Wakeup Call Message
September  12, 2005



  St. Germain 


This is a brand new day, and with this brand new day comes a bright and shiny way to look at the world. With this new day comes the realization that all is not lost and that there is always a rainbow with every shower that rains in the Light.


Good morning, I AM St Germain, and I come today with a bit of news and a lot of love. I come with a cheery hello and a hasty ‘come with me’ invitation, for it is a time for wiping away the tears of sadness for all who were lost in the aftermath of Katrina, and for welcoming the bright promise of truth. We all know that this devastation took many lives, and much property was lost.


We all know of the controversy that is springing forth from the graves of all that Katrina swept away, and from all that came in her aftermath. We know that this is going to provide the basis for much that is to come in the halls of justice and in the hearts and lives of all of the world.


What we are to concentrate on today is the bright promise that this event is bringing us. What we can focus our attention on is how much joy and clarity is to come from this event. We see that there is an ever growing amount of truth that is coming forth, for all of the reports are carrying information that in another event came in dribs and drabs, and has formed a basis for further study.


Not so with Katrina. She laid her cards out on the table in good fashion. She played her hand in a way that has forced some truths out into the open and into the public eye. She has seen to it that there be no way certain things can lay hidden, to be passed over and forgotten. She is forcing the issues of truth to the open, for she is determined that she give homage to Gaia’s intent for this storm.


 Gaia knew what would come of this storm. Though her intent was one thing, what came about was foreseen and found to be momentous in it’s scope. Steps were taken to assure that it not be the calamity that was postulated by some.


You see, my friends, there is nothing that is separate from another. We have told you that repeatedly and you have agreed. There is only one mind, and in that we all communicate on several levels. The ultimate level of oneness in communication is open in every living being’s psyche. That is where we all have access to the truth.


With this truth whispering to us every second, we are choosing to respond or to allow that message to sit and be still to our consciousness. When we allow it to come fully to our consciousness we then acknowledge it and act upon what it tells us.


Is your voice of truth telling you that there is more to this event than meets the eye? Are you seeing that there is much that the floodwaters cover and that as they recede the truth is coming forth? This is what I refer to by being in joy this morning and seeing the truth as it appears before our eyes.


We are in this together; all of us know what is to come. We know that when the smoke clears and the waters wash on out to the sea there will be pieces of the event that will remain for all to see. There will be truth that will lay itself open for all to recognize, and with that there will come changes abrupt and incontrovertible.


With this truth will come in the backwash much that has been been awaiting its voice for some time now. This voice is going to speak and speak loudly of other events that were brought about in an energy that was slower to speak, yet established a momentum that was destined to come round and show itself upon the wake of the new wave of terror that spoke itself to the land.


Here we are now, in the throes of one of the worst storms in recent earth history. We are putting the pieces back together and rendering them clean and new. We are seeing the transitions that are being made, and though it may appear in some circles that the changes are cloudy and anything but bright, they are actually part of the transition phase and shall come out in the new beginning to be the foundation upon which the truth is founded and implemented.


So pay attention to what is about to come forth, and be ready to ride the waves of truth, for some time it may be a challenge to many. Be ready to stand by your neighbor and ease his worry over what he hears, for that will occur. Take the time each of you who knows the truth and knows of the power of Light, and lend your calm and knowledge of what is to come about to ease the minds of those who now sleep.


I take my leave and I walk with all of you in my love and my knowledge that all that we experience now is the calm before the storm. Realize that this is the aftermath of the fury of what came before, and what is to come is the result of Gaia’s descent into hell to purge the garbage from her bowels. She will be all clean and brand new like this day at the point when all of humanity knows that this is the end of the play and the beginning of life anew in peace, love and joy.


I love you all, and I rejoice with you for this is a brand new day and it is glorious!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate