Wakeup Call Message
September  15, 2005



  St. Germain 


My dear ones where were you when the lights went out? Where were you when the stairs rattled, and the trees quivered? What were you doing when the roof fell in and the tornado struck the barn? Were you in limbo, or were you in full remembrance of the calamity that befell your family?


I ask these questions for they all relate to what has been taking place on the other side of the mountains and the other bend in the river. They pertain to the way that you observe the everyday occurrences and the things that take place in the chores that you perform. I am St Germain, and I come this morning to point out that sometimes you live in a world of make believe and with your eyes wide open you do not even see the resemblance to what you desire as you bring it into your life.


With these words I bring to you an idea. I suggest that you bring into your understanding of each moment a dedication to the remembrance of that moment. Be in readiness to be what the moment brings you each time that you take a step, each time that you take a breath, each time that you put something into motion with your next move.


When you do that you create a life that is full of purpose. You create a life that tells you where you are going in the next moment. That is all you need my dears is the knowledge of the next moment. With that knowledge it is a matter of living it, rather than analyzing it. It is a matter of being the moment as it unfolds in your consciousness. It is a matter of living your life in the intent that you bring into it.


Shall we address the opening questions I brought to this message? With these questions is a barometer of sorts for how you live your life in each moment. The questions give you clues as to whether you fully lived those moments or whether you threw them away with a toss of your hair and a fling of your sleeve. They determine how you will live your next moment in the same, or similar circumstances.


Take for instance the following equation: 1+1=2=3=4 and on and on and on. Do you see the sequential aspect of this? With the momentum established with the first part of the equation you have established that the 1ís go in a series of multiplications and on we goÖ.until we interrupt that sequence. Then we change the flow.


When you are aware of what you did in any moment, how you responded to any stimuli, then you have given yourself the potential for mastery of your life. When you are aware and in full recognition of the fullness of that action, then you also have the recognition of the result. With that knowledge then you can master the next moment and in that master your life.


Take a few moments and apply this to the events of the day. How do you create your day? Do you keep adding the 1s, or do you interrupt the sequence and add a different number, one that gives you a new potential? You can create a whole new flow to your life, and that flow can represent the flow of the new moment of expression that gives you the stimuli to keep the newness in potential. In that way staleness doesnít set in, and life becomes a joy, rather than something to be endured.


No matter the situation, you can bring a greater joy to it by using this formula. You can bring peace and enthusiasm into any circumstance, even into the events that cause us to wonder at the mercy of the Divine. Why would God allow the things such as Katrina to happen? Why would the thousands of lives be lost for the purpose of bringing some kind of justice to the world? Why must we pay these prices for all that we deserve? I thought that we automatically get what we deserve, just from the fact of being children of God?


These questions and more are thought and uttered every moment. They convey an unwillingness to listen to the moment, and receive the answer. They are evidence that we got caught up in the sequence of the sameness and didnít allow ourselves to see a new equation. We take the road of familiarity and keep the potential going on the same track.


Now we can leave that track and begin each moment with a new number. We can create anew the moment that follows the moment that is upon us now. We can bring our own answers and our own willingness to create anew and not remain in the mode that spells victim. We can rise above the fray and allow the sun to shine fully on us, and to melt away the rigidity of the icy sameness that has settled about our lives.


Go forth and see what a difference it makes to take the new moment and sing it. See how much more joyous each day is when the moments are spent in the newness of rebirth. Allow the new expression to create the fresh new approach to life, and see how well your life will blend with anotherís. See how well you go through this life, when your every moment is lived in purpose. And you donít even have to take the time to do it, just allow it to be as it will be, without figuring out how to make it be that way. Intent. Set the intent, and then sit back and watch what comes when your Godself is in charge.


We love you so much and we cherish these moments with you. Go now and create the luxury of being You completely in every moment of every day. We see you as Divinity in action, and it is grand.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate