Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 30 , 2002

There is a skirmish that happened on the globe in the wee hours of the morning, and this skirmish allowed for the temporary abolishment of certain episodes of abuse. Within this skirmish people laid down their weapons and laid prone upon the ground with their hands behind their heads lying on their stomachs. The skirmish was a peaceful one, though it could have erupted into loss of life. Only one lost their life. This took place because certain informants came forward at great risk to their lives and the well being of their families, and told certain beings of the Light of the atrocities that were taking place.

There is a reawakening of the innate goodness of certain people who have been brainwashed by the dark forces. The energies of the Divine, the Light energies are infiltrating those of the dark, and assisting in the overcoming of the brainwashing that has been in effect all these years. The Light shall prevail, for these sorts of incidences are taking place around the globe. People are finding that spark of light within, which is beginning to be fanned forth into a brighter light, due to the winds of change and the truth that is being allowed to come forward to be heard and felt.

Beginning in the very near future all those who have lost their lives in the pursuit of the Light that lived within, and the expression of that Light will be honored for their part in this great change-about that is taking place. There will be no voice gone unheard. There will be no sacrifice lost in the wilderness. For these brave souls will be coming back to the earth, a whole new beginning, a whole new expression of living on the earth in this beautiful age that is coming. They will on this other side be undergoing healing and the development of their destiny plan. They will choose their family and their place of birth, in their circumstance of coming back to this earth and living a life that will be long. This life will span many, many, many years; a life that will be unlike any they have ever before come into this earth plane to experience. This is the life in which all beings on earth take a different turn in the road, and find themselves in heaven on earth.

            A cataloging of sorts is taking place within the halls of the banks of America, and indeed around the globe. This cataloging involves the use of the monies that are being brought forward from the wealthy people of the world who are the benefactors to this cause of justice and honor in the money system of the world. And within this cataloging the prices for the goods will represent, instead of a dollar sign, the words or the meaning of the words; the energy of intent and desire and ability to request that which was taken from them and is now being returned.

It is simply a matter, figuratively, of the consumer to open up the catalog of their desires and intents and choose the item that is to their liking, and set down their desires and intents to acquire these likings. For this is a time of reckoning for the financial system of the world, and the people will be given their just dues. So then they may find themselves stepping forward in the dreams that they have set for themselves, some they considered unreachable by their limited perceptions. But they cannot be denied, alas, and they will find the means by which to carry these dreams forth. Along with having the financial means to carry out these dreams, they will also be offered counsel as to the flow to carry forth some of the steps. 

This is to be a re-training program that will be offered. The counsel will be instrumental in assisting them to realize their potential that is a part of their inherent nature to be able to manifest any and all that they desire and intend in their lives. So you see, these programs that are being set in place are all part of this system of change that will be coming about very soon. We will not just simply hand over a bunch of money and leave them on their own to flounder in this new world of blessings. Part of the blessings is the assistance, the tools that we bring forward for them so that they may acquire the innate wisdom of being able to reach that spark of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge within and walk forward in that light in the expression of their dream to itís fullest.     

Early in the morn of a mid-summerís night, a child awoke with a thought of playing in the park. The child jumped from her bed and threw the bedclothes that she had worn through the night into a heap on the floor. And she jumped into the overalls and tee shirt that she had decided to wear the night before. Though the house she tiptoed, so as not to awake her family. Silently she crept through the door closing it with a soft click, and then she turned and for a moment she stopped; she stood on the stoop and looked at the park across the street. This was to be the first time she ventured forth to the park by herself. She knew she could do it; and she knew the treasure that lay for her under the tree, straight ahead in that grassy park.

So she flew across the yard and through the gate; looked both ways before she crossed the street. Once her bare feet touched the soft moist grass, she knew she was in heaven, for this was a feel that she had felt so many times. This time was different; there was no hand reaching down to grasp hers and direct her to a place someone else wanted her to go. She looked at the tree straight ahead, itís branches reaching down to the ground in their fanned promise. She strolled over to this place and she entered through the gateway of two of the branches. The stillness was deafening. She stood very still waiting for the voice, breath hushed so as not to miss it.

There it was; there was the voice that she had heard in her dream. And the voice said, ďCome unto me and I will show you a rose, and from this rose you will pick a petal and bring it to your lips and taste of its sweetness. And when that sweetness permeates every cell of your body then you will be transported to a place of glee and mirth, and perfection. Come kneel at my base and press your cheek against my trunk and I will tell you the secret of the ages.Ē

            She went over to the trunk of this tree,;and she knelt at its base and pressed her  cheek against the trunk. And she heard the secret of the ages. She stayed there for a long minute and listened as the song continued. Soon a bird fluttered down and sat on her   shoulder. And this bird sang a song so sweet that she felt she would cry at the sweetness. She realized the song this bird sang was the same secret of the ages that she had just heard in verse. Now this was the refrain on which she could carry forth through her life the beauty of the bird-song she had heard that day. As she stood, the bird still on her shoulder, she turned and looked at the world around her. It all glowed with this newfound beauty that emanated from within her. She understood now the message of her dream, for in that dream she saw the world in its future, and she saw her part in that world. And the dream had told her that until she knew the secret of the ages, she would not be able to set foot into that world. This is why she knew she had to make this trip all by herself. To have waited until a parent could make the trip with her, could guide her in a certain direction, would have kept her in the past, for now she has stepped into the potential of her now, her present, of a glimpse into the future.

            This is the key my dears, this is the key to unlocking your bright and glowing future. Find your tree, your park. Find the bark upon which to press your cheek as you kneel in the reverence. Hear the beautiful refrain as the secret of the ages comes forward from within you, for you see each personís secret of the ages is within and expresses itself to your uniqueness. So my dears I cannot tell you, I cannot address the assembly of humans of this earth and tell you the one secret of the ages, for it is uniquely yours to find within. Whether you go to the grassy park, kneel at the trunk of the beautiful tree, and press your cheeks against the bark; or find a river, or a mountain to climb, or just remain where you are right this moment, go within, and find your secret of the ages. For the mere asking of it to be revealed, and you will be able to step forward in that beautiful glowing future that you find within.

            I am Kryon and I wish you a wonderful innocent day ahead, for you are the child that lives within. Go forward and find your promise and live in that promise, for you are that promise.

            And so it is