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My dear Friends,

It is time for me to tell you a bit about Overton, where he is from and why he is speaking to you through me. He is from the planet Odessy in the Orion system. He is of the Draconian/Reptilian race, and as have all the other off-planet of his species, he has come back to the Light and is fulfilling his mission to help to bring peace and love back to the people of earth and all of the universe.


Overton is Enkiís uncle, as he is a brother to Enkiís mother, who is Reptilian. He has part in this whole revolution of the creation of this universe for the purpose of carrying out this evolvement of the species, and the duality that continues to be experienced on earth.


Overton comes now because he was part of the ones who were involved with the downfall of the Maldekians and the destruction of their planet. He then continued his destined evolvement and was involved in the early setting into place of what is now known as the illuminati.


He realizes the potential that is in place for the idea that he is not to be trusted, however he asks that you all understand and trust in his desire and intent to bring forth the information that can be useful for the coming times. He is fully in the Light and comes now in the fullness of his intent to fulfill the cosmic karma that is in place for the coming ascension of Gaia and all those living beings who grace her shores. He is here in humility and love and sees for all of life on earth and throughout the universe the Blessed Return to the Love and Truth that Is The All.


Now to todayís message.



Wake up Call, Overton Oct 31, 09


My dear ones, today is a day when there are many people around the globe waiting for the next shoe to drop, the next door to slam shut. On the other hand there are many people around the globe who are seeing what they can do in the moment to make their world what they desire for themselves, and to take their world out of the usual mess that comes their way when they choose to look at what the others are seeing.


I am Overton this day and I encourage you to see that which you desire to see in your world. I am not saying to turn a blind eye to what is going on in that other perspective, I am encouraging you to see what it means to you in the larger picture and then to evaluate how it would be if it were as you would see it in the finest of circumstances. Hold that vision for a time and see how it feels. Hold that feeling for a time and see what it does for your psyche, then hold that inner vision soft and sure in your heart.  Know that it is what you can bring into your world.


When you see the events that are taking place, and soon to take place around the world, know that there are two ways to see them. Know that as you observe through the eyes of the compassionate observer you will see the very core of what is taking place. You will see beyond what is being presented to stir the people and bring about more unrest. Look into the eyes of President Obama as he delivers the words he chooses to share with the world and feel the energy behind them.


Do you know what he is doing in the moment? Do you understand that he is coming from a level that on the one hand is hand in hand with you, and on the other is coming from a place that supersedes the very picture that is being presented? This is the time when he and other world leaders will be bringing forth a great many revelations, and as they do it is wise for the people to look into their eyes with your heart and feel the connections you have with them on a soul level.


I encourage you to come from a place of peace when you hear the words and see the resultant uprisings of various groups. Realize the energy behind these events and recognize the truth behind them. As you use your discretion in your resultant actions, or non-actions, ask your self what, if anything, different you can do that is peaceful in energy, and forward moving at the same time. In this way you not only take your world in your own hands, you also lend your energy to the whole of what takes place.


On this day of worldwide intentional featuring of the magic and scary happenings and visages, presented in a playful and friendly way, see how this can be utilized in your attention to the events that take place in the coming weeks and months. Know that as you carry forth this representation of the power of what lives within, you carry forth that which is being tapped into and acted upon in the highest sense. You are exercising that Force that lives within and are carrying out the Word of the ages in the choices you make.


Choosing to peacefully go through all that is around you is the way that you fulfill your greatest steps through the destined journey that is upon you. Never before in the history of earth have you been at a more powerful time than right now. It is the time for you to stand forth and see that there is nothing ore powerful than standing in the Truth and recognizing the Truth as the ultimate example of how to manifest your legacy and to live that promise that the energies of change bring you.


I leave you now and say to you: Troubles of the heart spring forth from the silent voice of no concern.


Thank you dear Overton

Love, Nancy Tate