Wakeup Call Message
September  29, 2005





This is a day of joy for so many, and for many others this is a day of sorrow springing unexpectedly from a deep recess of their soul. Where did this sorrow come from, and why has it surfaced now when all looks as if the momentum is taking us all to the revelation of truth that is going to set us all free?


I am sitting here this morning after reading of Mr. As beautiful and profound healing experience. I feel the pain that he shed, I feel the sorrow of so many voices calling from the past and asking for forgiveness. How can I quiet those voices when I know some of them are mine? How can I heal the pain, and allow the warmth of the heat of love flow in to replace the sorrow that beseeches me now?


I have run from so much in this lifetime. I feel this lifetime is the culmination of all that has come before and the opportunity to see all that was in a different light. The vision is so great as to wallow in its completeness and to know that without all of that memory I am nothing in this world if not a part of it. I too have responsibility for what has come to pass, and in that responsibility I remain steadfast in the knowledge that I must regain my peace of mind and know that it is all in purpose, and allow that knowledge to steer me to the truth that propels me through it.


As I do this, I know that I take many people with me. If my experiences with Enki are not as I have seen them, then what are they? Are they too much to bear as were Mr. As, or are they not enough? I find that this sojourn through sorrow on this day is tempered with the joy I felt with the news of the Delay issue. I find that this representation of my wishes for unity are clouded with a sorrow so profound as to take me into a place from which I know I have come before. I see that there is nothing I can do now except to sit here and allow what comes to be my saving grace.


I know that as I sit in this sorrow I also look out into a world that is full of what I feel and also it is full of what Mr. A feels now. His healing has lifted many a dream into reality and has come to a place in the scheme of things that represents truth and justice. It is a blending of all the lives that have been affected by Enki and all that he did.


I also know that when the curtain is fully parted then we will all know that there was a purpose that we all agreed to. As this unfolds in our ascended consciousness we will embrace Enki and all others who played his role in so many pairs of shoes and indeed did it splendidly.


This is the cross we bear and this is the cross that we let go of as we realize all the old emotions that are screaming to be heard. We find that in the hearing we are allowed to let them go, for they make sense of some of todays scenes. We find that in the feeling we are allowing ourselves to cleanse that which has been leading us around in circles and giving us cause to search for more than what we have right now.


It is a bitter pill that some of us swallow, and as we do we find that the bitterness turns to sweet, and all is transformed in a second of truth. We know that as we do this we tell all of mankind that they too can do this and then they too will feel the fullness of the love that is who they are.


This message is not what I thought it would be, by any means. However I feel a new warmth rising in my heart, quite different from a few minutes ago when I sat to receive info from my wonderful friend Hatonn. I know that he is here, and he encouraged me to allow this to come. He held my hand as I allowed this to pour forth, for the time was right for the healing.


This is the way it happens my dear friends, for it takes us all to be in the same energy to be able to realize the oneness that we are. We prove that oneness in so many ways, and with this message from Mr. A and his sharing it with all of us. As I read it I knew that it was meant for me to step into and immerse myself in the healing energies.


Thank you so very much Mr. A for being who you are and for sharing yourself with us. You indeed are a glowing pink angel and that glow reaches out and encompasses all of mankind, for it is our color too.


Thank you for listening to my outpourings, and thank you dear Hatonn for being with me as I did so.



   Nancy Tate