October 27, 2014               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Diaclosities, October 27, 14


I am here today to give you a very important message. It is a message of what is right and what is wrong in the new setup for the administration of the legal system and how it will be affecting the money situation around the world. I am Diaclosities and I am seeing the whole mess slowly and emphatically settle down and begin to be put into the manner of rightness that means it will flow without restrictions and interference by those who have been in place for so long.


I see how much the ones who have been manipulating the systems around the world are not stepping down, but are being replaced by ones who are in the harmonics of what is to be in a peaceful and Loving world. There is coming a feeling throughout all of humanity that there is only what is, and that the judgment of right and wrong will have no bearing on anything that is brought forward. Judgment is old news; it is what is in harmony with all that is the deciding factor. Until that is in place there will be a careful manifestation of what it will take to bring it all into harmony. It will be for the best interest of all of those around the world who will be taking their places, which have been destined since this whole earth experience has begun.


Are you one of those who have seen the visitors from out in the universe come and visit? Are you in the shadows of those who feel that they are right, and what you see as loving visitors coming to be of assistance is but a lie and a planned way to create a hectic world that can be downplayed and found to be in confusion? I only mention this because there is coming a little more of this kind of energy, for it is the last remnants of negative energy that is being cast away from the planet. As the remnants flow on out to be restored to the Love energy that is prevalent, then the whole planet will be restored to its original Love and peaceful freedom that it is destined for.


This will not be something that will automatically happen, for free will is still a major issue here. Once you have exercised your power of free will, and stated within, and/or without of your beingness that you are ready for what is the best way for this to all come to the Loving state that you intend, then it will come in a quicker speed than it would take if you sat back and asked us all to do it for you. You have the power to stand with us and follow your own inner inspirations that come from a loving place. It is that simple, rather than being complicated, as many would have you expect.


All of you are in a place where you can create your own heaven on earth. What it takes is to live it now, and to know that you are in harmony with the rest of the world. As you ride through that knowing you will see the results in your life and you will see that spread out with all of those you come into contact with who are in harmony to some degree with you. It will emerge as a wondrous way of life for you, once you know that you have the power for bringing the energy of Love into everything that is in your life. As that grows it affects everything and everyone in your life and that includes all of life on this wonderful planet. Do you see my point in bringing this message forth? I feel your confusion sometimes as you find that there is more and more diversity going on around the world. I also feel it when you take a deep breath and tell yourself that it is over and that all you feel is love and peace. You then go on with another step and find that what you felt is multiplying as the power of Love is guiding it through all of the muck and mire you come across, and it changes it to peaceful golden light.


Make no mistake, dear ones about what I say. All you need do to make a difference in this situation right now is to take it one step at a time. Tune in to the love that is guiding you in the direction that will take you to the next step of power in manifestation. You have that power, and you have been using it in so many ways. It is what you see and feel manifested in what you live and what you give to yourself and others.


There has been a message from us brought through others who see the validity of what we are sharing with you. All you need do is to ask us when you have seen and felt that you desire our assistance. Whether it is by our working with you on a plane that keeps us invisible to you, or one in which we come to you one at a time, or in throngs of beings who look much like you, we are ready to follow the wishes and intentions that you have. It is most powerful for you to exercise your rights and to know that you are not wrong or right. You are what and who you are, and that is that you are the powerful beings of Light and Love. You have the capability that we have to bring about that which we have been sharing with you. Ask and ye shall receive; that is the bottom line. Reunion is on the doorstep and we are ready for your opening of the door and welcoming us to your home of Love.


I hear your beck and call, and we shall respond, in Love, peace and Joy to the commitment you make to yourselves and all of us for we are all One.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Much Love, Nancy Tate