Wakeup Call Message
September  23, 2005





Good day my dear ones, I am ready for a day filled with promise and with joy, for even in these tough times we must find our pockets of joy to assist us to our jobs. I AM Hatonn and I have more news for you.


When I observed the activities of Rita today, I saw a decided shift in her energies. This shift coincided with the removal of the people of the Houston area and reflected the need of the populace to remain calm yet determined to flee from the effects that Rita held.


As the people left the area, there were many who remained behind, either because they chose to, or because they were left without the means for leaving. This was because of certain restrictions that came into play that the illuminati set into place.


Yes, my friends, the ones whom you saw leaving all stood in line and declared their stature. They were told who was to leave first, and who had to wait. The city was sectioned off, and the evacuation was deliberate and planned according to the affluence, or lack of it of each section. As it came to the time for the poor citizens to leave they were told that they would not be able to leave yet, for there were no more buses till later.


Now for the news of Rita herself, and how her shift has affected her path. She received her instructions from the manipulations of the illuminati.  With those instructions she diverted the path in a way that would cause the least amount of harm to Houston. This would mean that she would instead wreak havoc on the other parts of Texas and western Louisiana. This would cause further devastation of the area around New Orleans and would reach the parameters that Katrina only brushed.


There is reason for this in the minds of those who brought it about. They have in mind to bring chaos to a small area of land that is highly volatile, and with the resultant damage there would be an enlargement of the area that would be affected. This would come about from a nuclear leak that would affect a huge area and it would continue into many years.


This we are not going to allow. This we have already taken steps to avert. There is no danger of this happening, for we have rendered that area no longer a danger. Because of the finality of the order from God to stop totally and completely any damage to the nuclear reactors in the area, we have secured and rendered neutral those reactors.


As we go into the day, we will keep a watchful eye on the changes and the pathway of Rita. We also have close scrutiny on the illuminati and are ready at a moments notice to come to the aid of any one, or any peoples who are in harms way because of an injustice that interferes with the universal laws. Because of advances that the illuminati have made in the areas of commerce and science and the way that they influence society, we have gained further ground on the amount and nature of intervention that we can bring.


This is represented in the nature of the widespread effect of what they are doing on the rest of the galaxy, and therefore the universe. Due to their manipulations of HAARP, we have found that the infra structure of the communication between the rest of the solar system and of the galaxy have been affected.


We have taken steps to correct that, for it is within our capacity to do so. We have also placed a protective shield around the earth so that this will not further affect the solar system and require more administrations of our restorative abilities.


Realize that we have already removed the affects of those manipulations, and they no longer exist. Further they are not able to carry out those particular manipulations again. This has been determined by God, and with this proclamation, we have been able to operate in a wider field of intervention.


As I tell these bits of information to Nancy, I do so with a tremendous amount of love for all of you. I wish to reassure you all that we are at every moment doing all we can to assist you in dealing with this storm. When any change of any kind occurs we are on it and interpreting it for what it truly is and to determine what, if anything we can do.


This is a vital time in the cleansing of Gaia, and as she goes through her upheavals we stand by and monitor the outside interference from the illuminati. At the same time, we are keeping a close watch on other areas of the planet, and we see what is being done in other areas while the world is focused on Rita. We are busy in the Middle East and have come to the assistance of a few bands of soldiers as they have been ordered to carry out certain activities that interfere with the universal energies.


We have stopped certain acts that would have made Katrina and Rita look like ladies at tea. This is a volatile time in the earth’s progression from darkness, and in the instance that the shenanigans should increase and appear as if they are going out of control, we are ever ready to step in more, as we have done a few times already.


I do not tell you all this to bring fear to your hearts, but to open your eyes to some things. Whether or not people believe what I, and others are saying is not the issue. The real issue is that people open their eyes and minds and allow the release of old belief systems that have held them back and rendered them asleep to some of the activities that have been taking place.


These people who are behind the deliverance of the New World Order to the world are the ones who are responsible for most of the devastation in this world for many centuries. They have come down through the families who have kept their lineage pure, and the legacy that they carry has gone into a black hole. This is why there is no longer any substantial energy of creation behind their acts and they are operating on the momentum that was established from the intent of the original family members.


Now we are seeing the results of that momentum. They are operating on memory of that original intent and as they do that they are finding that they do not operate on present mind, but that they carry forth on instinct. This will be their undoing, for with our assistance and with your abilities to act in the moment, which is brand new and loaded with potential, you are able to see the absolute perfect action to take for this moment. You are not operating on ancient memory that has no relevancy on today.


Remember, you are the leaders of today. You can see the madness of the ones who profess to be your leaders. A wise and powerful leader knows that he/she is equal in leadership with all who step with them in tune and in harmony with all. As you go forth in that leadership, you carry the torch of freedom and love for each and every person with whom you come in contact.


Yes even for those who see a different picture than you, for with equality in leadership comes recognition that there is no one better or more able than another. All that stands between one and another is the perception that differs.


I will return another time, possibly later today with more news on any changes in Rita or the situation surrounding her. Take this news I have brought and see it for what it is. It is a chance for you all to empower yourselves and keep your ground. There is absolutely the highest energy with you, and in the instance that you feel a faltering in your reserve, call on that energy and you will find a restoration within yourself that can carry you to the pinnacle.


I love you dearly, and I blow kisses and hugs to all of you.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate