Morning Wakeup Call Message
September  26, 2002
There will be a coming together in the very near future of several species of man. These species will be undergoing a transformation within their bodies that will take them to a place that is new for them in this transformation. There will be many nuances of humanism that will be a continuing facility of the Godself within. There is to be an enlightened spirit that will speak through the mind of the man. The deployment of many weapons will continue to be averted by our forces. This will take place as is necessary to assure that war not happen, for even as we speak there is an advancement toward Iraq that is being turned around.

The announcement that I spoke of yesterday was amended because of the incidence of betrayal by several members of the coalition against the dark agenda. These people were coerced into this action by the dark forces in order to save the lives of their families. You see the kind of people we deal with through these dark forces. They stop at nothing to keep us from stripping them of their power. This sort of activity will soon cease, for once and for all. For we stand ready to bring in the truth, and force their hand no more. There are a great deal many more beings from the cosmos who have come in service to this cause. Even now if we have to we will bring being-to-person, the ratio, if we must in order to carry this mission through. We have capability right now to destroy every one of the dark forces, and end this in a moment; however that is not in our or your best interest. Many of the members of this dark force are serving them because of their fear. These souls must not be lost to the cause, for they have qualities of redemption as do all of man. Our interest is in rehabilitation, and deportation from this planet, not in taking their lives.

So you see my dear, even though we had all events lined up, it was even started, the announcement of these dark forces in the higher offices of the land was to be released because of, once again, the coercion, we had to put off the announcement. We will not be overcome by the dark forces. The humanity of man will come through in its Divinity, and the dark forces will be forever cleansed from this earth. There is much of this coercion, this kind of action that goes on in this dark agenda. Because of the innate Divinity of the people who walk this earth we will not jeopardize any lives through our actions. There is still free will on this planet. We will take any action that we can to see that this planet and this species of man is not destroyed. We ask that in the future, when we bring you news of a timely nature, we are bound to the truth of the moment. And within that truth is the flexibility of change according to circumstances and decisions that are made. This is a concept that you will be coming to fully realize.

The book that your friend down the road spoke of yesterday is one of the finest books that is available at this time, to speak of the coming way of being (Kryon speaks of “The Power of Now”). For yes, it has already started for many. This knowledge in this book was given to the author by those who do not reside on the planet, but spoke to him in his heart and his mind of this knowledge.

In an attempt to bring together a continuing compendium of events, we will be upon you for the revelation of several things that will bring your people into a development of technology that will enable you to assist Mother Earth in the cleaning of your homeland, as well as yourselves. For this cleansing must and will totally take place for there is to be considered on this earth the heaven on earth, a Garden of Eden. There will surely be changes that will manifest themselves as improvements upon the face of the earth, and there will be changes below the surface as well.

These changes all bespeak a new higher order of things. Beginning very soon there will be portions of land that will rise from the ocean, and portions of land that will submerge themselves beneath the waters. This is an inevitable fact for mother earth shifts back into a state of perfection that supports the new way of existing on this planet. There are certain conditions on this planet that will be restored. There are other conditions that will be changed. The nuclear waste depositories will be opened; and there is a process, a technology that will be used on these depositories that will render the waste products harmless, in fact useful. This process employs the use of a natural process of ionization of the particles of the waste matter. Through this process, which employs electro-magnetic energy, the waste will become not only harmless, but beneficial, as I have explained in a former transmission. This will be able to be used as fertilizer on certain crops, for it will be transmuted into a light substance.

The changes that will come about on this planet in the years to come will support all life on this planet. Within the hearts and the minds of the people who live here there will also be a cleansing, a transformation. This will reflect the oneness of all. The people I speak of are the neighbors, the family, all of you who remain of this planet. I speak of those who remain beyond the time of their choice. Yes, there will be those will choose to leave this planet, never again to return.

There are those who are being removed, for their dark agenda must be stopped. They are prisoners of the cosmos, for they have gone beyond the boundaries of divinity. When all is said and done and the process of cleansing of the people is complete those remaining on the earth will be of the number that supports the planet very well. The reproductive abilities of the people remaining will remain intact, however, there will be no unplanned pregnancies, or unwanted children. This will all be according to the rightness inherent in the will of the people. The children have a beautiful place on this earth and in the society that will continue to live here; for in the children is the beauty of new beginnings and a reflection to the adults of the youthfulness of their own inner being.

A gathering together of certain groups around the globe is taking place these days. This is in the energy of compiling certain texts written in language of the people that explain certain aspects of life on earth that took place in days of ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis. These groups will be compiling info from these texts and presenting them to the world as evidence of their ancientness. Most of the people who live on the earth now, once lived in Lemuria. There are others who live here now who came from other places in the universe since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. These people are harbingers of information from other planets. This too will be coming forth from the memory banks as they wake. So you see, my dear there will be much info coming in the next years that will tell of the lives before on this planet and also of the existence that lives beyond this planet in the universe. Not only will this be coming forth, but there will be the awakening of individual memory, and the texts will assist in that process.

Behind the barn of human rights lies on the ground a stick that has been used, figuratively, in the discipline of mankind. This stick is being picked up this day and taken to the fire of truth to be burned and transmuted into an instrument of truth and love for all mankind; and from the ashes of this stick of discipline will spring a beautiful song of love, compassion, forgiveness, and wonderful new beginnings for the people of he earth. To use this figurative picture is to honor what has come before; to honor the price so many have made because of this group plan that was carried out on this planet. For it is acknowledging the gift that was given by all those who experienced the depravity, the horror, the extreme experience. We honor all that happened as the right everyone had and the choices they made.

This is turning around. One day these types of activities will no longer be a part of the human race and the life here on planet earth. You will have reached your rightful place in this galaxy. You will be opening up a door to the wonders that await. Your destinies will be realized in full Technicolor.

Within the world of medicine there will be a transformation, for man eventually will not have need of the medical profession, as such. In the interim, this profession must undergo a transformation in order to meet the needs and the changing values of the body of the human. These are already taking place in certain bodies of the profession. For an example, the conference the doctor from this town attends. She will return with much information that will be helpful in the carrying out of her practice. This will enable her to very possibly be open to the info your friend supplies that I give to you.

Today I give to you an example of the validity of establishing a network of white blood cells within the blood of the human that will take on a different face as well as a different totality of being. The white blood cells, as they are observed through a microscope will be seen to be taking on a different activity from the changing of the DNA that is taking place. The white blood cells will be purer, slightly larger, and they will band together in certain aspects of their activity and duplicate each other’s actions while not being within the scope of their association with each other.

So you see, there will be this, on the one hand banding together, and on the other hand separating in distance from each other, and this distance will be but a perception of their nature to be apart for, see what I am telling you is, in the banding together their perception of this action will be that they separate themselves while retaining the ability to duplicate their actions unto themselves. This is a change in their activity that will support the change in the DNA structure, therefore the properties of the blood. This change will enable the person to the self-restoration of the perfection of the body. The tissues of the body will also re-awaken their innate ability within each cell to replicate themselves within the relationship they have to the others. There is a memory within these cells that establishes the immortality of the tissue. And this will come about with the change in the DNA as the Light of the Divinity continues to permeate every particle of matter within the human physicalness. The changes that will be apparent in the human body will be an ability to instantly mend cuts and abrasions, anything of that nature, just with the intent, for the memory will be an instant recollection. For you see when you shut off your memories you shut off that ability to instantly bring about restoration of the disturbance. Therefore when you re-awaken the memory of who you are, you will also re-awaken these aspects of your beingness.

We love you and we support you; and we bring you any means by which you carry out your mission . Your desires, your intents are our instructions for the provision of those things in the highest order that we can provide and that you can perceive of, for in your perception comes the manifestation. Your perception measures the degree of this manifestation, therefore we encourage you to stretch your perceptions beyond the limits in which they live now, for in that you will stretch your world of manifestation beyond the limitedness that is present a the time. I leave you now to your morning and encourage you this exercise of stretching your perceptions.

And so it is.

Copyright, 9/26/02 Nancy Tate