Wakeup Call Message
September  28, 2005





My dear ones this is just a short note about something I would like to share with you, and then there will be something additional pertinent to the events of the day. I AM Hatonn and I greet you on this day with a loving story about a pet that was saved from the waters of Katrina and has found his way home to his loving and very grateful family. It is a story of a magnificent attitude of love and of courage above the norm.


This pet, a dog of the breed Irish Setter, was found swimming in a large area with debris all around him. He had almost no stamina left and was about to succumb to the swirling waters when a boy about six years old on his way out of the city with his parents saw the dog.


He shouted to his parents to stop and go with him to help. The parents tried to keep the boy with them as they ran from the scene, afraid for their lives as the water was rising terribly fast. They tried to catch the boy as he scrambled into the water toward the dog.


The waters pulled the boy under and the dog was swept into the current and we thought that they both were in mortal danger. We were about to jump to their rescue, and stopped for we knew instinctively that all was well. As we watched, the boy surfaced at the same time that the dog did. They were right beside one another, and the dog had the boy on his back and was swimming with all his strength toward the parents.


The boy was hanging on for dear life, and he was whispering in the dog’s ears. We focused our attention on the words and here’s what we heard. “Don’t worry doggie for I know you are my guardian angel. I am yours too, and together we will keep each other safe. We will ride to shore on each other’s love and we will never forget each other as long as we both shall live. I know that you love me and I surely love you. We will see each other again when it is time for us to be together again. Till then, you have to go back to the family that you are guarding, and I have to go back to the family I am watching over.”


With those last words the boy whispered into the dogs ears, the parents reached out and brought the two safely into their arms. They blessed the dog with their love and gratitude for they saw that the dog saved their boy’s life, when he had no strength left to save his own.


They took the dog to the nearest shelter when they found one that would help. They told them where he had been and the boy said that this dog must find his way back to the family that had lost him. He said that he would not be satisfied till he knew that the dog was safe with his family.


After an hour of waiting there, a family of two boys, a girl and their mother hurried into the shelter and asked if there was an Irish Setter male dog here. They had looked in every shelter and suddenly they heard a voice tell them to come here and they would find Oscar. Sure enough, the dog, Oscar heard their voices and he came running from the keeper’s hands. The family was reunited and all was well with their world.


This is one example of the miracles that have been occurring and still are after Katrina swept down on the Gulf coast. Heaven has been busy and in co-operation with all of you earth angels miracles are abounding. It is from this beautiful energy that the events that are about to break loose have sprung, and that will begin the ball of change rolling down the hill.


One of those changes has to do with the secret service that is surrounding the president and his cabinet. This organization is about to be revealed for the part it has played in many of the events that have taken place over the recent years. This organization has been playing a double role and when the news is revealed you will all know the answer to some of the mysteries that have surrounded the presidency for many years.


This is about the coercion of certain principles and the effect that it has had on the public. There is no longer a need for the secret service as the public knows it for they are no longer so much in a position of protecting the presidential parties, but of protecting the parties from certain officials that would see the regime taken down in an atmosphere of hidden agenda. There has been so much infighting within the presidential parties that the secret service is in position to keep the very ones they protect from each other.


This is what happens when a house is divided against itself. It begins to crumble, and soon there is nothing standing. This is what is happening, and it is taking its toll. There is not one of the members of the presidential cabinet who trusts another. This is what has come of the governmental unity in the USA and around the world.


That is one of the reasons that there is an opening of the changes that you are about to see very soon. I know you are all ‘up to here’ with the word soon. I suggest that you take that word and render it in the moment. This will allow you to detach from what the moment brings and to be in full acceptance of what is with you right this moment. Find the balance that is represented in this message and allow the beauty that is all around you to temper and bring into harmony that which you know is to be revealed.


I leave you now and I see a bright new sun a risin’ on the horizon for all of you. Greet it with the vim and vigor of a human angel and dance it into existence in your world.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate