Wakeup Call Message
September  21, 2005



 St. Germain 


My dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I come to you this morning to let you know that the hierarchy of the Galactic Federation is taking control of a portion of the universe that is dedicated to and created by the ones who are in charge of the cleanup process that will begin as soon as conditions of earth warrant.


With this cleanup there will be emissaries that will be bringing the technology necessary to teach as it is being implemented. There will be further accounts of that process as the time draws closer. Till then I will fill you in on a small amount of information as to where this area in the cosmos is.


As you venture out through your solar system and reach the outer periphery, you come to a small, unknown vessel of light. This vessel is manmade and contains all the equipment and energetic environs of what will be utilized for the clean up. When I speak of equipment, I use the term loosely, for it is not equipment as you are accustomed to. This equipment is created from living energy, set in intent to function in a physical world while at the same time to remain as an energy.


With this energy intent there will be sweeping changes that will occur from the outermost reaches of the solar system to the innermost core. This means that all of the system will undergo the cleansing and rebuilding as earth does. This has to be done in this way in order for the cleaning to be total and complete within the energetic workings of the system as it relates to the rest of the galaxy and the universe.


As this cleanup commences there will be sweeping changes that will employ the energy of many of the people who live on earth. These people are now being trained in their sleep-time to take the technologies and work with them. This is to be a united deed and with that energy being utilized there will be a strengthening of unitedness that will infiltrate all that is within and on the surface of earth.


This cleanup will be done with the help of all who live on earth. It is a major part of the ascension process, for with this unitedness in purpose comes a new feeling of oneness and co-operation in the face of building a new way of living in peace and joy in the homeland that has rendered so many of the fears and tribulations to be gone and not of this world any longer.


Part of the reward of being able to raise your consciousness to the point of totality in Light is to be able to go on in creation and take the homeland that you so valiantly strove for and render it a beautiful Garden for all to revel in. Think of the wonder of it all. Think of being a part of creating a new Garden of Eden and being able to live and be one with all that it means.


You are on the brink of a whole new world. There are to come a few more challenges, and with these events there is to be a further cleansing that must occur before these other cleansings I speak of can be utilized for the final push to glory. With these earth changes that are to come will be an emptying of the remainder of the earth karma, and its affects on the ones who built that karma.


This is to happen in the next period of time, and that period is flux and depends on the severity and completeness of the mission. I suggest that for you to be able to be a part of this task, it would behoove you to keep your center anytime an event comes forward that can throw you off center. This will assist Gaia to do what she has planned for the cleansing and restoration of her beautiful aura. With this cleansing she will provide a beautiful bed from which all the seeds of newness will burst forth and produce a new garden that will bear fruit plentifully and in grand spirit.


Be ready, my dears to produce the elements of love that will enable you to get through the times that are to come. With these changes that will result there will arise a phoenix that will unfurl its feathers and cast its effect over all the land. The great cry that will emanate from this phoenix will be heard throughout the land. It will pay homage to all of the souls who chose to give their lives for the land they love, so that those who remain may be able to welcome them back to a fresh new world alive with new growth and enlivened with love and harmony so profound as to sing throughout all of existence.


Go now my dear ones into this day and know that all is well. Know that the events of the times are in purpose and that with your assistance and your motivations the new world will come into being and all will know they had a part in its reformation. This is indeed a time of great change and with that change you will see the ways in which you will be able to add to the efforts and the events that will take it all to Heaven on Earth.


Take a moment and send a prayer and a song of gratitude with me out to the cosmos, for The Great Creator is in receivership and that prayer is sent back tenfold and twenty-two. I love all of you, and my heart is with you in these changing times.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate