Wakeup Call Message
September  27, 2005





My dear ones, with the help of all of you I have some news to give you. This news would not be possible without all of you and your dedication to bring justice to the world and to thwart any further efforts for the taking away of more of your rights as citizens of the USA and of the world.


I AM Hatonn, and I tell you now that you had a great impact on the country when you assigned your signatures to the Declaration for Independence and any and all other documents formed in the energy of that one that was offered on The Tree of the Golden Light.


That night of the full moon, when all of your voices of intent were heard around the world, set in motion an irreversible stream of events that will be showing its face very soon. With this first start of that stream you will see the results of months and indeed even years of painstaking work with the Federation in compliance with the allies of earth and with Heavenís will.


These results are the harbinger of the freedom and justice that will begin in the USA and roll around the world, picking up pieces of debris and rendering them all tossed into the kettle of soup that is to be called the stew pot for reunification.


Within this stew pot you will find pieces of gold and silver, and all kinds of bones that will meld and render themselves a new backbone for the idea of peace and freedom. You will find delectable pieces of herbs that will flavor the stew with delight, and render any sourness moot and invalid. You will find lots of juicy sweetness brought about by the honey of the Word, rendering the spiciness of the truth to be easy to swallow and very much more pleasant to digest.


You will recognize the finest ingredients to make this stew digestible to the point where it flows through and makes a palatable serving that will please even the fussiest of tastes. There will be those who will marvel that something so acrid and indigestible not that long ago, can be so wonderfully easy on the system now.


As we set the table for this feast of the simplest of foods, we prepare a beautiful space. We provide the finest silver and the most intricate of lace all bound together in the most attractive surroundings. The family will feast of the bread of plenty and there will be a jovial air that will counter any memory of what came before.


This will all come about because of the joint effort of so many who stand in their truth and know how to get it done. You all have your parts, and no one part is more important than the other. You have sung your song and stood your ground and you have come out shining.


As we stand now there are a number of people in this country known as the USA who will soon be finding themselves in a position that they did not think they would ever find themselves in. They will be made to stand to rise and declare the parts they have played in various events that have been committed around the world, and especially on the soil of the USA. They will have to face the music and come to grips with the consequences of that which they chose to do.


This is the universal law, my dear ones, and with our compassion they will come through this in a manner that is complete and that will bear the opportunity for them to learn that law by living it. As they learn it, they will be able to come to terms with what comes next, and with our compassion we will all benefit from that lesson in a way that you will marvel at.


I press into your care the Redwoods of California, for with their demise would come a great loss for the planet. I bring this up now for this has direct ties to the matter I spoke of a moment ago. With this tie is a sudden and not unexpected turn in the evolvement of the ones who are in question in the USA.


The tie is that they would have in their next event put the Redwoods in jeopardy as surely as many lives have been lost because of other choices those ones made. I ask you to think of where the majestic Redwoods are and to know that they would have been in grave danger had certain events been allowed to take place.


These events would have been the culmination of a series of events that would have shaken our world once more. This culmination is not going to take place, for the ones who would have had hand in it are no longer able to place themselves in the position where they can engineer the shake up that was planned.


We are dealing here with still more of Gaiaís plans for rejuvenation and restoration of her body. And we are dealing with the manipulation that would have continued had this not been curtailed because of what is taking place as we speak. We are indeed fortunate that this wonder of the North American continent will survive and represent a grand unification of the world, for they are among the oldest living specimens of our great planet.


We ask that you take a moment or two and bring in the feeling and vision of these great trees. We ask that you fully feel their might and their majesty, for they have served us all so well and they are in line for a grand display of gratitude for what they do for all on the earth.


They have stood as sentinels for eons (part of that time in the Middle East) and they now bear the symbol for the unification of the East and West forevermore. Do you see the perfection here? How apt that at this time in your world today your dedication to the perseverance of the freedom of the people of the USA and the world be reflected also in the peaceful unification of the East and West through these great guards of the body of Gaia.


They too have a voice, and they spoke to Nancy a few years ago as she sat among them and listened. They spoke of their journey through the waters in the roots and the seeds of their life in the Middle East when there were giant forests standing tall and serene. They spoke of the earth movements and their subsequent washing up on the shores of the land upon which they now stand lush and green, and full of love for all of you. They spoke of the energy they hold for balance in this land where the new idea of freedom sprouted and took seed.


This is a grand time in the history of earth. We are seeing the unity of all life on this grand globe. It humbles us and renders us in love with all of life in the universe, for this is the place of birth of this lovely earth and all of the life upon and within her great beauty.


Letís all take a moment and thank The Loving Creator for all there is. I love you all, and there is room forevermore.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate