Wakeup Call Message
September  22, 2005





Good day, my dear ones. This is a day in which much will be coming to the front. This is a day in which the truth of certain matters will flood the lines and bellow the inequities of the governmental standards that are seen to be the norm. However, this is to be disputed and run down like a freight train, and with it there will be a springing forth of what has been included in the train as a means to reveal all within.


I AM Hatonn, and I come today to begin a series of messages about what to expect in the next days that you will not be hearing about in the major news. I have employed Nancy’s agreement to see that certain facts come forward and uncloak the lack of integrity of the government, and to reveal the truth about the integrity that a government represents.


First I will tell you this, and I’m sure many of you are aware. There is much that is to come forward about the governmental process that is taking place in the world today. It isn’t only in the USA; it is around the world in various pockets. It is throughout the western world and its allies and even those that are not considered allies.


I will be reporting facts as they come up and through this process I will be able to answer questions that arise through the media and through the Internet. I will be open to any questions that this message will impart, and through Nancy I will begin the process of bringing steps to lead you through your own process of awakening the leadership within all of you.


Now I will tell you why I am coming to you in this way. There has been a council of people from all over the globe that has met with us on the Phoenix in the times of intercedence that they have experienced. These times of intercedence have occurred at times when they have stopped time and have come out of body to the ship for the purpose of proposing a course of action in which to bring this regime to an end.


This has been all in accordance with free will, and has come to represent the will of the people. There have been representatives of all nations, of all ethnicities, of all parallels within the people of earth. There have been grounds recorded and duly noted by which this has been happening.


As we convened as a council of thirteen plus seven, we did so with the full intent to bring the planet into harmony within the structural auspices of its own integrity. This has been the overwhelming agreement between all members present.


As we have met we have outlined the instances of the present societal boundaries of earth life. We have set into documents the parameters by which we are doing this. We have come to several methods by which we will be able to reign in the events that have been set in motion by the group you refer to as the illuminati, and you have agreed with each other unanimously that this must come about in this manner.


My dear ones, you have all agreed, in this council, that there is no longer a new fresh intent to carry on with this duality in the manner that is going. You realize that with the momentum that has been established, if left to the momentum, it would be close to the year 2028 before there would be any peace and restoration accomplished on earth. Of this I speak of the cessation of the present momentum, and the consequent restoration of the earth for the New Golden Age.


This is not acceptable to any of you, or to us, for we are speaking here in regard to not only planet earth and her inhabitants, but of the entire universe. We speak of the balance and integrity of the structures of the universal flow of energy and of the flux that keeps it forever changing and growing.


If this momentum were to be allowed to go on in its own memory, then we would not recover from it, in enough ‘time’ to be able to continue in the present intent from which this universe was created. We would flounder in that intent, and another intent energy would form of its own volition. This would cause a breakup into chaos that would be established and from which we would be operating for the next epoch of time.


Of course you all know that time as you know it on earth is not the same time that we experience. We in the cosmos are operating within a time space continuum that bespeaks the integrity of our intent. That is to say that as we intend, we tap into the time/space moment in which we are to operate and that is the experience that is brought forward. This is something that you will be able to comprehend very soon in a deeper manner.


As we go forward in this most important period of earth history we do so with the full knowledge that we are at a time when there has to be a deliberate cessation of the momentum as it is established. Now is the time when there can be no more of the wheels set in motion that are continuing on their course, for they no longer have a valid intent behind them. They are operating on a memory that no longer serves them and they are therefore out of control.


Please, do not be alarmed with this for there is a definite failsafe that we have set in motion to assure that this situation is not to be allowed to continue. That is what is coming from the meetings of the council of elders from earth. When I speak of elders, I speak of those who are on earth and have had the most experience and risen to the ranks that are known as that of elder status. These ones have conferred with members of the Galactic Federation and we have all come to agreement with the course that will best serve to stop the momentum and allow it to follow a course of present intent of the majority of those on earth.


Realize that the majority of those on earth are in line for peace and harmony. We have offered up a consensus and come up with the majority that decided that there is to be a deterrent to what is taking place. We have set in motion a series of occurrences that will abate the next few years of tyrannical movements that the present governments are headed for. And it will do so in proper order.


This will take some time, more than a few days weeks, months to completely turn around and reveal the polish and beauty of the intent of life on earth for the new Golden Age. This will begin, indeed has already begun, and we will see a series of revelations that will in turn topple the present governmental structures. From this point on you will see a change in the way things happen and a complete turnaround of what could be considered the death of the planet and all those on it.


With these measures that are being taken, there is going to be a different face on the earth in some small ways. There is to be a revitalization of the forests and the rivers. The deserts will begin to bloom even more than they have in the last few years. The air that you breath will be healthful once more, and the soils will provide all the nourishment necessary for the consumption of the life-giving vegetables and fruits that will sustain you and bring you all back to a perfect state of health.


Life on earth will begin to give you joy, rather than making you feel as slaves to the everyday effort of just getting by. You will no longer feel that you are on a downhill slide and that you are out of control. You will know that you are the master of your life and that your neighbor is the master of his/her life. You will be able to enjoy the rewards of that mastership and no one will even think of trying to take over your life for their purposes.


This, my dear ones is what you are coming to. You determine the rate at which you arrive there by exercising your own God given powers to restoration of your authority. You will be rebuilding your life in a way that represents the ability that you have for sovereign living, and you will have set the ways to do that in motion in these next few days.


Yes my dear ones. This is a crucial time in your lives right now. This is the time in which you, represented by your council member/elder, are in the driver’s seat and have set your course for freedom. You are taking your power back and are setting sail for the stars. You have declared your independence and you are seeing that over the next horizon is home. That represents the freedom, justice and everlasting joy that self-actualization means.


So as we go into this time period over the next few days, remember these words. Know that as the events of Rita make waves and stir up the pot, there is a gold treasure at the end of the rainbow, and it is yours to claim. You have set your intent in stone and you are allowing that stone to shine forth with your message for a whole new day of love to express itself in the family of the universe.


Come with me and see that new world open up in the hearts and the minds of all of us. We are here for you, and we together are to gather up the clouds of darkness and render them gold with our light. We allow no darkness to dampen our door again, and we shine on into the night of the everlasting sun.


As I leave this message now, I do so knowing that you are taking in much to think about this day. I advise that you give much homage to the feelings you have as you read this. Also give credence to what your heart speaks to you of love and of changes that will speak to you in colors of the rainbow. That is the language of truth. To follow your interpretation of that language is to honor your voice and see it speak the language of truth.


Behold the silver slipper that holds the fruits of the ages, for nary a fruit that sits in the slipper wastes away into nothingness. It is all of value and forevermore will remain.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate