October 30, 2008               Click Here for Printable,  Click Here por Espanol




My dear ones on this day we are seeing a big change in the coming times. We can see the challenges that are upon all of you, and as we observe what you are doing in response to what is taking place in the political scene, we see a great movement to the outcome of an honest and equitable election. We see that as the various attempts at swaying the election away from the people’s intent, at every turn those machinations are being revealed and stopped.


Never before in the history of this country has there been such an awakened populace. Never before have the people seen what is being played out before their eyes and said “No More”. They do that in the way they communicate with the candidates and with the people who are networking to bring a lawful and just result for the upcoming elections. They are finding that through the communication tools of the Internet and the increased ability to transcend what is being broadcast, there is a strong realization of what has been taking place.


I am here to tell you that there are those who are walking in the midst of all of this who have been trained in these matters. They know how to thwart the ones who would seek to bring a different outcome to the people’s choices. They know how to recognize it and how to disarm anything that is not in keeping with what the people intend.


I am Hatonn, and I tell you this now, for as I speak, those who have been trained by us are on earth, and they are part of your humanity. This is one of the ways in which we can be a part of this, and still respect and abide by the free will of humanity. As these ones seek out and find the attempts at subversion, they then take steps to undo, and reverse what has taken place, or has been set into place. They have formed a network, and their communication is vast. Realize that though this is so, there may be some instances when they miss something.


That is what we are here for now. We are telling you that you have the power of intent to see that all is taken care of and that your will be represented in this election. Realize that this is not mere political meanderings we are seeing here. This is a history-changing event that will shape the new Democracy in this country to more truly represent the Republic, which was its founding intent.


With the outcome of this election you will see a new energy of communication and the expert advise of the people enter into the administrations of the governmental policy-making and the turn around of all that has been taking place to take away the freedoms of the people, and to empower them to the changes that they desire and intend for their lives.


It is time now for you all to step up and be counted in a way that is forthright and honestly representing the free will of the Americans. You can do that by holding your truth in representation of that which is The Truth. Carry yourselves in a way that shows humanity that you are aware of what is taking place and that you are on the road to the turning around of this country.


This is more than a global, societal issue I speak of; it is a human issue and one that represents who you truly are at the core of your being. You are in the perfect opportunity now, this moment to direct your energy to bring about the desired result of this election, for it is your choice that is being put forth. See it as being exactly as you intend, and don’t waver in that vision, no matter what is portrayed.


I see you all as warriors of the Light right now. You warriors use your power of inner direction and the ability you have to carry forth the work of Spirit. As you move forward in your power you make a difference, and we see it in your fields of Light. Your sword is Truth, and it sends forth the Light that speaks Truth to everyone one who is open to hear it. Listen to what you hear on your inner planes and follow the guidance to the ultimate expression of the voice of your Spirit.


It is all well. It is Divinely Done.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate