Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 27, 2002


            There is a great deal of understanding that will come forth in the people once certain secrets are brought forward. The revelation that they have, in effect been held captive in certain respects all these years will be a hard pill to swallow for some. To find out that they have been lead around as sheep will be a blow to the ego, but will also raise the indignation within themselves. The continuance of this captivity will not go on much longer. When the people find out that this is going on they will rise up and they will find the justice that is due them. This will raise the ire within them so that once they are allowed the release of their ego; then the strength of their divinity will be allowed expression. This is a volatile situation. This is why the standing by of the Light forces is so imperative.

            The religious orders will find it extremely disturbing for they will learn that within the structure of the church there is saturation of these forces of the darkness. So many have built their lives around their faith from these religions. This will be a shake-up in their world. This is why it is so important for those of you who realize what has been going on to be able to maintain your steadiness, in order to be of service to those who may come to you and reach out for a word, a message, some element of common sense to give them a foothold firm enough to replace what they have considered to be their foundation, their rock. Some of them may flounder for a while, for their whole world of faith will be turned upside down. This, my dear will be a challenge for so many.  

An event of great magnitude can be happening in a short time, and this event has to do with the medical profession. There’s a certain group that studies the disease called aids. Of course there are many groups that study this, I speak of one of them. This group in particular is at a point where they are going to go out on a limb with their procedure in the research they conduct. They will find an avenue that, though it seems not to make a lot of sense, there has been inspiration to follow a certain course of study of testing. This will open a door for them that will prove beneficial, for it could very well lead to the key that brings about a cure, not only for aids, but for a whole string of disease.

Within this avenue is a procedure that would lead them to a study of the blood as it relates to the tissue samples taken from an aids patient. They will find within these samples under the microscope, the key which seemingly does not relate. If they decide to go ahead anyway, which in all probability they will, they will find a change in the cellular structure of the tissue that matches the change in the cellular structure of the blood, and when they uncover the process of transmutation of the cells, electro-staticly, they will be on the road to success. For you see, these particular cells, taking one cell at a time from each of the the tissue and the blood; isolating those, a cell from each, and applying this electro-static energy to the cells simultaneously, without the cells coming in contact with each other, and applying this energy for exactly one moment, no longer, will cause the transmutation of the cell to perfection. This electro-static energy will provide the allowance of the cell a moment of intent to return to its original state. Any more than the one moment would destroy it. The one moment would reveal its innate Deity-ness to itself. It would cause it for that moment to remember its eternal nature, and there would be that restoration.  It would be a lasting restoration, for it will have remembered its innate self and its ability to restore itself completely.

Upon the completeness of this procedure the cells are then re-introduced by injection, back into the bloodstream. The cells would then pass this message instruction to the remainder of the cells, and there would be a chain reaction of weakening and shedding off, in effect transmutation, to a state of perfection. This is why the same procedure can have success in all of these diseases caused by this mycoplasma. It is the electro-static energy that is necessary to remove the effects, transmutate the effect the mycoplasma has caused.

You see the treatment for the disease must be treated accordingly to the cause. The same procedure would not be effective on other causes of disease. There are other procedures using different kinds of energy to treat other forms of disease depending on the agent of cause. These procedures are being instilled in certain research groups across the world. It is an introduction of tools to re-awaken the innate immortality of the cellular structure of the body.

            Continuing to move forward in the element of education of the masses is a step that requires a great deal of brevity and inspiration. It would be wise to look within, take the youthfulness from within, and bring it forward in delving into the educational process in this transformation of the coming times. For you see, in order for the system of education to change, the people within it must change. Once again you will find the influence the dark forces have had on the education system. Once you realize how the structure has been set up to undermine the individualism, the uniqueness, the innate oneself-ability of the people, then you will see the changes that must come about in order to support the coming enlightenment of the people. This will be a natural process once the people have realized how they have been held captive, how the dark forces have planned through the eons to control this human race.

There will be a certain period of time during which the indignation of the people will rule their emotions, this will not last very long for they will realize that this will not bring them further into the cause of change.  So, allow the expression of the indignation, for the need to release the anger, the indignation; the Holy indignation will clear the way for the strength to take their lives back into their hands. It will be a process of learning themselves just how to do that. It will be a process of realizing just what it is that the freedom that Spirit provides can look like, for except in bits and pieces of ways this freedom has not been allowed all these centuries.

So this is the transitory period, and there are countless of us light beings from the other side of the veil, and from the cosmos who are here to assist you in that process, to assist you in the re-emergence of your beingness. It is a matter of letting go of the old perceptions that do not serve you. Some may not allow these old perceptions to slip away easily. But allow they will, once they realize it does not serve the cause of freedom. This transitory period here on earth will require much guidance; that is why we are here this is our purpose at this time, to assist this beautiful planet and all the beautiful souls upon it to the position that they are inheriting as a rightful part of the Galactic Federation and the Council of Light.

So you will plant your garden well, and you will watch your blooms of light and love and compassion spring forth. And there will be nourishment that you will derive from this garden that you have planted yourself. And you will find that you will be able to take different strains of these plants, this nourishment, that you have allowed to come forth, and you will be able to combine the essences of these in the creation of even newer forms of nourishment. You will find the limit is only as far as your perception, your imagination can take you. Therefore you can remove all limits and find the endless stream of creativity and expression beyond the bounds of the captivity of the dark forces.

I am your humble servant and I am with you this day and every day in the pursuit of your enjoyment, satisfaction, creation, and expression of your Diviness. I leave you to your day, as I sit on your left shoulder, ready for your bidding at any moment.

And I am Kryon, and so it is.

Copywrite, 9/27/02

Nancy Tate