Wakeup Call Message
September  14, 2005





My dear ones I would like to let you in on a little secret that is going to not remain a secret to the rest of the world very shortly. I would like to tell you of an event that is going to rock the world of politics and render the human race forever changed.


I Am Hatonn, and I come to you this morning from a place on earth that is secreted away from the rest of the world. This place is deep within the depths of this planet, and it is where there are some others who have been living their lives on earth and are now in custody here with me and a few others from the Galactic Federation.


Yes, I am speaking of a select few who are going to be coming forth onto the surface and who will be telling their stories to the world. They will be relating the things that they know about what has been taking place over the last centuries and with that relating they will change history, as you know it.


When this takes place there will be no more secrets from the world of all the other events and facts of what has been taking place within this plan to carry on in free will and usurp the people of the world. There will be no mistaking the truth as it is broadcast to the people from the mouths of these ones.


I tell you now that within the hearts and minds of all who listen there will be varied reactions. There will be those who will believe in their hearts that they are hearing the voice of God, speaking of the freedom of humankind. There will be those who will hear only the sound of tyranny being confessed to the world.


All is appropriate for this is to be the final playout of the plan before the restructuring begins. This is to be the catalyst that springs people out of their catatonic state and into full awareness. This is to be the curtain falling on the most incredible story that this universe has ever seen.


I speak, my dear ones, of an event that will come in its time. This is preparing itself for announcement and as it does there will be a hush come over the land as never before. There will be an admonishment of guilt that will stir people’s hearts and will cause them to find in the times to come a fullness of compassion, not only for those who have been affected, but also for all those who have been involved and implicated in what is revealed.


This is the element that will bring on the new way of being, my dear ones. When you find the compassion for these ones, you will find also that you forgive all of the deeds that have ever been done throughout all of existence that have caused you any stress, terror, worry, and any of the elements of fear. This will bring you to your knees in a prayer of thanksgiving that this at long, long last is over, and the cleansing of the land and her people is being undertaken at this time.


I know that you would like a date for this. I realize that you have been waiting a long time for this. There is a flux time that is in effect right now, and that means that events set in motion are at the mercy of the events that surround them. The time of coming forward is involved in a complex system of events that will carry forth and find its own voice in its own timeframe.


I am telling you this because I feel the desire of so many to know what is taking place and to know that there is indeed a measure of preparation toward announcement and toward the revealing of certain facts that hold the key to freedom. Know that this is coming my dear ones, and the fact that I can tell you this today is proof that it is close at hand.


I suggest that you go into your day in thanksgiving and compassion for this is a great time of change upon the planet. This is a time when many are being displaced and picked up by the bright ribbons of love sent forth by people all over the globe. This is a time when people are finding resources deep within them and sending them forth to be shared as a life saving gift of love. Does it get any better than this? Yes, it does my dear ones, and you will see how that shows itself in the time to come.


Herald the New Golden Age as it begins to rise over the horizon, for you are bringing it into being, and with the first rays of light you will see yourselves shining back in the colors that play across the sky.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate