Wakeup Call Message
September  26, 2005





This morning I would like to bring you some more news. This is news of a gentler nature and meant to make you feel good about the world you live in. With the news I brought you yesterday, there was an underlying reason to bring it forward. It was for the purpose of creating an established base upon which some seeds can be planted. That is to show to you the difference between the things that are here for all of you to see and the things that are hidden, yet that influence your lives.


I AM Hatonn, and on this day I find many who read the message from yesterday to have brought confusion and doubt to many. This was not the motivation, however I knew that it would be that way. I knew that anything that is reported about what the illuminati do would throw many of you into doubt and into a series of questions that you would have not answers to.


The report of yesterday brought much confusion to Nancy, for she doesnít involve herself with the affairs of the Middle East beyond scanning the headlines. Too much to cloud her brain when there is so much she is interested in, she says. (smile) Iím sure there are those of you who know where she is coming from.


The reason I brought that news to you was to awaken a sense in you that there is something that is taking place in your world that is not all peaches and cream. There are horrors taking place around the globe that affect you. They are designed to numb you into submission and keep you in amnesia. This is taking place more intensely now because you are on the verge of awakening from your slumber and they know it.


One thing that you may not know is that as you awaken you will see more and more of this stuff taking place. You will be able to see and discern what is taking place and you will be confused as to how to handle it. This is why I am bringing you this kind of information along with the other news that is heartening. It is for the balance.


Keep in mind that as you go through these next months there will be much that will be revealed that you will likely approach with a different ear. Some of you will say, no absolutely not. I know they are wicked, but not that bad! Some of you will sit in shock and not be able to comprehend what you are seeing. Some of you will say that this is what you knew all along, and will go about merrily as if nothing has changed.


This is all well and good, for we each have our own ways of dealing with what we see and hear. When the time comes to gain independence from the ones who would enslave you, how much time will have elapsed and what will you have done to empower yourselves?


Ask yourself this question the next time someone tells you about another thing that the illuminati have done. Then ask your self what you would do if you were able to. Combine these two thoughts and then see what comes of that. Will you feel empowered or will you feel like you are helpless to change anything?


Now I will give you the good news, the news that makes you feel good, for we all need that. Last night we observed a pod of dolphins swimming off the coast of California in the USA. They were having a wonderful time and they were dancing and singing. They were close to a piece of the shore where there was a family having a picnic on the beach.


They swam in closer to the shore and continued their play. As the family watched, one of the children ventured closer for a better look. She was in glee and she began to sing along with the dolphins. She actually sang as they were singing, as if she knew their language. It certainly wasnít a language that any of her family had heard, and they began to worry that their precious one was being taken over by these dolphins.


As soon as the dolphins sensed their worry, they began to sing another tune; it was calming rather than so much playful. The girl responded and sang along with the new tune; then she stopped and hurried to her family and told them that she loved them and not to worry, for the dolphins were telling her a story in the music, and they wanted her to reveal what it was to them.


She said that the dolphins had been playing and they sensed that the people they saw on the beach were sad because of what was taking place in the world. They said that all the family needed to do was to know that all would be okay and that there were things they could do to help to make things better. They said that what they could do is to love all of the people no matter what they did.


They also said that to love them is not to ignore what they do, but to tell others what they do, for to know is to be smarter and wiser as to what it is that they are facing. This would be a way to overcome what is fighting their love, and because the illuminati are not feeling the love that the people have they cannot know how to do anything else but what they are doing.


So know what they do, and then love them, love them with all your heart and soul and know that what they do is not because they are evil, it is because they do not know what they do that is against the love of The Creator. They will find their way home at some time and then they will remember those who gave them love, not from their ignorance about what they were doing, but because they did know, and loved them anyway.


So there you are my dear ones, the story for you to carry into your day. I love each and every one of you and I am going to be with you through all of this. You are my family and as I stand with St Germain, Sananda, Enki, and the rest of the Galactic Federation we salute you and bless you all.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate