Wakeup Call Message
September  20, 2005





Today I bring you a mystery. Today is a day for pondering what is and what may come. It is a day in which you will likely find many surprises if you stretch your mind and consider the possibilities that I present. I AM Hatonn, and I will first bring you the mystery.


Consider that there are many horses and many men to ride upon the backs of these horses. See that these horses are fine and their tails and manes are flying in the wind as they carry their men upon their backs.


Now see these horses stumble and throw their riders from their seats as they fly over the rocky ground. See the riders fall and bounce along till they come to a halt in a heap upon the rocky ground. Be aware that the horses have taken some time to stop, for their momentum was fierce and callous. See that the horses knew that they were being pushed beyond their limit and that they had to stumble in order to release them from the load they were carrying.


Now see the riders stumble to their feet and begin their tirade against the horses, for they sensed a deliberateness to their stride. See that the riders refused to amount the horses once more until they were assured that the horses were calm enough to not plunder once more.


What would happen you wonder if one of the horses was smart enough to fool a rider into thinking all was right and calm? What if that rider got back up and reined the horse to flight once more. What if with this order to flight the horse balked and instead stood his ground refusing to carry on in the fury?


Would there be mutiny that would be considered, or would the rider give pause and consider that the horse was the wiser? This is the mystery for you to decipher, and in your answer lies the clue as to what your next move is in this day.


When this one arose this morning, she did so with a dream fresh in her head. She wondered at the dream, and why she had been deserted as she was in the dream. She carried this dream into her waking and when she did so she applied her waking life to the dream. There was a fitting that she tried to make with her dream to her life, and in so doing she missed the point to the dream.


This is what so often happens with the dreams, for there is validity to this way of dream analyzing. However, there is often more to the story. Oft times the deeper meaning applies to what is taking place in the planes of Heaven, as they seem to be on earth.


Let us expound on this for a spell. With the onset of the morning dew on the leaves and petals of the rose, there can come a blight. This blight can be the opening of a whole new avenue for the rose to take. With this new avenue, the rose can reverse its course and can find new life where once it was wilting on the vine. The metamorphosis can be remarkable, and it can change things for the rose and for the whole garden. It can take an expected idea and turn it around to a remarkable possibility in manifestation.


This is part of the mystery of the horse and their riders. This is where you can go with the story if you were to take it to another level. As you do this, you will likely find that there are always two ways to look at something, and either way is appropriate, depending on your point of view.


Now I will throw one more element into this story. I will offer the suggestion that there is a firmament in the heavens already that replaces the one of ancient days. Suppose that this firmament were to flood the earth with its melting. This would cause a disaster so complete that it would likely concern the whole of mankind would it not?


Suppose now that with this flooding there would come a great vacuum that would suck the waters back up and off the face of the earth and render the ground sparkling anew from the freshness of the water. Would this not be considered a miracle?


My point in this is for you to stretch your imaginations and see that the only mystery is that which you have not rediscovered the answer to as yet. Yes, you do have all the answers to any question that you may come up with, you know that too.


What you might not remember is that you have already answered those questions many times over, and this is merely practice and repeated administrations of that which you already know. You are exercising your ability to bring change through the flow of the mind that is in tune with the Universal flow of all there is.


Having said that, now you may have some idea of what I suggest today. I suggest that you create your own mysterious scenario and apply it to the events of the world today, any place in the world that you choose. Then I suggest that you play with this scenario and using all the elements of this mystery ravel the threads into a workable tapestry and send the message that is contained therein to all the world.


This can have huge effect on your world, and it can bring events to fruition that could render a whole new way to look at the events of the day. You can take the modest ideas that you have now and transform them into a richness that bespeaks the cork bursting forth from the wine bottle in a thrust so magnificent as to rival all others.


Remember the box that Tomas spoke of. Remember what he said about the contents of that box. Remember that I told this one about the parcel of documents that was passed from one person to another. This was one of the two remaining in the box, and now there is one.


This is what this has come to, my dear ones. This is the time for you to create the change that refreshes. Take the time to play with your ideas and then send it out into the cosmos with a grand halleluiah. You are the creators of the world you live in, and you can bring back the bloom to the rose and render it gold and forevermore shining forth into eternity.


I love you all, and I see your glory in everything that you do. Go forth and multiply and count your blessing as they mount onto the backs of the stallions.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate