8. Iíll keep you updated as the time goes on and Internet service permits. In the meantime, we think of you all often and wish you could ride along with us as we share this wonderful beauty of this great country of America.



  Nancy and Bob






Wake up Call: Hatonn Sept 15, 06


Taking into consideration the immensity of the times at hand there is something that it would do well to remember, and it is that we are doing exactly as we have designed. This is the reality of the times and it has always been so. Due to the enormity of how it appears in the mainstream news there is little that is left to the imagination, and little that is being covered in the news that reflects the truth of the circumstances of war and domestic affairs.


I Am Hatonn, and when I speak of domestic affairs I speak of the American shores and the people entrusted with the lives and welfare of the people who regard these ones as their leaders and the ones who are supposed to represent them in the world affairs. This is being clouded over by the news that is being broadcast through the fallacies that are generated through the intent for deceit and secrecy.


That will change, for it is bound to in the frequency that is being sent to earth by The Creator. This is an inevitable occurrence, and as soon as the resonance of truth is captured and put into being by the ones who see the truth as it is being broadcast to them by the frequency of truth, there will be a flooding of the airwaves that cannot be put down. This is the nature of the truth of this reality once it is infiltrated through all aspects of humanity there is no quelling its revelations, for it is what makes up all of matter and all of the continuance of the life that comes from the matter world.


Let us explore this life of matter for a moment. In this world, there is a frequency and too there are magnetics. The combination keeps the world spinning and operating as you know it. The gravitational pull resulting from this combination gives humans and all life on earth the ability to go forward in this reality and to create it as they go along, in the amnesia that is their reality.


As the amnesia begins to recede and reveal another reality for many, there is a separation of the truth and the fiction for many, and a coming together of the two realities for others. This causes a disturbance in the field of life, and what was once matter is now becoming anti-matter. This is all according to the choices that people make in their lives, and as they make these choices it changes their own reality and the substance and makeup of their atoms.


Due to the nature of man there is a common denominator with the choices of Spirit. This represents that the spirit of each person coincides with The Creator in a more relevant and aware manner, due to the language of the energy vibration. This in turn brings about a changing of the atoms to anti-matter atoms, that is, the atoms become ionized and then the choices they make determine whether their atoms will continue on in a positive expression, or a negative one. This will determine how their world looks from that point of decision.


What will happen from this juncture is that the atoms will become what the choices represent. They will choose to become purely positive in the proton, electron and neutron, or they will become negative within those components that make up the atoms. This is according to the nature of the Creation energy, and is according to the laws of creation. It determines what reality one lives in and can bring about the splitting of the worlds of expression and can be experienced as a shift.


This is not to explain to you how one can deter from a world he does not like, but to actually change that world while remaining in it. The world actually changes at the same time that the person changes on the atomic level. It may not seem that there is a change in his world. It is not as if suddenly the world looks different and foreign. It is that the changes are within the person and that is reflected out into the world and the person sees a different world through the perception of being comprised of anti-matter atoms. The ideas and feelings that are generated from this person are different in that they are more easily assimilated in the annals of time as instant manifestation because of the creation ability that matches the purity of The Creator. The person knows fully who he is and how he came to this point in his expression. The world now represents the truth and all that that truth brings to the present reality.


When this takes place and the people who choose the anti-matter positive life they will be in a perfect state of being and will know that their world is of their making completely. The ones who choose the anti-matter Ė negative state will still experience their world as it looks at the point that the atoms in their existence ionized. They will not have chosen at that point to live the positive reality, and they will still be living their life, as they have known it.


There will come a time when all will combine and be as one in reality. These differing timelines and dimensional realities will be as one and will continue into the new paradigm that expresses as one in a way that has not been conceived of as yet, except in the eyes of The Creator. This reality energetically has been created in energetic potential in order for all who choose to live that reality and to combine all that they have accumulated to that point into the oneness that is talked of and thought of now. As that takes place then you will all live that reality and it will be All That Is in completion.


For now, we shall take a look at how the world looks in each personís eyes, and in their perceptions. Does it look in your world like there is too much warring taking place? Does it look and feel like we will never get it done and be completely at peace? Or does it look in your world like there is much love in the world, and that we are living the promise of The Creator in the best possible world? Which reality, which world would you rather see and live? That is the world that will be your reality through your perceptions of how you see the world right now and from this point.


It is through the feelings and through the knowledge that all is in perfection. It is the coming together of the atoms into the perfection that represents the positive or negative anti-matter from the ionization stage of the atomic structure of the life on earth. This is the choice you make from this point into eternity, for now is the time of no time and as you express in this time of no time, you create the reality of your world, and you choose the rate at which you achieve the fulfillment of the nature of your world.


As you go into your days and create your world in the image of The Creator, you will see what your idea of The Creator is. You will see how you are creating your world in the image of your deity. This is the wonder of creation, for it represents exactly what you perceive, no doubts, no fallacies in your world, only a representation of what you choose to be your reality.


Does this sound too simple to be true? Do you think that there has to be something missing from this equation? Ask yourself what that could be and then weigh it against what your feelings tell you about that perception. Does it make you feel good, or weighed down by that idea? Remember that anything that is generated in a positive state is light and free feeling, and brings only love and a sense of wholeness and unity with all there is.


As I leave this transmission and return the floor to Nancy, I do so with a statement of truth. When each of you steps into the next movement of your life, it will be with an authority that represents the truth within you more clearly and succinctly than it has been since you first stepped foot on the soils of earth. You have reached a point in your expression on earth where you have brought yourself to the point of choosing the world in which you will reside in a way that represents your degree of evolution and the choice you make for continuing this reality, and for going on into the infinity of humankind as the representation of the Light as never before. It is not a difficult choice; it is one that you will make very easily, for it will be the representation of your world, as you know it to be.


One more thing to remember is that there will be only the amount of time that you desire to be in the evolution of your desires and intent to live fully as you choose, with no judgment from The Creator, and only with the blessings of The Creator. You cannot be wrong, for it is your choice and you choose within the spectrum of the ionization that holds the truth for you to see. Wear it well and be at peace with the garment that you choose, for it is Holy and created according to your specifications.


I love and bless each and every one of you.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate