Wakeup Call Message
September 01, 2006


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Continue on in the way in which you are manifesting your destiny, for it is upon you. The results of your workings are in your hands and are part of your life. They are manifesting the dreams of your soul and the desires of your heart. When did you ever see the results of a dream and not feel grateful for the coming? I would say that always you have shown and felt your gratitude, for the proof is in the package.


I Am Avenda once more and at the opening of this new month we see scattered dreams dancing on the periphery of your new horizon. We see hopefulness secured in ribbons and already gifting all of you with the results of the intentions that you have put forward for peace on earth, freedom of activity, and a life more abundant than the moment before.


This is what the new earth promises for all of you. This is what is in the cards and spoken in the stars as they twinkle back to you at night. This is what takes you to a place of wonder as you think of all that is to come, and in that wonder comes forth a clarity that no longer shall the mysteries of life remain just out of reach. They now come into solidity in your hands.


Look at the bird as he swoops out of sight in pursuit of something that has enticed him to the far horizon. Just as he is free to fly where he dreams, so are you. You are all able to pursue that which may be out of sight at the moment, however it is not out of reach, for it already has come to you because of your desire for it. What ever it is, it is not in the realm of mystery any longer. It is in your realm of manifestation, so know that it is there and that it is yours.


Nancy saw a hawk fly into her vision this morning and alight on a satellite dish within her view from her computer. She knew that it was a sign for her to tune into and so she looked in her book on animal signs, She had just been reading of a family who had lost everything in a flooding of the waters into their home in the southern part of the state of NM, where she lives in her RV. She knew that the two occurrences combined to teach her something. The hawk symbolizes the ability to be aware of signs of life. She knew that this was a sign for her to be aware of what was in the higher realms for her.


What she has not seen as yet is the other more subtle message that the hawk was bringing to her, and it is that there is never any need to feel sorry for anyone for any seeming misfortune, for with that feeling sorry one negates the gift that is given in diversity. One sees only the misfortune that seems to be the reality of the situation. A closer look will show that the flowing in of community and the love and compassion, coupled with the generosity of this loving family, brings the best gift one can have. The family of love brings the ability to go forth in gratitude and manifest something that is more in keeping with the place in which the flooded family lives and desires at the time.


When one feels gratitude and brings that gratitude into the present moment and the circumstances of that moment, there is a match made in the physical and in the etheric. There is already the manifestation of the deepest desire of that family, who has been gifted with this change in their circumstances. On some level they have called forth this occurrence for the purpose of bringing a change into their lives from which they can go forth and live the changes that they have been calling forth. Even if they have not seen that this would come in this way, they nevertheless have called, and Spirit knows the way that will most benefit them in their change. Family has come to aid family, and you cannot beat that!


Now is their chance to know that the universe is abundantly wealthy, and this is represented in what we can see is taking place within the hearts and souls of each person who is rushing to the aid of this dear family. Everyone is blessed with this revelation of love and generosity. It is all delivered in joy and peace, for with this gifting comes the reversal of the sorrow that may have overwhelmed and carried this dear family to a place in which they would not have manifested the change as readily as they are now.


This is how it works in life, my dear ones. This is how change can come about in a way that speaks of the joy and happiness, that in an otherwise different way could have been disaster, and gone on from there in that energy. Now the tables are turned, the old is washed away with the flood of change, and the life that is ahead far surpasses any that could have been dreamed before, for the coming of the times will show the promise unfolding that the soul knew was behind the thoughts and dreams of the dear family who called for this flooding away of the old, to make way for the new.


Why didnít any of the others along the river in that place experience the same or worse? The answer is in all of your hearts and your thoughts and you are living the answer to that question with every passing day. We all have our inner dreams and our outer thoughts of those dreams. We know what must be done in some cases to bring about the change needed to make those dreams come true.


I go now and leave Nancy to her day, and I Am with her as she applies this knowledge of the Hawk and the floods, and the nuances of life to her waking. From this day she will go forth and create the changes in her life that are on her horizon. From this day she will ride the waves of change that take her into the dreams and fulfillments of those dreams as she goes out into her Family gatherings with her dear Bob and sweet Toshiro at her side. There is no better way to live your life than to live it. It is that simple!


We love you all and we will be with you in these messages from time to time as we traverse around the country visiting with all of our family, genetic and soul, and make our visits where we see the candle burning brightly in the windows of opportunity. We will see you on the golden bridge dear ones, and we will fly into the skies of love free and ready for the sunshine.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate


PS Happy Birthday to my daughter Julie in Maine. See you soon!