Wakeup Call Message
September  01, 2005





Wake up my little ones and see the sunshine. Wake up my wee ones and hear the bells a ringin’. Wake up my young adults and catch the morning train. Wake up my dear adults and find the plane to freedom.


Good morning, I AM Sananda, and these are the words that welcome all of the children home. All of the ones who chose to return to the place from which they sprung, all of the children of God who gave of their lives, so that others may live in freedom; they have come home to the love that welcomes them and gives them homage from the cold waters of the onrush of truth back there on earth.


Yes, my dear ones, I speak of those who gave their lives to the rushing waters and fierce winds of Katrina. I speak of all of those who came to the breast of the Creator. They are now safely in the arms of God, and as they settle into the loving comfort of home, they begin to see the truth of what they have done.


They remember a promise they made to themselves and to all who live on earth. They remember the times when they looked ahead in life and found the path that would serve them in this lifetime. They rest in that truth and know that they are living the truth of Divinity.


Some come to me and see me as Jesus; that is the truth to them, for they recognize the energy of Jesus in me. They know not about Sananda; they will learn and then when they return to earth, they will do so speaking my name and recalling the love that they learned.


Some recognize me as Sananda; they knew me then, and they know me now. They see the touches of familiarity and yet they know there is more. This they will explore and when they come back to earth they will speak of it. They’ll tell others, and they will tell more than that. They will tell of what they remembered while here in the arms of God.


As we see all that is left behind, and all of the lost souls who look and search in vain for their loved ones, we send our love to their hearts. We tell them we are fine and we immerse their hearts with our soothing words of comfort. We see them and feel them ease into that comfort, and then go on to do what must be done.


As I walk among the pillage and caress the tired brow, I do so with a song in my heart, for to cry and bemoan their fate would be to give credence to the illusion that all is lost. All is not lost, and the fact of the living and the fact of the souls in heaven is proof that all is found and the richness is beyond compare.


If you could but see the faces of the dear departed, and see the looks of rapture on their countenance, you would give thanks for their release into heaven. You find that the loss for you is so great, and yet there is a part of you that is rejoicing along with the ones I hold in my embrace.


With all that is taking place on earth and in that area of the world, there is much suffering. This is as it was to be, my dear ones. This is the cry for the release of the darkness. Gaia heard your call, for it was hers. She released the energy of sorrow and expelled it from her bosom. She gave way with the fury of rejection and expelled the pent up frustrations of rebellion that had amassed within her inner body.


This is the final expulsion in that area, for she rests now in her freedom. As she rests she sings forth her song of love to you and she already is streaming forth her loving, healing energy to every heart and soul in that area of devastation.


Do you feel it even now? As you wade through the waters, and steam in the searing heat, do you feel the coolness of her breath, free of all the toxic remnants of the desolation? Do you hear the gentle tones of her love caressing you and telling you that the worst is over?


She is bathing you in her gratitude and expressing her undying love for all that you are going through. She comforts and caresses you and she sees that the very soil where you now wade will someday be bathed in love and covered with fresh new greenery and flowers of every kind. It will be nourished by you and will hold the promise of eternal love and peace forevermore.


This cleansing had to happen, my dear ones, in order to fulfill that vision. This is the expunging that had to wrest from the bowels of time and free the land to be heaven on earth. You will all be a part of that restoration, and so will some of those who soared into heaven from the very waters that took their breath away.


For now, we look upon the ideas of some who live in the shadows, and took this opportunity and turned it to their own interests. However, this did not change in any way what has come about. It did not accomplish what they set out to do; this was Divine providence, for our family looks out for each other. We saw the results of what would be much more than was intended, and we stepped in and rendered it less than it would have been. We were able to do that, for it was within the realm of free will that we averted a worse disaster than what was decreed by Heaven.


With this shortcoming according to those who tried their hand at diversion, there is a build up of karma in their field. As they continue with their exploits they amass karma that builds and expresses the very essence of that which they do not recognize.


This we do not desire for them. This is what they choose and there is nothing more to add to that except to say that they will someday come to the realization that all is coming round and all is according to Divine plan.

We hold those ones in the light of The Creator. We see that they are a spark of light and that one day they will return to that spark. We see that as they do, they will open their eyes and they will weep, for they will see all that they have accumulated while on earth.


Then they will know what is to come, and we will come to their side and we will hold them as they go forward into the next journey. You will all stand by and see them in the light that bore them, and all will be as perfection in the eyes of the whole, as it is now. The difference will be that all will know, as the whole in present consciousness.


My love is with you all, and as the last bell tolls for those who have returned home, we welcome all who turn our way. We welcome all who turn away, for they too are in their truth. All are welcome, and all is One.


Blessings to you all.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate