Wakeup Call Message
September  06, 2005





Wake up my dear ones and get out there and do what you are bound to do today. Get out there and find a friend to exchange pleasantries with today, for tomorrow, or soon thereafter there will be no time for idle chatter for quite some time.


Good morning, I AM Hatonn once more, and today I want to let you in on a piece of news that is going to set your heart on fire. I am going to tell you about a band of people in Washington DC who are coming apart at the seams and are going all out to hide what they have been doing. These people are the leaders of the US, and as they go about their daily doings they are mounting a steadily rising series of events that seek not to subvert their cause but to keep it strong.


The truth of this, though, is that their ministrations are not only not keeping them strong, they are undermining their efforts. They are accomplishing with their deeds just the opposite of that which they intend. That is why I, and many others have been able to bring certain news items your way, and why in the very near future we will be able to bring more, and will be able to come among you.


I know that you have been awaiting this news and the proof of it is seeing it come forth before your eyes. We have watched as this all has unfolded, and we have seen how it has been deteriorating even as they see it as bringing inevitable success.


There was a point at which their estimation of what was taking place changed, and they began to feel the inevitability of its failure creep into their sensibilities. Still they plowed on in their plans and allowed only their instincts for survival to lead them.


Does this sound like a formula for success? Does this seem to you to be the way to bring something to successful completion? On the one hand it is prudent to know that an action that is taken will accomplish that which is intended, as long as that action is stimulated by intuition and inspiration from within. On the other hand, when one uses their ego-based mind for inspiration, one may find that he digs his hole deeper with every thought and action.


This is what has happened. This is what we are seeing for the coming times. As the situation mounts and the events that result from their actions come forward in manifestation, we are seeing many holes in their intent. We are seeing that as they go through the steps that they follow they are finding loopholes that they fall into, these are loopholes that they have brought about, and that they are falling prey to even as I speak.


I realize that this message sounds quite different in its scope than previous messages I have brought through this one. I have afforded this one the freedom to explore the nuances of her mind and the collective consciousness in bringing this forward. What she is typing into the keyboard is a representation of not only the information I bring her, but of the collective consciousness of today.


It is time that you all understand how this is taking shape, how this works in the reality in which this is playing itself out. When you give attention to something with the energies as they are, in flux between the 3D reality and 5D reality, there is a mixing, a blending, if you will of all the energies in between and some on the periphery of each.


This in turn brings a rendering of the information to the front of what the whole can understand and relate to. Many who may read this are going to say, finally something I can sink my teeth into. And some will say, wow, this is sure different from the Hatonn I’m used to. Each idea is equally valid, and each opinion bears weight in the perception of what is being brought forward.


Now I am going to tell you one more thing, and this is going to knock you socks off. I am going to tell you that even though this message has truth to it, it is not everyone’s truth. Those who are taking their positions in Washington DC and are carrying out what their duties are to themselves and supposedly to the nation, are doing so with an attitude bent on bringing to a hasty completion that which they, eons ago, set down as their destiny.


Yes, they have come to see that this is their final push to bring about the destiny that will enable them to reign supreme on planet earth forever and a day.


However, this is in their perception only, and has nothing to do with the reality of the fifth dimension in which many of you already reside. As you who experience the fifth dimension carry on in your lives, you are gradually squeezing out all semblance of 3D that you ever perceived.


Those who carry on in Washington DC do not see that. They only see what is within their perception, and before you know it, they will be going on merrily playing their games and they will be playing them with only a handful of people who will share their perception.


The rest of you will be living your lives in rebuilding and developing that which is in your field of intent. You will see a bright now world unfolding before your eyes. You will be living the dream of the lifetime that makes the difference, that surmounts the wall. You will not be living the world of the events that the ones in Washington are living, for they will go on into oblivion with their perception, while you in your different reality will be living the perception of your making.


This is something to look forward to, is it not? This is where realities blend and at the same time come apart. Which reality will you be living? Which road says to you that this is the signpost by which I set my course?


As you take the road that you designed you will find that you either immerse yourself in the deception and make believe of one road, or you will find yourself creating the new world of beauty, freedom, love and compassion, with non-judgment and a song in your heart forevermore.


The rebuilding of this world in a spirit of love and joy will bring a new lift to your heart and a spring to your step. You will rediscover the joy and elation of creating what it is you intend for your lives, and you will find that there is no resistance to that journey.


I leave you now to reminisce on the steps that you know you’ve laid down for yourself. It is a grand journey and whenever you think of the ones who carry on with their ministrations, think of them in joy and compassion for they are accomplishing that which they choose for themselves. And you are accomplishing that which you choose for yourselves. Remember that and ride the waves of love with joy and thanksgiving.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate