Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 25 , 2002


            Good morning, I am Kryon. Due to the complexities of the present regime, there is going to be an upset that will be reflected in the establishment of the justice system that will counteract the governing forces that determine the outcome of the present society’s needs. Within this new regime will be a storing up of certain elements of society for this society is used to being governed with an iron hand and a mallet of power that has been created to instill fear in the people. This will no longer be the case, for the workings of the new regime will be based in an energy of power that comes from the heart and the soul. It will speak to the heart and soul of all who come before it. This will cause a great deal of consternation for some people, for they have not grown accustomed to this kind of rule.

            They may at first cower at it, and raise their fists in anger. For their world that they have become used to will shatter, in their estimation. This will be a temporary state, for when the dust settles they will realize that they are coming home into the place that they left so long ago, and that this home is filled with love and concern for their well-being. And set up as a place of comfort and a place in which justice prevails, a place in which the governing of the household is based in the needs and desires of the people who live here, not in those who rule over it. In this period of adjustment, there will be a necessity for a collection of loving voices from out of the wilderness.

You my dear will be one of them with your web site spreading the word through the internet of love, of peace, of joy of their own authority within each and every person.  There are others, not only in this country but across the globe, who will be in the same position, speaking forth with a voice that will be heard by many, spreading the word of the new regime, the new way of being. The freedom that will be expressed and the words that are sent out on a regular basis, and made available to any who care to tune in. This will be a steady, sound sure, rock, for those who feel they are floundering in a sea of uncertainty, because their world has fallen down around them, the world that has been so familiar, for even wonderful great change can cause disturbance within the minds of those who for so long have felt oppressed.

It is a matter of oneself being able to stand up in their own authority, brush themselves off after being oppressed so long, and learning, remembering again, who they are. And their inherent rights of a Divine child of God, living in their own home in partnership with their family..

            I bring you now more info that will rock the medical profession. There has been a great deal of technology developed, discovered through research the re-awakening of certain knowledge that has been suppressed. This suppression will be lifted so these information will come forward. This is in tune with the harmony that will be created for mankind. The information I speak of is the abilities of the human body to restore itself through the processes that will be brought forward in the weeks and months to come. These processes, some that have a missing piece, are not quite complete, for these missing pieces speak of that ability, speak of the light which is the missing element for the restoration of the perfection of the body. There is built within the DNA the ability for self-restoration. And this will be re-awaken very soon. It is a matter of allowing the people to step forth in their own light.

Within the blood there are red and white cells. When the red cells have run amok so to speak the white cells come forward and destroy the offensive red cells. Sometimes the programming becomes muddled, distorted; then once the red cells are destroyed the white cells turn upon themselves and soon there is no support for life. There are processes by which this conditioning, this programming can be reversed. All this will be coming forward. The mycoplasma that has been released by the military in a dangerous alarming manner for these many years will be combated with the technology that will restore the perfection of the cells that the mycoplasma attacks. The mycoplasma will be transmuted into a substance, or have a property that will be rendered neutral, and will be flushed out of the system by the process of treating with the antibodies contained in the person’s own blood.

            I give to you an announcement of joy that springs from the hearts of those who hear these words. When the announcement is made there will be a deliverance of a promise to the people of the world. There will be many promises; this is the one in particular that I speak of now. This promise is that once the present regime is out of power and the new temporary one is in there will be a restoration to the people of their own Divine order of business, and this will take place in a timely, quickened order so that at the time of the elections there will be a clear sense of the direction this world is going in; and people will once again be able to stand firm on their own ground and govern forth from that point. This we promise, a gift to you of yourselves.

Within the cosmos there is an activity taking place that speaks to the movement of the solar system within the universe. Yes, your whole solar system is moving to a different place in the galaxy. This appointed place in which you will be residing is fast upon you. It will not be long before this new place of home will be achieved. The effect that this will have on your planet will be to be part of the Confederation of Light, and the Galactic Federation. This will open up a door for you, that in your very ancient past was the desired achievement. This has been very long, in your estimation, in coming; it is soon to be realized.

When this happens you will have ability to step forth into this great cosmos, visit your planets of origin, visit the other planets that you have before visited, and some you have not. You will have a place within the councils of the Federations with equal voice. There’ll be delegates sent from your earth to these meetings. There’ll be goings on in which you will take part with varying members of these federations. There will be great opportunities for growth, learning, co-operation between members of this great family. There will be stepping off places that you have never dreamed of, other worlds to explore that will allow you the expression of the Divinity within that will catapult you beyond the beyond.

What, you say, will this do to life on earth? This can only enhance it, Think now of how you feel when you go out into the world from your home, experience the experiences you bring to yourself, and then return home to your own hearth. How do you feel then? You wake up in the morning and you walk out into your beautiful garden and you see everything through a much more enhanced vision. You touch the beautiful flowers, the coffee steaming forth from the cup that you hold in your hand is oh so much better tasting. You look around you, and you say it is so good to be home; I have missed my home. It was wonderful being away; it is even more wonderful knowing that this home is still here for me to return to, where I can collect myself together once again.

            There is an element in society today that will be transformed with this new law. There are many, I hear you say; we speak of one; and that is the element of forgiveness within the system. This element of forgiveness has been so distorted as to be almost unrecognizable. This is going to change; there will be setting up of a judicial system that will rival all that has come before, in its freedom. For it is the nature of humans who are expressing their divinity, to realize their inherent truth and their connection with all of their brethren, and to walk forward in that connection. This will instill their atonement for any deeds that they have in the past wrought against society, their fellow man, and themselves. The forgiveness will spring forward and be rewarded in the appropriate and loving actions of the people.

There is more to be said for the next mornings. For now I leave you to your morning, and the potential it brings you. Enjoy the bird song and the light of the day as it filters through your wakefulness. And I am Kryon and I bid you a good day.

And so it is

Copywrite, 9/25/02

Nancy Tate