Wakeup Call Message
September  05, 2005





This morning I am going to ask direct questions of Hatonn about what is taking place and what we can expect from the Galactic Federation in regard to Katrina and the governmentís response to the devastation.


Nancy: I, and Iím sure many more, would like to know what you are seeing and doing at this time to help the people of this country in their time of need.


Hatonn: MY dear, we are seeing what is taking place on the ground, and we have responded. We have sent emissaries to the entrenched areas of the southeast that are blanketed with people who are in desperation. We have enlisted the aid of thousands of people who are in a position to gather information and deliver it to us about where there is a need for our particular ways of assistance.


By this I am referring to the ability we employ to lift certain people to our ships. We are carrying out an evacuation plan that is designed to assist people to remain alive and be able to come back to earth when the atmosphere is safe, for they have an invaluable mission to perform in the aftermath of the struggle that is transpiring.


Some of those with whom we have spoken on the ground are telling us that they would like to announce on public media that we are indeed here, and that we are on your side, if there is a side. We have told them that this will come, and before you know it, for the truth will not be able to be kept from the masses for much longer. With the knowledge by many in the troubled areas that we are here, and who we are, the truth will come out, and it will have to be dealt with in a realistic manner.


Nancy: Thank you, Hatonn. When you say that the people are seeing you and realizing who you are, are they all welcoming you, or are some in fear?


Hatonn: My dear, most are welcoming us, for they are in so much shock that in their eyes we are either a delusion that to them says we are angels from heaven, or they donít question for they are not in a position where they can think straight. You might say they are in acceptance of what is.


Then there are those who fight their fear, and when they hear or see from some of our different appearance that we are not like them, they panic and run from us, or attack (we have not sent those of us to earth who look decidedly different from humans). With them we use our ability to calm them, and they fall into a stupor for a few minutes. With this stupor comes a soothing calm that speaks to them of love, and they are affected by removing the fear, or by removing the immediate memory of us.


This memory will likely come back to them in dreams, and will eventually return as their minds allow the recognition. It will be an awakening experience for them, and it will bring them to a place within where they will begin their remembrance of who they are.


Nancy: That is very interesting. What are you doing physically to help these people, besides rescuing the ones to your ships who have purpose in the aftermath?


Hatonn: We are taking the time to gather evidence of what has been perpetrated here as far as outside influence on this storm is concerned. This evidence will be put with the other evidence that has been compiled in the other matters of political import. We will find the so-called pieces of evidence that implicates the parties of most concern and then we will give these to the proper authorities on earth.


This will bring about a degree of influence for the people of the country, and indeed the world. For those who are not living in this country, and are able to see with unclouded eyes what is really taking place behind the scenes, there are those who will come forward from these other places around the globe and will submit their own pieces of evidence to the ones who will be sitting in the office of justice. I do not speak of the present office of justice, for that office is of a differing agenda from the one that will be in place at that time.


This is a continuing thing that must be done. We must come to the place in our assistance where we are following along with the ones on earth who give us their command. We have stood by and watched as some of you have given us your approval to come, and then we have come with all our means for help. Realize, that only if we are directly asked by you can we come, and then that has certain constraints.


I suggest that you take heed when you ask, and follow a few guidelines. I will outline them for you.

  1. Take care to word you requests in a way that succinctly covers the exactness of what you wish from us.
  2. This is a time when there can be two or more ways in which to approach a subject. Be sure on which way is the most appropriate.
  3. As you ask, be fully aware that this is the notation that will govern     what is to take place, and once it is asked, it will be followed as it is stated. Take the moment of request in complete focus, stop and address us fully, without flurry of thought.
  4. Give thought to the consequences of your request, and ask yourself if this is something that would best be served if it is undertaken by one of the people on earth. This is very important. Exhaust all possibility of an earth human to accomplish that which you ask.
  5. Finally, know that when you ask, we will do what we can to bring to completion what it is. Realize also, that we reserve the necessity to decline your request if we are told that it is not under our jurisdiction, that you must honor the free will of others in this matter.


This is imperative, for in this time we are operating under the tutelage of free will not only for all of you, but for the rest of the universe. It is for you to realize that what you do on earth, the choices you make, and the actions you undergo are every bit a part of what affects the all. When you stray outside of the free will you affect the universe.


The energy of the universe is comprised of all that is made up of the universe. It is one large vibrating mass of energetic expression of intent. There is no way that anything can be thrown out of kilter and the rest of the universe would not be affected. This is a law of the Source, and when you begin to operate independently of the rest of what is, it throws off the equilibrium, and chaos can result.


We do have ways in which the balance and harmony can be restored. This we have had to use on numerous occasions. Now, with what is taking place on earth and in the US, we have had to ask for relief from the Source and have been issued a dispensation that allows for the relief that we are giving you now.


This is according to the auspices of the Christ, and when we come and walk among you, as we are doing now to an extent, it will then be in great numbers, for the opening for our coming will have reached maximum intent from the people of earth, and it will be according to free will for us to be here in assistance.


Nancy: Thank you Hatonn. I see more clearly now why you have not been able to come more and with greater acknowledgment. I thank you for this information, and I value what you are doing for the people who are in need.


Hatonn: I have one more thing that I would like to share with you, and that is that when the people in Washington CD awoke this morning they did so without the knowledge that there had been a change within the offices of the White House.


A certain person, whom we are not allowed to divulge the identity of at this time, was dislocated from his chair and taken to a place deep underground where he was told, he would be in strictest security. This was going to develop into a more succinct occurrence as the day goes on, and as it develops the people will be told something that will serve to appease them for the time being. This was the intent of the ones involved, and those ones are not part of the Federation, or of our allies.


Nancy: Can you tell us any more about this at this time; is it the president that you speak of?


Hatonn: I cannot tell you that it is, and I cannot tell you that it isnít. What I can tell you is that things are not as they seem; and when you see certain people in the news and in the country you may not be seeing who you think you are seeing.


I urge you to be aware of what is taking place, and to allow your intuition to guide you. I realize that many of you are in frustration because of the vagueness in which we address some of our information. I ask that you accept what we tell you in the knowledge that we would tell you more if the energy allowed.


Please remember, this is your story, and though we are a part of it in all certainty, we are allowed only what you in your free will as a whole on earth give us permission for. The situation is swiftly coming to a head, and when the rest of the story is seen and heard, there will be many whose eyes will alight with clarity, and they will know why it all had to happen as it is.


Nancy: Thank you so much Hatonn. We appreciate what you can tell us, and I understand now why it has to be this way.


Hatonn: I would like to say in parting that we are most impressed and in love with all of you. We have seen such an outpouring of love from all of you on earth for the ones who have experienced the losses with Katrina. We are seeing many of you who are awakening to what has been taking place within the government of the US and in many instances around the globe.


This is going to make a difference in the way all of the people around the world continue with their daily lives. They will call to order all of the truth that has been evading their attention for so long, for it will no longer be able to be swept under the rug. It will keep coming back and demand to be addressed. This is one of the many things that will come from this storm, and as the results of the overall picture unfold there will be a new glow to the earth.


You are all earth angels and we love you and honor your journey. Go now into your day and give thanks for the gifts that come from the desolation that is covering many peopleís days now. Know that as each moment passes, people are growing stronger and their hearts are opening to unlimitedness. They are waking up and taking back their lives.


Thank you dear Commander Lord Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate