Morning Wakeup Call Message
September  24, 2002


Good morning, I am Kryon. According to the principles of the abductees, there was a vast majority of those people who considered themselves to be victims. This however was not the case. They were in agreement on a soul level for these things to happen, because of the consequences of their actions, they devised a plan whereby their involvement with the ETís was to be an incident of distrust and influential energy in the consideration of the ETís authority over them. This caused a great deal of concern among the people of the world. During these abductions there were covert activities that brought about pregnancies; that brought about great horror to the psyche. There was untold danger that lurked around the corner for these people as soon as they were returned to their homes.

The truth of the matter is, the ETís did not carry out these heinous acts, the secret government, the dark forces, were the ones who did these things, in co-operation with the dark forces from the cosmos. This will be revealed along with the other revelations of truth that have been kept secret these many years. Because of the nature of the species who carried out these abductions, there will be a deliverance of justice in the cases of those who operated from their bases here on earth.

            The establishment of a governing system for this planet will employ laws that will fete out consequences for these actions. The laws on the books right now do not cover such incidences of abuse against humanity, therefore these laws are being written into the new judicial system and will be voted upon by the people in the new elections. This is in the energy of the Divineness of all who live in this universe. This is the last stand out of the dark forces energy in this galaxy, for there has been great work within the galaxy of establishing peace and restoring the solar system. The abductions that took place covered a vast area of experience.

Yes, there were pregnancies that resulted; there were tamperings with the brain; there were incidences of rape; there were transmutative operations, procedures that took place. There was an infiltration of the physical body of various kinds of germ warfare. There was brain and mind control, chips that were implanted. There were many more incidences of abduction than were reported, or remembered. For part of the experience of abduction was to render the person incapable of remembering.

This was a regular occurrence in the years between 1950 and 1968; this was the highest degree of incidence during those years. After those years, the fact that there were so many reports of this happening, they could no longer risk these experiences as often, on such a regular basis, therefore they curtailed, somewhat their activities. They garnered so much information, that they experienced a far greater amount of information than they had been able to use, therefore they were not overly disappointed that they had to partly curtail their activities. For then began the work of utilizing the information and putting much of the foundation work they had done to use. These implantations and chips will be rendered neutralized, and in some cases removed, so that the incidence can be rendered neutralized. There will be counseling available for all those who care to seek the healing from these incidences.

The continuance of the stages of development of the governing body of your nation is undergoing its own transformation. There are certain elements that are even now being studied further to assure that the smooth transition will take place. Some of the elements of this constitution have been revised to suit the present circumstances, for they have built in to them the flexibility to change as circumstances change. This is the original intent of the flexibility built into the constitution, however the flexibility will not be abused, as it was, as it has been. For the energy of the people will have changed to the degree that will reflect itself upon the constitution, and the flexibility will not be compromised.

            Beginning very soon there will be an outpouring of love that will take place in your prison systems. The people who are behind these prison walls will begin a series of rehabilitation classes, sessions, in which they will find a sense of forgiveness taking the place of retribution and punishment. They will find great healing in these sessions, and they will be brought up before a council and when termed completely rehabilitated, transformed they will be allowed their freedom, in a probationary manner.  This probationary period will be brought about by the process of the determination of their rehabilitative status.

We are still in a free choice structure, therefore there must still be this way of regarding these people who have been incarcerated for crimes against their brothers and sisters, and society. Rehabilitation will enable them to re-enter society safely with no potential for harm from any direction.

We leave you now, and we wish you well. And I am Kryon; and so it is.

Copywrite, 9/24/02

Nancy Tate