Wakeup Call Message
September  19, 2005





My dear ones, we have had quite a weekend, have we not? We have swept the stars and reigned in the moon for our purposes and entertainment. We have found the ground to shake beneath our feet as we took control of our situation and stood for the very principles by which we form our personal lives, and applied them to the life of the land in which we live. We have lived the dream, if only for a few moments, and in doing so we have set the stage for the next few weeks.


Good morning, I AM Hatonn, and I come this day to ask you a question. I ask if any of you feel as if you have changed over the weekend. I ask for you to tip your hats and welcome in the new energies that you may be feeling, for they are energies that transform and transmute the energies of the old ways.


With these changes that you may be feeling, comes the realization that you indeed do have power, a power that supercedes all the rest that have been expressing themselves till now. With these new powers comes the ability to create your world in a more intentional way. Before this time you have always had that ability innately. Now you are bringing that ability into your consciousness in a way that was not there before. You are bringing the intent to your every waking moment in the way that you carry out the activities of the day, and in the way that you form your thoughts.


Take for a moment into consideration the wonderful things that you can do now with your life knowing that you create it in anyway that you intend. From that stand you can go forward and create a life not only in your own personal circle, but in the world as well. With your thoughts you can create more strongly than before what your world looks like.


Watch your thoughts, pay attention to them as you do your actions. See how they make you feel and how they affect your actions. Do your thoughts energize and empower you, or do they drag you down into an energy of defeat? You can clear that old feeling of defeat, and spread that clearing out into the affairs of the world.


Listen to your words as you talk about the ones in power in the country you live in. Hear the sounds of the words that speak of the atrocities that take place across the seas. Realize that as the words sing forth, they conjoin with the grid of communication that ties in with everything and they affect what is taking place in those areas.


Now you can more than ever bring peace to those areas by what you think and speak. Collectively you can bring about a vast difference in the proceedings toward peace, freedom and justice in the world. You can address the affairs of the people in power in government and industry and you can change the very results of what comes about from their workings. This is the power you have.


I tell you all this today for a specific reason, other than the obvious. You are at a time right now this moment, when the energies are in flux and more bendable to all that you think and speak, for thoughts and words are a vibration. They speak the language of the spheres, and this sphere, earth, is hearing loud and clear right now more than for eons of time. She is replying to all of the vibrations emitted by you in a way that agrees with that language. She reverberates your vibration and resounds her own version in harmony with you. This creates so much more powerfully.


Oh my, you exclaim, this could mean disaster for us, for the illuminati are not speaking our language, they are uttering their own distinct language and they are not whispering. What is that creating?


My dears, their language is grating to mother Gaia. It does not resonate with her, nor with you, therefore it does not have the power that it once had. Their words and thoughts do not agree with yours, and for the first time there has been a decided change in the way their resonance harmonizes with the rest of the world. It doesn’t! It is that simple; there is no more resonance with the rest of the world, and as a result their power is diminishing moment by moment. And that is because of events like the ones that took place this past weekend.


As you continue to take back your power and rest in your truth, you will find that your world will continue to reflect your intent more and more. As you keep up the momentum of your thoughts and words reflecting your intent, you will see them manifesting that which you intend for your lives and for all of mankind.


I commend you for being able to tune into your Godliness so powerfully, for it has been for you a long time asleep. You are now awake and running at top speed through the cosmos of love and you are at rest in your truth. Does that sound like an oxymoron? Think about it. The terms running and resting in the same sentence, may not seem to fit, however, I feel that you know why they match perfectly in this case.


Well, we have started the day off with a bang, have we not? Shall we say a little prayer of thanksgiving for all that has been accomplished?


My dear beloveds we gather in this place for the purpose of bringing our gratitude to all those who would serve us in our time of intent. We bring to this day an opportunity for love and compassion in all that we do. We also bring the respect and trust in what is beamed from our knowingness to our present consciousness, and we glory in the song that tells us we are loved. In thine name we are true, and we thank you dear God for all that is, for it is Holy.




Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate