Morning Wakeup Call Message
September  23, 2002


            This is a compilation, in part in my words, of the message Sananda brought me this morning. The continuation of the instances of the governing of the nation expresses itself in our ability to go forward in the promise we set before us. I am an example of all the lightworkers who’ve come together in a network to let people know there is indeed new hope, and it is on the horizon of dreams and promises,

            In this instance, there’s a great deal of lassitude in the steps to the recognition of all parts of the new plan. In this plan, you go back to the memories, and bring the energies of those memories to the present. In this, you will find the foundation for the  propulsion into the new plan. I speak of energies that exist, and will be on the horizon. Activities build energy; matters not the face, but the passion. It represents the expression of what is in the heart.

            Through actions we employ a resistance to the ego. “This is not what I want! This is not the way to go; I’ll go this way. I’ll make it strong! No one else shall have it!” These thoughts build energies.

Along with the echoes of the ego, come thoughts and passions of the soul, “I know who I am; and I shall step forward in the light of all there is. I will build my purpose in the strength that comes from within, with the passion that fuels my intent. And when all is said and done, I will stand in the Light of my Diviness; and I shall gather round me all of my brethren. We shall walk together into this great future that we have new beginnings of; and we shall reign in the halls of Divinity from this day forward, for we are Light, and we are Truth. We are one in our purpose and our message to the cosmos.”

You see, this too builds an energy; and upon this foundation sits the completeness of the scenarios that have been brought forward through your amnesia, through your intent to carry on the plan.

There is great strife and fear now, doubt of safety and welfare of one and all. This is building the energy of potential for the opposite, that of peace. The degree of energy builds the degree of oneness. This is a dichotomy here;  the potential for peace when the announcements are made, and the opening for the allowance of the announcements.

Relevant to actions, there is a certain degree of energy that must be accomplished in order for the announcements to be effective, for they fall on deaf ears that do not hear, eyes that do not see. They will fall away. The timing depends on the degree of energy that is built, set up, by all of us. When fear, controversy, light has been built to a degree of extreme, there will be a shift of energies,; and an announcement can come forward and stand on solid, fertile ground, allowing it to become the law of the land.

This is the nature of the energies built on this planet; it is the only way it can happen, for we are a free will, choice planet. As talk of war, fear, anger, hatred builds and builds; the result will be peace. This is in purpose to allow the energies to build to a certain degree, so that then, according to the choices made, the announcements can be brought forward, can be heard and seen; and people will allow the message of the announcements to come forward.

The planet will not be destroyed; there will be no nuclear destruction. Mother Earth will cleanse in a gentler easier way. We in the cosmos have the means for you on a silver platter, and you will be able to utilize it soon, for the momentum is building and there will be a shift point soon.

There is a coming event that speaks of  a medical-healing system that will serve through  rejuvenation and restoration; man’s humanity to man. This will represent the abilities within for physical, emotional perfection. First we must undo all the disruption in the whole body. We will be utilizing information that we already have, and that that is to come through myself, and others. We will bring helpful information to those who have made a study in this field. For example:  with chemical sensitivity. The element that belies speculation as to its cause is, there is a particle of resistance to the saturation of the cells of the body by mycoplasma as it enters the body. Within that saturation is a setting up of antibodies within its own make up; this does not represent the antibodies already present in the body.

There are antibodies contained in mycoplasma, for within each substance in existence there is both properties of light and dark, negative and positive. Every expression of life contains both. There is a  process by which the elements of damage done by mycoplasma are diminished to a degree of shift to the face of the antibody. This is the same for all of existence. Transmutation of dark to light can be employed by suggestive energies into the body.

With the introduction of the suggestive energy, every cell takes on a change of intent and follows its bidding. This change is brought about by the use of a particular light energy, which is already in existence. Certain scientists have been given this component of healing through re-awakened memory of their work in Lemuria. They have developed this new (old) discovery. They have brought it into their field of study and tested it. They have found it to be of great value in their work. There is a liquid to be injected into the blood, liquid light. A vial of blood is taken from patient, and the life essence is extracted from the blood and injected back into the patient’s bloodstream.

There is a process that has not been discovered yet, to employ the blood of a matching type donor, process as the other blood, and transfuse into patient. This will make the restoration complete and lasting. This will enable the blood cells to attach their life essence onto a piggyback sort of assistance while restoration is taking place. This is an example of the oneness, to extend an open hand and assist your brethren.

These energies are unique; they have the stamp of the identity of all. No other place in the universe employs the energies as we employ them at this time; for they have the mark of our journey. On that light energy we go forward. We build certain energy from the prevalence of before, now and to be. Our uniqueness is established to go forward into eternity.

Within the Halls of Justice there is a man of great promise. He is forthright, honest, dedicated, and brings boundless energy to the cause. There are certain actions that will provide a backbone to the new judiciary system. The final aspects of the system will be decided upon in the elections; there are certain points that the people will decide.

For a time now, there will be necessity for a system of a tough love concept. There will come a day in the future when a system of light and extreme simplicity will be all that is needed. The process of self-governing within each individual will be in place. It will be a part of our make up, and will harmonize with all there is. There will be no need then for a judicial system that sits above others and brings down a final word. This is already in Divinity, the Source that speaks to the heart and soul of all. Now, though, there is a need for this new system to bring harmony into the present.

Copywrite, 9/23/02

Nancy Tate