Wakeup Call Message
September  02, 2005



 Galactic Federation 


My dear ones, on this day there is something that is taking place that supercedes all that is going on around the world. Not that the affairs of the world are not important, they certainly are. What I refer to is what is taking place in the city of New Orleans, and who is taking the time to care for the sick, the elderly, the indigent.


What we are seeing is the age-old spirit of mankind at work there. We are seeing that with the thousands of troops pouring into the city, they are being followed and joined by thousands of people who are taking their initiative to come to the aid of their fellow people.


These people who flood into the waters and into the partially abandoned buildings are in some cases taking their lives in their hands. They are proving to those who see them that they are indeed angels who are stretching their wings to enfold all who come into their reach with their love and care.


These angels are people who have lost their homes and their loved ones. They are searching for a way to make sense of all of this, and they have found it, by taking care of whomever they can. This is the only thing that makes sense to them, and that eases the burden of grief that they carry.


You are finding that way too, aren’t you? By taking up whatever shield that is presented to you and wending your way into the fray to render it peaceful is the way that you instinctively handle this tragedy. You know that there is no better medicine for the soul, than to assuage the tears and grief that are just at the surface and often spilling over.


Take some time my dear ones and allow those tears to fall. See the results of that allowance open up the resources of your heart and allow the ideas to freely flow into your mind. See how easily you can come up with the way you can ease the pain. Reaching out and helping someone in your life, anyone, anything over which there may be a shadow is the way to healing.


Take a moment right now and give thanks for the ability to feel this pain. Know that this means that you are a human angel and that you have something to offer. Know that your Divine mind will guide you and bring to you the idea that you ask for. This is the way of healing not only you and your immediate life, but of all the planet as well.


Take some more time, my dear ones, and see that there is something else that you can do. Follow your heart and plant one foot in front of the other; get outdoors and go to some place beautiful. Appreciate the loving way of all of Mother Nature to heal herself, whether it be in the re-growth of a dying plant through its stages, or to erupt with a up-gorging of wind and rain to release the stuck negativity that has long been seduced into her bowels.


Take charge of your life, and allow your power to enfold all that is beauty. Allow that beauty to propel you with new vigor to the rescue of that which comes to you through your Divine mind. It may be a sparrow that has been caught and mercifully released from the mouth of a cat. It was not his time to leave this life. You hold its trembling body and caress it into flight.


You can make sense of this event that has the world reeling. You can take the moments you need to bring into your world the action and intent into manifestation of who you are deep within. You are an angel who long ago pulled in your wings and dedicated yourselves to your own two feet. This is what this is all about. This is about the dedication with which you glide through this life. You bounce back again and again, each time stronger than before.


As I leave this communication, I do so with the full knowledge that as you go about your daily happenings you will find the inspiration to envelop the world in your song of love. You will find the joy in the moments when you see the smile of gratitude, or see the flower open upon the new ray of sun. 


I love you immensely and I honor your journey. You are the blessed ones and the ones who shower the blessings upon all of us. We are the Galactic Federation, and we are here to say, “We salute you!”


Thank you dear Honorable Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate