Wakeup Call Message
September  30, 2005



  St. Germain 


Good day my friends and family. I AM St Germain and I come this morning with a message of love for all of you. This is a time when all of you are seeing the door begin to open and many of the things that lay hidden are appearing even as I speak.


With this coming of the truth to the eyes of the world we are about to embark on a journey that will stir manís souls and cause many a heart to lighten. It will also bring much confusion to many minds.


Some of them will have these questions. Will this mean the end to the democratic process in the USA? Will we be left floundering without a government and be made to have to fend for ourselves? This is a terrible thing to have to face after a lifetime of being lead by the leaders that we chose to sit in our nations capitol and earn our trust.


The big question here is have your leaders earned your trust? Have they had your interest at heart? These are the questions that would best be asked of oneself as you go into fear over this. This is what all of you lightworkers will be faced with as you encounter any citizen on the street who does not have firsthand knowledge of what has been taking place that lead up to the events that are beginning to come forth.


Yes, you who are reading this and many more have been following the proceedings surrounding what is taking place at this time. You know that there has been a steady stream of events that all tie into what is unfolding now. You know that the law NESARA has been fought all the way by the very people within whom the nationís trust has been placed. You know that at every turn there has been an event that not only stopped the announcement of NESARA but also took many lives. These events also compromised many values and trusts of people and property as well as ideals in the USA and around the world.


What I see that is in line for all of you who are reading these words and for all who know this dearly in their hearts, is the finest work for bringing the truth of this has just begun. First it is imperative that the truth be brought out fully, and that is to give credence not only to what has been hidden for so long, but to what you lightworkers have been telling anyone who might listen, and been declared looney, or worse.


People have been afraid of the truth, for it would mean that in their eyes, in some cases their whole belief system is based on lies. For others it would mean that their political stance has been a mockery. For still others it would mean that their life means nothing for they have based their life expression on the political structure of the country they live in.


How are you to approach this when someone comes to you and asks for clarity? I know that you will find the words to help them. I know that from your inner knowing and strengths you will find the truth to offer in the way that they will respond to. I know for I have seen it already as I peer into the near future. I see how beautifully you all come to the assistance of your fellow man in the next few months and help them through this transition time.


This is what many of you have chosen for the basis of your work at this time. You are being readied for this work and as some of you face the challenges of your life at this time know that it is a clearing away of the old karma and a readying for the next few months when you will be called upon to press forth with a clarity that translates to a purity that brings forth exactly what your fellow man requires for peace of mind.


Realize too, that if they walk away with a frown it is not your responsibility to change that frown to a smile. If they did not have the ability to find the answer with your words, then it is because they have someone else to talk with, or have a time in which they will go within and find the gentle, yet frank truth that is awaiting their bidding.


As you go about your travels or intercedents with this work, realize that there is much more that you can do. One of those things, and a very important part of this work, is to honor your own journey. Take the time to nurture yourself and find the opportunity to play with this. Keeping an air of lightness in all this is of the utmost for with this work can come some pitfalls that you could fall into if you find yourself stumbling. I know that you will keep a light heart through this and as you do you will find the road to be paved with light and easy to follow.


Allow me to take a moment here and address NESARA in a new light. With the coming of this law that is meant to reform and free up the bonds of the government and so many other aspects of society in the USA and around the world, we are finding that there have had to be some changes that not only reflect the changing times but the reunions of many of our people. We are seeing that as the world events have shaped the experiences of today, so too have they affected NESARA.


This has been a delightful change that has come about, for now it will affect the whole world along with the USA simultaneously. This is in keeping with the way of the universe, is it not? All is one and all expression is happening at the same time. In this way, NESARA has evolved right along with us.


As the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place and the picture is becoming clearer we are seeing the changes that are ideal for the coming forth of NESARA. We are seeing that many people are bringing the very essence of NESARA into being through their work. They are carrying forth with many of the aspects of NESARA, and are rendering it already in the works.


This does not mean that there wonít be a grand announcement. This means that when the smoke has cleared and the truth is out, then the people will be shown how NESARA is already in effect, and then they will know the rest of the story.


You are a grand lot of people! You are carrying forth through thick and thin, and as the days go by and the challenges have risen up to meet you, you have surmounted them with a vim and vigor that is outstanding. To see you all in such peril at times, and yet in such strength through those times has brought us to our knees often to kiss your feet. We are humbled by your greatness and we see that the rewards for all you are doing are on the table in front of you. All you need do is allow the courses of the feast to be presented to you as you find your own particular seat at the table.


We go into this day with supreme knowing that all is well and it is because of your unfailing devotion to the truth that will set you free. You are to be congratulated for your fine work. We salute you and declare you blessed.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate